Weird-Ohs! “Gods and Monster Trucks” (Full Episode)

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“Ready here we go baby hippo show about to crash. You you it looks like like these. Rubberized 1 y. Affected works.

Very well uh huh when it comes to excellence daddio. Always score. Even an the guru of the grease pit dude can we borrow it friday night. Baby rams widows.

As a sign of affection. Oh. He must really like you digger. Hey daddy.

Oh. I ve been working on a project. Too. I just added a convertible roof to my car.


I figured on glass. But you can still see all around you pretty good huh oops. I wish my car project turned out as great as yours do even my sweet state s. Work.

Isn t perfect. Every single time. Oh. That s true mama b.

Huh. For example. The up the rubberized metal. Might be just a little bit unstable after onboard tests by the rubberized metal tomorrow before i rebuild the car.

Oh isn t he the absolute you yeah adorable baby would love it if you babysit him. While we step out for a quick spin will what kids eddie. We were gonna hit the arcade for a little crashing trash on a new demolition derby 3000 boom and miss a chance to hang around the car masters workshop maybe some of his genius. Rub off on us.


No way. The call of the videogame is too strong. It cannot meet and i we could raid the refrigerator. I ll stay hmm can t believe i toasted my car run at a do it when it comes to brilliance my mind you re ready door bill the car at a rubberised mom.

I have to warn you what you re about to see may be hideous. Even monstrous ready huh not bad. Think your uncle. He can spare a few gallons of his home brewed fuel.

Absolutely yeah. But how are we gonna get the truck there to fill it up easiness with a little power assist from porsche giving rides and provided targets for water balloons or the only thing big sisters are good for true. But she ll never help us. Oh gosh.

Well you just have to push the right buttons. Hey baby. How d you like to have some fun kid we need to talk here s your cog make a good kid maybe wants to ride in eddie s new truck. It s me on the gas.


Me so the tragedy of it all yes. Even our baby has enough space not to want to be seen in an ugly thing like that sis. I d like to appeal to your good side. But i ve seen all those school pictures and you don t have one instead let me make this heartfelt.

We this poor little tyke has to tow this vehicle 20 miles for a small cup full of pure but it s true heavy whoville into my hand life is so unfair that would explain why you are my brother. Oh baby what a great big strong. I ll tow. This ugly old truck.

For you not so bad for bulldog hauler and florrick you think i am going to put up these are hi. Uncle yui hide. It looks like you done set out for my new security system. I m tired of having trespassers and snooping around my fuse feel it really jaws not returns.

Think you could spare some pull me for my new monster truck. Well i reckon it ll have your truck the moving faster than a hungry. I ll get a burrito blow out oh don t you recognize me. I daddy don t have truck it sounds like i think we stop that truck you welbeck and they re fully serviced.


What see salib anything interesting happen. While we were gone oh i used a rubberized metal to build a monster truck. I wanted to impress you but it was a total failure oh it s not about failure success that s about the impact your work makes well if that s the case. You re made an impact on weird bill.

But it s a job well done. Oh congratulations betty. I ve be touched by greatness. Oh dig.

This is the best day of mine. Tell me about it. Thank. You daddy oh.

No more broken bones recycling. These scraps into rubber baby. ” ..


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