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“Guys look at my news videos. Really good alright. What is going on guys look look at my news video. I have my boyfriend carlos here.

Yes. And we thought we would do a really special couples. Q. A.

Because a lot of you have a lot of questions questions you guys have a lot of questions about us you guys have seen a couple of things of by over by past couple videos and we are here to finally answer them and along with other questions that you guys been asking since the day you guys have seen carlos s face and so you guys ready you ready yes all right let s get started. What s the first question. Okay so i know we ve already answer this question before it s you guys. But you guys are still asking it so m.

Asked. Where did y all. Meet. We met at the gym.

We met at the gym. Which is actually his brothers gym. His brother is the owner owner of it and so when i started going. There.

I just kind of met carlos stewart and then i started taking the jiu jitsu class. And i m am a class. I started helping her out and then we started running together and so and long story short that s how i met almost annoying thing about each..


Other yeah. What s the most men think as it does carlos is home a lot. No he is playing his in my clash. Royale game.

Yeah. She hates that i play that game that game makes a big big one to some i guess women dumb toilet. But it s a big thing. It s not my fault so it was like thing is i m updating him on his games.

The most my thing is when we re choosing a place to go out to eat okay. But that s you re not giving me options like she s very picky so i want her to choose it because i want her to eat if i choose a place you sit down. I don t you just expect me every single day to pick supper. You to eat no not every day every day like we re doin and every time.

I give you options you should um. They re only cuz those options were gross. So that s why you have to choose okay so to go off from that question that a student asked what is your favorite thing about each other what your anything about me actually that s really not that much stuff yes. It s like it s hard to choose a thing because i love everything about carlos besides the games.

Let s see what my favorite thing about you well you have a great personality dude. It s just so nice. She is tonight so nice to you laughter because you re so nice. I can t be mean to you asian fine nice he ll be nice.

I can t pick any day stuck. I can t pick something specific about you though i just love everything about you yeah. Leslie flynn..


As where do you see yourselves in ten years. Where do you see yourself in ten years in 10 years living in a nice house maybe a couple kids maybe a couple like you or the girl like two kids first and then the girl mm hmm. And maybe another dog that s that s a really cute question because we talk about our future like all the time. I feel like we re constantly talking about what we want to do someday.

We re gonna be like so definitely we hope that in 10 years. We will own house have a couple kids kids or a house. I think the most important thing isn t it yes. Yeah and be married yeah.

Kelsey rose. Asked what is your favorite date night favorite date night. I feel like we d go to they believe to go to david buster s a lot. But i feel like totally i might typically though our favorite date nights are just like to go out to dinner like somewhere nice.

So it s a more different you know new places yeah. We like the feature yeah we like going towards the beach areas. I like going to redondo beach like we ve really good like seafood crap place over there that we really like all right i see ask carlos what is your ethnicity. I am hispanic.

He is hispanic and he speaks fluent spanish not fluid it s fluid okay go into her know that is fluid as it gets smell. Whistling carlos. You speak full space i hate when i speak spanish because i can t understand it. But it s like you to like watch you.

But you like saying it to me. It s just like i don t know oh my god i hope that i can learn spanish someday just because like he knows he knows his whole family knows spanish so be cool if i knew it carter asked what was the first thing you guys said to each other my name is cassie. I don t remember what i said to you didn t we ever formally introduce ourselves i don t think we ever formally introduced..


I m into sam because samson s brother. The owner of the gym. He probably introduced us. But like it wasn t like a formal introduction is probably just like oh.

This is never the car that was car. This is cassie or something that like why something really casual because we were just meeting a gym. Whatever working out together oddly. I don t know aereo asked.

Which one texts the most to each other i can text cause all the time. But then he ll like end up calling me i text a lot lights at work so we can t really really respond to me all the time or he just ends up calling me because it s easier because you know it s easier. So i m the one who s constantly texting him because like i have a lot more time on my hands. If i have any kids.

This one specifically funny because carlos does have an instagram and for some reason. They think that the pictures of the kids. He has on there aren t his kids they are my nephew andy s yeah ethan and i leave yes that is exactly my brothers kiss not mine yeah. I love them like my kids.

But they re not my throws does not have any kids. It s just like me. I am. My nephews ollie and phantoms both have a nice to the nephews.

So you know those are not his kids. Yes. Despite what all of you guys may think okay time for the like official official thing because you guys are absolutely you guys have been asking me this question for like a straight up week..


Telling every time i sleep look at my twitter. My instagram at youtube. It don t last be the same thing. And it is this question okay so if you guys got that you guys are asking what this ring means and this is a really really beautiful ring that carlos gave me that means.

What carlos it means that we are engaged yes. We are engaged carlos proposed to me on a member third. We took me to a really nice dinner. If you guys want to hear after the actual story about our engagement.

I will give a full story time if you guys want something if you guys actually want to hear that but yes you get this questions. I am in we are engaged yes. And we are going to be getting married at some time in 2009. It s a ten thousand yeah sometime in 2019 so it was we re super excited um.

I definitely was not planning to tell people for a while only my family knows. I told all my family all his family all our close friends yeah so we re super. Excited i m really excited i really want to tell you guys a story of how we how we did it because it was thank you but alright guys that is it for this video. I hope you guys liked it and now you guys all know that we are officially engaged and i ll show you guys the rink and you can see it there we go that s the ring.

If you guys can see it it is absolutely beautiful. He got exactly what i love but alright guys. I hope you guys like this video. If you guys did give it a nice thumbs up thumbs up leave a comment down below about any more questions you guys any more questions you guys have for us.

And we ll be in the comments below either answer them or lslam in the future video with carlos subscribe to my channel for videos. It is the new year and i m still posting videos three times a week every tuesday thursday and saturday and happy new year bye guys but get it get it get it music ” ..

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WELL. Today I finally tell you all what the ring on my finger means.. I m so excited for this next chapter in my life and I hope to bring you all along for a lot of it.
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