What is the Oculus Quest Battery Life? (Official answer from tests and online survey)

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“Everybody and welcome back to gamer reality. So one of the biggest mysteries about the the oculus quest still to this day is the battery life when oculus was first it out and everything and they didn t want to disclose the battery life. I thought. It s because they were still doing tests on optimization and how everything was running.

But still yet even after the oculus quest has been out for like almost a month. The oculus website does not have the battery life on it and nobody else really on youtube has talked about this it s always been you know two to three hours just depending on what you do but in this video. I wanted to find out if there was a more specific answer to this question and going into this i understand that the battery life will depend on what app. You re using whether it s youtube or beat sabre.

Those are gonna you know consume the battery life. A little bit different also recording your screen or casting your headset view to an external phone or device will require more battery life from it so in this video. I will be testing off the battery life from a hundred percent all the way until it dies just shuts down dead. I will be playing an assortment of games from single player to multiplayer to from beat saver to youtube pr and also i will be recording most of it as well i just wanted to make it the most average usage.

So that it could apply to all of you watching also i made a post on reddit a few days ago..

Asking the question in your experience. What is the battery life on the oculus quest. I had 10 responses and after averaging them all together the consensus was 2 hours 31 minutes and 30 seconds of battery life i do want to see how this compares to the test alright. I am ready to begin so i m gonna start this timer.

Right now zero seconds. On the clock. Let s begin well the headset just shut down hold on let me get my phone all right it looks like i got 2 hours and 33 minutes. I don t even know if you can see this and 14 seconds of gameplay out of this so for this segment of the myth.

Busting test. I will be charging a completely dead oculus quest to 100 with the standard charging cable. That came with the box. All right the quest is completely dead.

So i m going to be plugging it in right now okay that means..

It s charging and then we re going to be starting the clock all right the lake just turned green so i m gonna stop the timer. It s at an hour of 41 minutes and 47 seconds. So that s that s a pretty recent time. I think okay so it looks like it took me about an hour and 45 minutes to completely charge the quest from zero to 100.

Although it s not a quick charge it charges fast enough for every minute that you plug it in and let it charge it will give you two minutes of gameplay and you can always wear a battery pack and charge. It while you are playing more on that in a future video now i wanted to mention the battery life of the controllers. I can t really do any tests on the controllers. Because there are simply too many factors weigh more than the headset factors can include the brand type of battery that you use how much standby time that has since it never really shuts down.

But i know there s a difference between game in game play and standby mode. It s less battery mode. When it s just you know sitting there but still there s a standby mode that can drain the battery. And even how much you use it during the game how much haptic feedback.

That s the biggest thing is the rumbling and of the motor and that s why they degraded it you know from the vibe or something i know it s stronger than this but in my experience..

The batteries that came with the quest in the controller s lasted me about 25 hours of gameplay for about a week of standby. I have switched to rechargeable batteries. Though as i know i m going to be using this device a lot. And i don t want to keep spending money you know for more more batteries as the years go by with this headset and the rechargeable batteries that i ve actually chosen to be my are chargeable batteries for the oculus quest controllers are the panasonic and loop batteries.

I still have to do a lot more tests on these. But they have 1900 milliamp hours. They have a good charger right here and they re supposed to be you know they re supposed to last like have 70 percent of their battery life like full capacity battery life. After 10 years.

And also a good standby mode. So they don t drain. When they re just sitting around i ll leave a link down below. And i ll be doing you know a better review.

Once i ve had them for maybe a month or two or even a year alright guys that is it for this video..

I really hope you enjoyed it and i really hope you found some useful information. If you re looking to buy the quest or already have the question you re wondering these things in your head. So if you did like this video go ahead and subscribe to me game of reality. I m trying to build a virtual reality gaming channel.

You know getting an audience of awesome people like you. And we can do some awesome stuff together also comment down below your experience with the oculus quest battery. Life as i m curious and other people. Watching this video will be curious as well thank you for watching and i cannot wait to see you in the next ” .


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