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“What s up guys is technical liking. 23. Coming to you today with some warframe. Warframe.

And today. We re going to be doing another episode of warframe 101. And today s episode. We re going to be talking about the exiled adapter.

Which is another item that you can get to help your warframes out and it helps you unlock a mod slot on your warframe. So you can acquire these pretty much the same way you could acquire formula. Catalysts and or token reactors. They can be purchased from the market 420 platinum.

But again there are ways to earn them in game. Without having to spend platinum and i m gonna tell you what those are here in just a second so again. You don t have to spend platinum on these and it s mainly go online with my free to play game play series of warframe. So you guys understand you don t have to spend real money on the game to get some of these items that will actually help your warframes out especially early on in the game.

Let s go over to our arsenal. And we re again going to be using nyx for our video demonstration here so we ll go into nyx. We re going to go into upgrade. And you re going to see here that there is a slot right here and it is locked well this is your exile is a slot.


Some of you guys like what are the exotic exotics. They re actually a different set of mods that drop in a game now. Now the cool thing about these mods you can actually slot. These mods into a normal box plot.

If you want to so for example. We can put it down down here and that s fun mainly that s to help the point of the guileless mod slot is to give you kind of an extra mod slot to you know hash out your build or maybe try something different with your build. So there s all kinds of different ones that drop. These are the ones that i ve managed to get so far these two it s a very common one a lot of people use this shows you all of the loot chests and things that show up on the radar.

You ve got rush. Which can improve your sprint speed. That s actually one that a lot of people like to use retribution is pretty cool 60 chance to do electrical damage. When your shield gets hit by a melee enemy shock absorbers give you more damages as you get knocked down you get enemies on your radar.

So on so forth so these are again you can put these in your main mod build or you can have a free spot here. Once you unlock it so unless you have the exotics adapter. Though you re not going to be able to use that slot. So it s important to get the adapter if you want to open it up and add in another extra mod slot.

So there s a couple ways you can actually go about getting one of these exotics adapter. You can complete the natok quest or they made a few words quest you actually will get a blueprint. I believe to craft one of those from either of those quests as a reward they will drop from sorties as well you can actually buy them from cephalon samaras who s a tc on the. Relay those are going to cost you 50000.


Credits. I will not be a reusable blueprint. I ll be a one time use blueprint. And you also will have to be at the required reputation amount with cephalon samaras before you can purchase that from him.

You can also buy them from teshon in the conclave on the relays. Those will cost you 75 thousand credits. And again. It s going to be a non reusable blueprint.

You can only do it. One. Time. That s going to require you to also be a certain level reputation level.

With the conclave you can also get them from invasion battle pay. There was actually an invasion. The other night where your choices were either in exile. Ooh print or a form of blueprint and then you just gonna have to keep an eye out again for those alerts like i said can t stress.

How important. It is to make sure you re doing those alerts that you can do every single night. We can get on and play warframe. So those are the ways you can get the exile.


This adapter blueprint it s crafting coffee then it s kind of high it s totally 25000. Creds. But you have to use two formula to make one so for some of you early players it may be a little bit more difficult to get one of these right away. Because you are going to have to dump to form into one of them you also need to work and sell an argon crystal argon crystals are a specific resource that come from the void.

You can usually get a couple of those just running through a void mission whether you find them in containers or they drop at the end. But it s not too hard to find out where i m crystal. The biggest crafting requirement here biggest roadblock is going to be those format having to put to forma into that exile asst adapter. But once you have one made me ready to go ahead and put it on it s pretty easy to do you will just come down here.

And you re going to grab one of your mods. It doesn t really matter cuz. I guess will be retribution here and you re going to slide that mod over and it s going to tell you you want to fuse an exotic adaptor to adding guileless mods cods warframe. Now if you don t have one in your inventory is going to tell you you can t unlock it until you have any gods adapter.

All you gonna do is click ok. And now that slots open. So we now have the ability to use this mod instead of having it take up one of these slots. We can put it up here gives us an extra spot now keep in mind this will also take away from your mod capacity.

It s not giving you any bonus capacity at all it s still going to be taken out from your main mod capacity. So keep that in mind before you start putting the high level lot up in there make sure you got the capacity to keep putting your normal mods you know into your warframe because these exotic mods are not quite as important as the main mods you will have on your warframe. But it s pretty much it guys pretty self explanatory. It s pretty easy to use these they re a little harder to get than the reactor catalyst and forma as i said especially having to crap with two forma that have to go into that recipe could be a little bit more difficult to get that but pretty much that s the way you would eat one of these without spending the platinum bottom again nothing you can t spend platinum low.


That you guys are making trades. And you ve got some extra platinum and you want to go ahead and bottle. One you know that s your choice feel free to do so i m never going to tell you can t do something any game. So that s definitely your choice to do you guys guys.

I hope you found this guide helpful really having a good time putting together these little quick guides hopefully they re helped them to people out. Especially. If you re coming back to warframe maybe aren t sure about what some of the guys knew or especially. If you re a new player.

It s mainly what my channel is all about is helping new players enjoy the games. And i know warframe can be very confusing early on so i m hoping that these guys are helping some of you newer players out as always been you guys that are veterans have anything to add feel free to do so down in the comments. I look forward to everyone s comments all the time and like i said any of you newer players are starting out players have anything to add or have some questions feel free to put them down below and we ll get those answer for you anyways guys. If you have any great day.

Hope. Everyone s having great weekend. Thanks as always for watching. And i ll see you again next time music you ” .


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Today we take a look at the Exilus Mods and Adapters in Warframe. I go over how you can acquire one and how they can benefit your Warframe!

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