VLOG G Economy 7 “heating” — What is it?

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“Guys jake. I think i m gonna go a little bit off piste today and and i ve been asked to do a video about storage heaters because i m know bentley passionate about the bloody things or anti. Passionate should. I say.

I heard basically the basic premise behind story teachers is if you re you know if you have an apartment. Where or you have a house that s quite old or doesn t have any gas or you know whatever the builder decides to put in at the time. Then it s a kind of radiator that has storage blocks inside. They re quite dense heavy blocks.

And if you re not in the uk. I don t know whether they ve got economy seven or some kind of economy. A cheaper electric rate at night time anywhere else in the world. But the uk between half twelve and say half a depending on where you are in the country.

The cost of electric is like just less than half. So basic idea is that at night time you have a separate circuit in your house. There s an economy seventh circuit and that gets flipped over and that circuit gets activated at a half twelve or whenever the trigger is and it will start to heat up the concrete or whatever blocks. They are they re really dense.

I ve taken one apart a tiny bit and it starts to heat them up. And you can control how much heat those up by and then when the when the power to those goes. Off. Say eight.

O clock. Seven. O clock in the morning. It ll start to release their energy back into the house.

So this off you know. It s like a thermal mass type thing is quite efficient and on principle..

It s a really good idea using thermal mass to release energy slowly. It s it s really efficient to pet. But you re not using less energy. That s the trick you re still using the same amount of energy as you would do anyway.

It s just cheaper because people want to you know it s a money cost instead of an environmental cost you know you know it s not environmental to use the same amount of energy just because it s cheaper and so i ll tell you my experience with them i bought an apartment in 2004. And it had these economy. 7. Heaters.

It would there were loads of them right so basically what would happen is you had to do a forecast of the next day s weather so if i thought tomorrow is going to be warmer okay okay say tomorrow you ll be colder i had to then okay tomorrow s gonna be warmer a colder and i m gonna be in all day so it s a you know two weekend. I m chilling out in my underwear. Doing bugger all right so i need the heat to last all day so what i need to do is i would have to go around each of the radiator and at the time. I had one two three four five five storage radiators in the apartment.

Am and you d have to if it s gonna be a cold in the next day. You had to turn up the inputs at midnight at the night time he would charge it more they ve been put more energy into the thing overnight and then had to turn it down low. So that it would even out the dissipation of the heat throughout the day which never really worked really because it s radiant energy. And i think you could only really control.

The convection energy. Wade opens up flaps at the top to the air pass through to to dissipate the heat. I think i m spitting sorry. I think the radiant energy that came out of the front of the thing you couldn t actually stop unless you like massively insulated.

It was just a faff because the bloody stupid things so i was it got to a point. Where you know i was getting fed up of controlling five radiators guessing what the next days. Where there is nittany uk. There s no point getting the weather.

They didn t know there are so from the elbow. These meteorological people so you know you may as well just look outside them okay..

So what i did was after a few years i ripped them all out. And i took them apart. And i used the blocks as a weights for a retainer out in the back garden. I made a bench up against them against a bank and i used them as a retainer and because they re really heavy.

And you know diddled either corroded or anything. So i put them to good use there at least when the sun shines on it they get warmed up. And the bench stays warm for quite a while and i took those out. And i used the same circuit for underfloor heating and i put underfloor heating in because my theory was that if um if i m not at home or if i m say i m not at home at night and i don t want the heat thing to charge upside to go and turn all the bloody things off right because i don t want to charge up.

But then when i come back the next day. The house is gonna be cold all day oh so i come back the next night. The house is gonna be cold all night before the next day when it gets charred. I just don t see the point of it they re designed for old people and when i was waking up in the middle of the night.

I was like 4 o clock in the morning after it like had a few hours charge. I was like my eyeballs would dry now i couldn t breathe. It was so hot and then you know you didn t know you d end up coming home after like a full day at work in winter. You know him to open up doors.

And he just like losing all that energy. There s no efficiency behind it it s just cheaper and to be fair. I don t think it was that that she that cheaper because i remember my bills being extortionate and i ve always had a battle with electricity on my flat. I mean even now when i moved back into it over this last 6 months.

It s still been a battle with the electricity. Anyway. Matt s been by the buyer. So my underfloor heating.

I took it all out put on the floor heating in put wooden floors down and then now i have control so i set each room so it s a constant 21 degrees. I have the bedroom that turns off through the day comes on at say..

7 00 at night 6 at night when i put my daughter to bed. And it comes on again and it goes off at like say. 12. And it come on again in the morning just before we wake up so it s nice and warm on our feet in the living room.

I have it come on at 8 in the morning because i work from home all day. I have it come on that one room. I have it come on at 8 in the morning and go midnight and it stays a constant 21 degrees. I ve got dark wooden flooring so that when the sun shines in even in winter.

You get the sun heats up all the floor. The heating turns off anyway. Because the floors warm. And it heats the room up.

And i can get the room up too you know on a nice sunny wintery day the room can get up to 26 degrees. I m able to open windows anyway so i don t really see the point in these bloody thermal heaters. The best advice. I can do if you re fed up with the economy seven is to see if you can sell them because it gets someone to come pick them up because to move them around they re a bloody nightmare.

And they weigh a ton they literally do wear a ton. I don t know it s you know it s a two man job to shift these things a whole if you wanted to move them you know if on your own like i did i had to physically dismantle. Them and take the blocks out that i couldn t lift it myself. And i had no one to help me at the time.

And so the the best thing to do is to go and either try and sell them. Because there s got to be a market for them somewhere like for all people you know where i don t know i don t even i don t even i don t know i don t really understand the concept behind it because it s a really old fashioned way of thinking. And the fact that you have to faff with all and if you ve got like five like i had it was like a it was like a it was like a daily chore you know i mean. It was like anyway is this go get some normal radiators normal electric radiators and replace it on the existing circuit.

Getting intuition to switch over off to bridge the economy seventh circuit over cross to the to the normal daytime circuit. Because you re you know not just the heat is that the cheaper at night times..

The whole house is cheaper at night. So yeah you may as well use it the heating. When you re there and just have a normal heating system it doesn t make sense all right we re just gonna log burner. But i m in an apartment so i kind of a log when i would love to have a log winner anyway so yeah if you ve got economy.

7. And you can t get rid of it and you need to figure out how to use it basically you have to predict what every single human in your house is doing the next day. Including knowing what the weather is so that you can go around all your radiators and change the input and the outputs. You know just keep a blanket.

Handy. Because by 10. O. clock.

At night. Or 9. O. clock.

At night. All. The radio. All the heat.

All the radiant heats pissed out these blocks and you have to put a blanket on anyway and because you know and then you can t charge them up until half past twelve. So you know what s the point you know anyway here we go off piste. ” ..


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