Water Rights – Pass the Real Estate Exam!

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“Your real estate exam with prep agent comm remember keep it concise and keep it it simple ah water nature s greatest gift. No one has title to water property whose land adjoins body of water have reasonable right to use the water. But that water is not yours therefore. There are limitations on what you could do with that water if your exam.

There are some concepts you need to understand regarding water depending on where you end up practicing real estate. These concepts may end up in the course of your career..

As well let s start with this one riparian rights riparian rights allows a property owner to use water from a water course such as a river stream or creek as opposed to the littoral rights. Which is concerning properties abutting the ocean sea or lake rather than a river or stream. The taller rights are usually concerned with the use and enjoyment of the shore easy way to remember is that riparian rights have to do with water that is moving in a direction littoral rights have to do with water that does not have a direction to help you remember keep staying riparian river repairing river a parent or very rare and river repairing river. Then say littoral lay clitoral lake littoral lake littoral lake littoral link.

Not all memory techniques have to be that complicated sometimes. It s as simple just saying things like repair and river repair and repair a river and littoral lake littoral lake through a lake so let s move on to correlative use correlative use allows a property owner..

The use of underground water or water from a river for irrigation purposes. In states. Where water is scarce. The doctrine of prior appropriation determines.

The use of water under this doctrine the use of water is determined by the state. Not the owner whose property is adjacent to the body of water accretion occurs when soil is deposited by the natural action of water and may increase the size of the property..

Think of a chr tien as mother nature s little gift to a landowner religion is a gradual change of the water line a real property. Which gives the owner more land erosion is the wearing away of land or soil by the action of wind water. Carrots. Are ice avulsion avulsions bad news avulsion is the sudden tearing way of land by violent action of natural causes such as a river or other water course a dam.

Breaking would be an example of avulsion. So if a chr tien is nature s a little gift..

This would be nature s way of saying screw you to the landowner more great information to get past a real estate exam. Remember go to ” ..

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