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“Harness is now available for the entre avs 5. 7. It takes the complexity out out of doing a remote start at your dealership for those are currently doing remote installs. It will save you a ton of time ensuring that the kit contains all the parts listed before beginning.

The installation that all the necessary information. Tools and measuring equipment are available before beginning the installation the driveway door using a trim removal tool pry apart the left side panel of the dashboard using a philips screwdriver remove the upper school and motor screw of the side of the back down disassembly of the lower panel remove the screw as shown here using a philips screwdriver remove. The panel cover of the fuse box using a trim. The rule tool pry off the lower panel of the dashboard using a trim removal tool push in the locking tabs located on each side to release and remove the obd2 connector using the 10 millimeter socket with a quarter inch drive ratchet extension.

Remove the five bolts as shown disassembling. The steering column cover turn the steering wheel a quarter turn to the left remove. The screws located at the left side behind. The steering wheel turn.

The steering wheel a quarter turn to the right remove screw located. At the right side behind..

The steering wheel. Remove. The screw located under the steering column cover. Once the screws are removed gently separate the top half from the bottom half remove the bottom half of the steering column shroud disconnect the harness located at the rear of the vehicles ignition switch.

Connect the main ignition key harness between the vehicles ignition harness and the ignition switch itself secure the t harness with a tie wrap you can connect the interface t harness to the main ignition switch t. Honest plug the vehicles over t 2 connection to t harness disconnect the immobilizer connector located. At the right of the steering column connect the immobilizer connector of the t harness between the car equals immobilizer harness and the immobilizer connector itself make sure to secure the harness so it cannot interfere with the steering column connect the parking light wire loose black yellow wire to the t harness to the pink wire of pin 2 of the parking light white 14 pin and 0 to l multifunction. Switch connector located at the bottom of the headlight switch.

The b can high wire. Is located in the white 24. Pin connector pin. 13.

On the back side of the shoes box ipg. The became low wire..

Is located in the white 24. Pin connector pin. 1. On the backside of the fuse box.

Connect the loose orange green wire from the trnas to the green be can high wire pin. 13. Connect the loose orange brown wire to the t harness to the orange be can low wire in pin. 1.

The rf module internet must be installed inside the vehicle in the center of the windshield peel. The tape on rf modules. Antenna and position. The antenna on the windshield inside.

The vehicle at least 9. Centimeters..

3 inches. Below. The roof liner with its pole. Pointing down.

It is recommended to install the antenna. So that it is hidden from the driver s view by the rearview mirror. Run. The antenna cable between the roof and the roof liner behind the left.

8. Pillar trimmed and run down under the drivers dashboard connect the antenna to the rf module. Smaller black box with the two supplied harness the installation is not completed you can start the module programming. Connect the 12 pin red connector and 14th pin blue harness to the module then connect the 4 pin white to white karnas wait until the led turns on solid red turn the ignition key on the led role flash green.

One connecting gds make sure. It is powered on and the vehicle s ignition is on choose immobilizer id registration..

Learnt keys enter six digit pin code then follow procedure you when you re done reprogramming physical keys. You have to program. The module as an extra key when the gds is ready to program the extra key press and release the ip be integrated programming button wait until the led turns on solid green and turn off jds will confirm the modules program as a key you can now exit a jds programming. Module programming is completed press a whole programming button on the rf module to enter pairing mode.

The led will flash red while holding the programming button press. The lock button on the remote to pair the rf module. The led on the rf module will stay on solid for 2 seconds. When the programming is finished release the programming button on the rf module for testing and closing up.

Please refer to the installation guide for additional questions call tech. Support at 1 800. ” ..


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