Vacuums at Big! Lots – June 2019

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“These are all the vacuums at big lots so i never been to big locks locks before but they seem to good good news is they had bathrooms that s yeah so as far as the ones on display they got these dirt devils. I think this one is a quick back i haven t seen this one before i ve seen this one. I ve seen this one the direct power this one seems to be a fairly common one where i got all the boxes. I got the bat bissell sweep up they ve been selling for a hundred years.

Some handhelds some little lighter weight machines. This will featherweight. I ve had a couple of these in the past. These are actually pretty pretty nice.

I guess you i would buy this one that s only it s 25 bucks. Not really gonna pay that much for especially not right now all your various cleaning solutions. Fissile powder. Room bagless is kind of like the famous one among bissell collectors.

It s known for being a big lots exclusive. They don t have any in stock right now at least. Not that i can see this is the actual machine looks a lot like a powerforce he looks turbo. Because it basically is its base.

It s literally just a power force helix turbo. But without the turbo brush and it s blue instead of red. So that s the only difference that i can see as all the same attachments does it have the yeah. It has that little stubby crevice tool.

That s not very good just lock in properly. This one. That s model number six eight c77 manufactured 160 second day of 2018. So that s the power groom bagless.

This is kind of like the most famous one of course. We got the clean view this one just says clean view..

But it s marked clean view plus. Whatever so this is one pass famous bissell or infamous depending on who you ask turbo brush weird hos design weird handles design this is the 1822 model this one was manufactured on 220th day of 2017. This one s an atf motor. Just like beep our great actually.

This is this is a 12 8. Motor. So the power groom is actually a 12 amp motor. Which is interesting the power force helix turbo.

This is modeled after had a well had a 10 amp motor for a while then it had an atan loader. So that s one thing. I actually learned that s new today is that these have 12a motors. I did not know that at least this one does this one that s on display.

So. If you want a 12 amp. Missile for a good price. You specifically want a 12 amp.

Then. I guess get the power groom bagless. I much prefer the power power groom multi cyclonic. I ve been trying to find one of those because those are really nice.

But this is you know this is there if you want it it s got the same helix system is like i said the power forster bob i also got to clean view rewind so they have a rewind version pretty much identical machine nonetheless it s got the triple action brush. Which is triple action. Because i m assuming it has three sets of brushes and i like the colors. But of course has it s clear window that s gonna cloud through a little bit terrible after a while it s got the cord rewind listen this one s missing.

The attachments this one is model 18 19. Manufactured hundred seventy one hundred forty seventh day of 2017..

This one is an 8 amp motor as well the bissell proheat 2x revolution. This one looks like a solid machine. I wonder if this is your playing imagine dragons on the radio that s cool this is clearly their correctly. I wonder how heavy this is i ve heard this is really light nope based on you trying to lift it right now.

It s not very light since 200 they got a hoover power carpet washer never seen this before we got the classic hoover elite rewind well it says elite rewind. But the front of it just has rewind. I ve had this machine before i don t know if i ve had this red version. I know i had that you guys saw i had the purple version back when it was actually called elite rewind.

It s essentially the same machine. I do really like this machine. So this is very solid hoover hoover machine. And it s definitely.

It s definitely a solid machine for the price and i would even say. This is probably a lot better than the original elite rewind that came out about a decade ago. I know some people probably debate me on that but that s fine this one has a severe psychotic system. I loved about one thing i love about this is that the cyclone assembly is extremely easy to open up and clean properly.

All the way down to to every single bare elements. You can completely strip. A cyclone assembly. Apart with just a phillips head screwdriver.

It s fantastic. It s absolutely amazing and i really like that about it the only thing. I don t like about this number. One why is the coordinates is the coordinates someone s in the cordon on this one.

But either way this this clip back here tends to break. Because i have a similar version right now the whole house elites and this clip is broken these clips tend to break very frequently..

But it is also nice to have because unlike the friction fit this will not wear down over time. But the disadvantage is that now you have the clip to worry about breaking so i would actually in that sense. I would actually prefer a friction fit. But and of course.

It has this really weird duct work for this hose. But it gets the job done so it s still a solid machine. It s got this tiny little brush on it isn t that cute so that s the hoover elite rewind. They do have this one in stock.

This one s a hard bucks for a hundred bucks you could either get this or the clean view. Plus to be honest even though i like this ll if it was between those two machines. And i don t want to get a bagless machine for 100 bucks. I d honestly probably go at the rewind because i believe it has a much better filtration system probably just as good in terms of cleaning if not better better hose to an extent.

And it also has a triple brush. Actually this one else has the turbo brush. Never mind they both had triple brushes. I do have the turbo brush on the bissell more but between if it s my money for a hundred bucks.

I d go the elite rewind even even being a bissell fan. We got the hoover windtunnel air steerable excuse. Me air lift that s a bit different. This is weird never seen this one before then of course.

We have these lovely sharks that everyone loves so much that are absolutely atrocious of course. They got a bunch of them actually yeah they re literally this entire section just nothing but shark so we got all these terrible horrible shark machines horrible design way too narrow terrible filter quality terrible handle design what is this seriously what is that just overall not a very good vacuum for the price even at only 160 bucks even out hundred forty bucks. These are just not good machines. I don t know why these are still being sold they re terrible.

I ve seen so many issues with these the customer service of shark has been absolutely atrocious. These filters are okay..

I guess not really these brush rolls constantly have issues. These hoses constantly have issues machine. It s way too narrow constantly falls over when you try to use the hose. See this one at least has like a normal kind of hose setup.

So this one this one i could actually kind of like this doesn t have the handle setup. Which does not work on these machines very well. But yeah so that s the sharks and we got the shark little dyson competitors. We got the competitor to the to the v8 fluffy with its little fluffy thing very very fluffy very soft very pleasant shark rotator professional of the way if you re gonna buy a shark probably get this one.

It is probably the best one actually no no it s kind of hard as elephants they re all they re all really not that good. But at least this one the the issues with it falling over during use isn t as bad as these super narrow ones. It s still bad. But it s not as bad so you pay a lot more but at this price you can get a lot of you get a lot of better machines for this price.

Just just don t do it to yourself anyways. So i noticed that these are marked shark hoover bissell and dirt devil. So those are all the backings at big lots didn t really fill out too in this video. But you know what the one.

I did at walmart got a lot of views. There your figure to something quickly. I can do it. But yeah.

So those are all the vacuums that are a big loss right now as of may ” ..

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