Warframe Runner

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“New warframe. So this is the runner warframe. Ignore the drone sorry too much dust dust over there we won t be stopped. We won t be showing his powers s the first time you ll ever see it there is a ph red line mode.

So it could be it looks incredible. So this is very much totally under this that is amazing. This is rooted in mach power. Speed.

So this is a very much a if you are a fast gotta go fast. Mindset this is our whole 20. Well. That s what i see in chad that that the gundam part of all those things.

Oh my god yeah. I love all the materials look and i love it s a function even when it s closed. I think is it is it are they kind of shaking..


I love these kind of the flaps yeah. There is a quiver. It s very much rooted and like the kinetic yeah. So he s he s raring to go we again.

We are gonna show us on a few coffees right there yeah so if you want to i will show you his animations live. But if you want to get a there s there s the animation team didn t play them yeah. I m gonna show you them live the animation team did do a play blast just while i m getting set up if you want to take a look at i did yeah. The stuff you doing behind one isn t your back.

Which one which why are you still you stealing you sent it to me yes. But everything you send me in swag isn t meant for publishing. You know oh okay yeah. So some agile yes very cool yeah that s it so that s i think you re gonna show these live or yeah.

I m just going in i just didn t want to oh. I see yes so very fast. Very agile..


I need to take more and ready to go was it. Those. Yeah. Oh oh yeah.

Let s take a look at the concept. As well as you can see where it came from so this is cool wicked yeah. It is not no time today was it money that you guys liked well. How do you sold a there we go so we re not gonna give you too much to go on for his powers.

But you know you can i don t know i m a little so he s ready to go go full naruto. Anyone okay. Only if chat says go full these are all in flux. These are all i kind of yeah three two one no gotta go fast.

I don t know so that s just a little. But you know balancing and there s no we re doing here there s no way this is ready to show. But so i apologize in advance to the most incredible human being turns not here yeah so it s gonna be throttled that s gonna if you can see the really work and progress you i on the right hand side there rpm..


Very very exciting yeah let me see let me see i don t know i don t see that it can be said does you actually go i didn t know yeah so obviously no sounds you know everything s just a work in progress. But how do you get into the other mode is that during speed. How does he how does the open actor. I think it s for us.

It s the fourth one. But it doesn t do anything right now. But it will feel like they re like exhaust coming out of there. So he s a he s raring to go should be fun.

Wow. Oh. That s gonna be a fun. Very very very.

Early first look. I have to go through all my that was cool. I look really cool all right..


Yes. Is it. Oh hey betty wants to get that. Oh.

That s really gives us a rope and out really cool dope. So him in alice are gonna have a fisticuffs obviously. Oh okay sap s we have a little i like it i like the balance. That s cool.

He s part of the turbo team we re gonna start closet bang worm frames the room teams yeah turbo team molten volta in this frame all right laughter. ” ..

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