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“You guys remember that giant glass cup. We bought a while ago see here it it is well today. We re gonna be filling it up with different stuff kind like little science experiments. Yeah science.

But first we got to get the supplies and then we ll show you exactly what we re doing let s go in the store. And we re actually gonna be doing three different things so the first thing. We re gonna be doing is coke and mentos let s see what happens what s the second thing. We re gonna fill up the whole thing it with matches to see what would happen thank you and then we re also gonna do it dry ice experiment to see what happens.

But this is gonna be good that s all of them all right we might need more okay step. Two the coke and mentos. We don t know if they have mentos here. Though they should i mean i m almost positive.

But they better or else somebody s fired 87 cents for sam s no we ain t drinking this so don t matter for ya mentos aha. Thank you well we got a good amount of matches well we need more than hats. Yeah. That s not going to do anything so more pit stops.

We found the jackpot and they have really long ones. Too yes all right we re at the park now. We re gonna do our first experiment. Who wants to see what would happen if we fill up the glass with all the coke and all the mentos giant explosion me me worm guts science experiment setup.

We re gonna have to open. All put the drinks in first open all of these yeah and then chuck them in come. On run. We might have like a guy.

Sure. Oh oh hi. Last. One.

It is foam city. In there. By the way. Good.

All right now we got to open the mentos before all. The carbonation dissipates. You re right hurry. Give me some.

I can t do this. One handed. K. Andrew.

Is holding all of the mentos in his shirt. And there s a lot ready to just dump him in there yeah this better be a giant guys shirt guys get get prepared three two about you do anything nothing as you can tell we aren t scientists and i m not sure why there s not a reaction here can you explain why there s no reaction boy yeah well the sulfuric x. And it didn t work well..


It is bubbling in there. But that s about it see they re all at the bottom. I guess. It has to be an enclosed area wow.

This was an epic fail alright. We ve still got two more experiments. These are gonna work no matter. What take it back to the house cuz.

We re doing experiment number two which like we said is dry ice a bunch of hot boiling water to put in here because that s what helps the drives reacted the most any we also have some soap over here. Oh yeah soap makes a bubbly adventure and look. Here. It is we got two blocks.

So this should be fun. We got the cup inside and we are filling it up with your hot water why was hot in there i can t see a thing we got it filled up to about halfway. I guess. But this is so hot now we can t carry it yeah ii got out in the garage.

So at first. We re gonna put the blocks in after we see the blocks just by themselves. We ll add some soap and we may be surprised. This better be better than the first experiment.

Yeah oh do that wow that s cold cold hot. This is gonna be cool guys leave a comment right now do you think the dry ice is gonna make the glass blow up that s what andrew keeps saying. I m not sure wow. I am.

Nervous it d been a woman. Oh. Do that again. I want to get this angle.

Ready yeah look at this we re so cool dude. It was cool cuz like the top is like bubbles. But the bottom you can see what s going on dang look at that guy s oh shaking. Oh yeah.

It s rocking back and forth. Here. We go up ah that is on super monkey. No shut the garage guys dude.

It s filling up the whole thing. Yeah what happened what is happening to change sounds. What that s like it s just shooting down like the bubbles everywhere this sounds like an epic jacuzzi that sounds like some for a monster. Wow.

The monster sounded like that you d be kind of scared right. It s like flowing everywhere. It s like hot lava literally the ground is lava opie s oh guys..


It is literally seeping like lava on the floor look. It s coming close to my fingers. You can tell it s moving and now we re in a fog best what do you got here yeah some whites around dunk. It in the tank and see what into the tank.

Oh no oh it looks so cool looks like lightning. When they re in there. But right here guys doesn t look like a cloud. Yeah looks like a big lightning storm this is if you guys see animated movies.

This is how they do the animatronics those blocks are so big they re gonna be in there forever. So this will never stop no never we re going to dump this thing out in the snow. Oh no whoa this thing pull a bub. We re at a different location now and as you see we re surrounded by snow.

So this is going to be just right for this part of the experiment. See and just like that here s all the matches. I m not gonna do any math to figure out how many matches. We have these are the 32 count we got a lot of those these are a 250 count a lot of those contains 50 bucks 25 matches.

Per book. 50 books. And we ve got lots of those and last. But not least.

We got these ones 75 75 in that big box. So at least a thousand matches. We got here. So we just gotta undo all these and then get all about in this we ve got some rubber bands cuz that way we can rubberband them all together and just create a match factory.

There is no fire ban here as you can see it s pretty smelly out so don t worry safety first tie in a small pack here nice gotta set up read by the grill just water in here you re trying to put it out oh no first layer huh. Nice whoa. It s time. To do.

Some tests. I try. This one yeah oh oh oh my this is gonna be fire. We re gonna surround this guy just all the little i created the inside with these little tiny ones.

They actually have to break off. So just chuck the whole thing in there cuz. Yeah. Okay we ve got the.

Rest of the big. Matches. Ready. To get.

Installed. Oh. Wow..


Oh wow. Oh. Boy is this. The final.

Countdown. Yeah. And what. We re gonna have to do is light one up here.

But that s also light one and then put it down here. So. Then oh yeah. I also have this this gizmo.

They go like this anyway. All the matches on top does it work i don t know we re trying to predict if this is gonna destroy the glass. We don t know quick short story back a long time ago years ago. When i was living at my parents house you know ramen those noodles.

You cook either on the stove or in the microwave well anyways. I had this like glass pot. I put all the wort ramen in it and water put it on the stove and literally while i m cooking i turn away the whole glass explodes in my house. So if i was like near it it would explode it.

But again i don t know if this is gonna explode. So that s why we re like what do you guys think oh nervous. I went out and went out it went out come on boys. They don t want to light.

Oh jeepers. Oh jesus oh. That was the top layer dude. It s like a smoke factory.

In there. Oh. My goodness is it gonna like go down. Oh oh.

It s lighting. We re doing it s lit down there. But they re not lighting off like a couple of them are may there s not enough oxygen. In there.

Ooh your science. Eat once those top matches go down look um. I think moore s getting lit. I m gonna go on this side.

I can t oh we need the bottom to ignite. Though because i saw a couple like down in there getting on fire. We just have to wait till..


Those steaks all burn to the bottom right right. There the dude. It looks like it s like they re lit. But they can t see right there guys huh.

What is that it s like part of the part of these strike striker things are leaking oil. I think that s what it is we ll what in the world hey guys this top layer here huh what this top layer this is the matches that are all burnt and then right below. It you ve got this layer of fog. Which isn t escaping.

And then you ve got all the other matches down here just sitting in fog. Well if it keeps burning those steaks it ll keep burning down. Maybe you like we weren t filming. But just out of nowhere this little spot here started to ignite.

I don t know how like way down at the bottom that started to catch on fire. You can kind of see in there now there s like just like a big void well they were creating a detonator to drop in there somewhere on that side. Why do these matches take so long to burn. Well.

I don t know if this will ever catch the bottom you can just see like they re just melting. Yeah. This isn t it s not even like hot down. Here.

It s actually kind of cold. Yeah. I think. This science has concluded.

I don t know if this will yeah. I don t know if this will ever get down here and set it on fire. Maybe you guys if you if you do science fair projects. You can do this and kind of explain why down here.

It s not lighting. So you might get an a because of this idea we re surrounded by snow. But we got water as well what yeah what the heck where did it crash. Oh don t waste all the water.

I did not expect that to happen. The glass breaks upon touch of water. That was cool dude look at this glass it looks really cool maybe don t touch it yet. But i want to ah aha guys.

We ve made a lot of videos with this glass thing but today is the end of giant glass cup. I gotta clean up these matches well mission kind of success let s give a farewell salute to the glass. Many good vids well. If you guys enjoyed today s video be sure to give it a like and make sure you laugh daily as always see you next time bye.

I don t know why we went. ” ..

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