What Does A Judge Mean By Overruled & Sustained In A Maryland Jury Trial

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“You are at trial. And you hear the lawyer say objection and after some discussion discussion with the lawyers. The judge says sustained or you hear the judge say overruled. You want to know what those two terms mean in a maryland trial.

Stay tuned hello. I m maryland medical malpractice attorney. Marcus boston. And i want to take this moment to explain to you what overruled and sustained mean in a maryland trial.

If you have had a chance to watch our other trial videos and especially the one that deals with objections. You know that when a lawyer. Says objection. He or she is asking the judge not to admit something into evidence when a judge overrules.

An objection essentially the person making the challenge or objection has lost on that particular issue for example. If an attorney asks a question and right before the witness has a chance to respond the other attorney objects and the judge overrules. The objection. The witness can go ahead and answer the question he or she was just asked now on the other hand.

If an objection is sustained. Then that means that the objecting party has won on the issue so in the exempting example that i just gave. If the objection is sustained. Then that means that the witness cannot answer the question.

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Law. Group. Llc is a maryland medical malpractice law. Firm helping those who have been the victim of medical malpractice throughout the state again i m marcus boston and i m one of the medical malpractice attorneys here at blg and we ll see you next time take.

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