What are the Best Private Equity Books to Read?

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“Mark twain. Once said. The man who does not read has no advantage over the the man who cannot read. I cannot stress enough the importance of reading especially in day.

And age. When we have so much information available to us here are three private equity books. That i recommend that you should read the first private equity book. I recommend is barbarians at the gate.


Rabbi and burro. This book details. The 1988 takeover of rjr nabisco by private equity firm kkr. This was a twenty five billion dollar takeover.

And was the biggest at the time not only is this a great private equity book. But it s one of the best investment books of all time. The second private equity book that i recommend is king of capital by david kerry and john e. Morris.


This book outlines the history of blackstone and how blackstone were started it was started by steve schwarzman and pete peterson in 1985. The 2x lehman bankers put in two hundred thousand dollars each and as i mentioned in one of our previous videos. Today. Blackstone has five people of the company that are worth over a billion dollars.

The story is incredible on how the company was built from 1985 to where. It is today and in between there are a bunch of little stories that are interesting such as how blackstone created blackrock. The company that now runs over a trillion dollars. And how blackstone sold blackrock a little early.


While this book isn t as detailed on the deals as barbarians at the gate. It gives a better overall picture of the private equity industry. The third private equity book. I d recommend is the future of private equity by mark bishop.

This book looks at the future of our industry from a global perspective. My favorite part of the book is the emerging markets section. Where there s eight interviews with people from all over the world in the private equity industry. Speaking of interviews.


If you like the format of interviewing people in private equity to learn about the industry you may also like the masters of private equity in venture capital by robert finkel so when in addition to these three books. I d highly recommend that you spend the time to look at all of the documents that are available online on public private equity companies so product by private equity companies being public they have to give their information out to investors use that opportunity to learn about these companies investors. Such as pension plans. Remember cpp ib that we talked about well they have an annual report that talks about their investments read that annual report you could learn a lot from it and in general just go online.

There s so much information available. So to recap read. Read read you can learn so much about ” ..


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