Verizon Modem Setup- Westell 6100g – Part 1

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“So this is going to be a tutorial on the verizon dsl modem. 6100 g. G. And we re just gonna go through.

A few. Setup steps here so we. Up a. Browser first.

Type. In. 19216811. It s already in there.

The default. Username and password. For this modem. The user name is going to be admin and the password is going to be password.

So not too difficult said okay. It ll take you into the modem you can change it here usually nobody s gonna be breaking in your house getting into your modem so unless it s in an unsecured area you can change it to something that you know i just changed. It usually just just all admin for the username and the password hit apply..


Okay and wait for it to take okay now first thing right off the bat. I see that s wrong with this when i look under connection type pppoe that is not a westcoast setting. I m in california. I m not sure how it is in other states.

But i know on the west coast. We don t use ppp over here so that changed that right now so we go to my network go down. Here to network connections click on that go over to where it says broadband connection. I don t have an active dsl connection up right now this is just for show.

I have fios. So i can t really show you in real time what s gonna happen. But i can tell you broadband connection dsl you click on action. This is how you edit it so again just whatever password you gave it i gave it admin takes you to this page right here.

So you see down here you see. The pppoe protocol. And you don t want pppoe. If you re on the west coast.

You hit edit. And then it brings up this menu. So you go over here..


Where it says pppoe. You want to change that to bridge and if your customer or you or whoever setting up the modem whoever you are setting up the mo. Know for if you are you have a static ip address and you want to put it in your third party equipment like a router your own router or like a sonicwall or something else that you have set up like a video camera or whatever. That is gonna take its own static ip in that piece of equipment you just want to hit bridge bridge and hit apply.

But most people you re gonna go protocol bridge and then the bridge mode is gonna be a routed bridge so and then it gives you a new menu here and this new little menu here. You can either choose from dynamic ip address. Which most people probably 95 of people have yours is gonna look like this then you hit just hit apply and save. The changes and then your online or to put a static ip address in you re gonna click this use the following static ips and then your provider will give you the rest of this stuff.

You know if it s a verizon. They re gonna give you and i think this is a verizon only mode. I m a 60 100 g west l. They ll give you this information.

The ip address. The subnets. The default gateway and primary and secondary dns. They ll give you all this information you just put it in as they give it to you and you hit apply and that and it ll ask you i think it prompts you again for another oak you hit that and then it saves.

It and then you ll be online. But that is the the gist of setting up the 6100 gee. I ll do a part two of it on this and go a little bit deeper into other settings on modem..


This is not a wireless modem. So there s no wireless setup on it down the road. I m going to do a verizon modem router combo and i ll show you how to set up everything on that but part two of this one is going to be a little bit more advanced settings in case you want to tweak it to you know what you re doing so that s the end of this tutorial. kay.

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