Walmart Robots Working Store Aisles, Checking Stock

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” s going on rich tomorrow here rich on tech inside a walmart store and check check it out you might see one of these things in the aisle. The next you re in a walmart because they re using these robots now to see what s in stock. And what s out of stock. So this is a robot from a company called bossa nova.

It s based out of san francisco and check this thing out so. It s autonomous does this by itself. And you see it kind of rolls around on its base here. But then it s got this tower and this tower is filled with all kinds of cameras sensors radar 3d 2d and big light bulbs so it can take pictures of everything on the shelf.

So here s what this thing is doing as we speak. It is taking lots of pictures of everything that you see on that shelf right there in an attempt to see what s missing from store shelves so you see this right here. This is a aqua tech filter 3260 so i m guessing. That s some sort of filter for a fish tank.

That is out of stock this thing just knew that because it scanned it and it said hey this is out of stock. So it sorts through all that information and sends it back to the cloud. So that they can reorder all of the products that are out of stock other things that is looking for so not just holes in the shelves. It s also looking at the price tags so it s matching up this price tag with this product to make sure that this product has the right price under it now why is that important well if you get to the checkout stand.

And you say wait a second this product. Said that it was 997..

But this is here and it s really 35. Guess what happens at the checkout you say well it was marked as 997. I should get it for that price so the more that they can have products in the right parts of the shelves. The better so as you can see this thing is navigating all by itself around the store.

And here s the brilliant part about this it can do its job while people are in the store. So normally if you think about it okay we can send a robot to check the store at night. See what s out of stock. That s not fast enough for walmart because when customers are in the store that s when they re shopping.

So yeah you can see that you re out of something later night. But guess what you ve had 5100 customers come through the store that weren t able to get that item in stock. So this robot is doing this work during the day. While customers are here now they won t tell me how much one of these robots cost.

But i m assuming they re kind of expensive. Oh i m standing in front of it now so it s gonna back up. I don t want it to back up there it goes okay. It s going back.

But yes it will oh now i ve totally messed it up it s gonna go around me. Oh wait okay he doesn t know what he s doing right now..

But this will work while customers are in the store. While customers are trying to shop. And again. There you have it so it s using the same kind of lidar that an autonomous car is using so it s using radar and you can watch it go right around this cart here so let s see what happens let s see what happens when it tries to maneuver have you ever seen a robot workin the aisles.

What do you think this is doing so that s one of the things that walmart says a lot of people think that this is cleaning the floors. It s not cleaning the floors. It s actually scanning the aisles to see what s in stock. And what s out of stock pretty brilliant right and it works 24 7.

So i know what you re thinking are we replacing all human workers with robots right walmart says. This is not to replace human workers. It is replacing sort of some of the tasks that human workers are doing. But it s doing them in a much larger way it s scanning the entire store in hours versus.

You know it could take an associate a long time to walk through these aisles. So they say that this information that it s getting is accurate. And it gets sent back to those associates. So they can process it and bring you know more toilet paper.

Where it needs to go on the shelf. Here and again you can see can did you get a shot of all these cameras here..

I know it s it s pretty bright. There. But you see all these cameras up and down. And those lights is basically like a flash on a camera and the amount of information and data that this thing is collecting is just phenomenal.

I m talking terabytes of information. So yeah okay let me just tell you where this thing is going to be so fifty stores in the us that they re testing this in the southern california area its palmdale lancaster santa clarita and right now we re in the burbank store so he ll see this thing in the aisles. And they ve got a bunch of press here that s sort of taking a look at it. But again.

The company is bossa nova. Robots again it s looking for items that are out of stock. It s looking for the correct pricing and it s also looking for missing labels. So if i m shopping for these paper towels right here.

I don t really see a label. So this is something that it would target right here. It would send a associate kind of a message and it would say hey you need to come over here and put a label underneath. These paper towels.

So people know how much they are and by the way. It can also see what s happening on top of the shelves..

So it knows how much stock is there so it can understand if this box was say gone. It would look on top and say oh we still have more paper towels up at the top let s just have someone come and put those. Where people can actually reach them. So.

There you have it bossa nova. Robotics that is the company that is creating this walmart testing these things out at stores. Don t be surprised. If you see one it s not cleaning the floors.

It is doing a job and there it goes scanning the aisles more it s kind of fun to watch it work isn t it there you have it all right. If you enjoyed this video go ahead and give it the old thumbs up if you learned something share it with your friends. I do appreciate you watching if you have any questions about the robot leave it in the comments and if you re wondering how long it lasts about three hours on a charge and it can scan an aisle in about two to three minutes. So it s it s pretty efficient at what it does and right now it s scanning.

My photographer stephen so that must mean it s a ono it s scanning me ” ..

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