Using 2 Prowlers On Kings Canyon In DUOS! (Apex Legends PS4)

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“What s going on everybody and welcome to another video now in today s video video of course. We did get the update yesterday. Where we got permanent duo s the map rotations where it came in with kings canyon after dark kings canyon. Regular and world s edge.

We got a gameplay here for you it is using two prowlers like i used to back in the day. I would use two of whatever gun you know two peacekeepers two p 20s. All those videos were really enjoyable to make so i tried to prowlers right here with my friend york aires and i m gonna let you see how it plays out if you do enjoy this video as always please be sure to slap that like button. I would highly appreciate it it helps me get in those beautiful recommended sand helps my channel grow let me know down in the comments.

If you guys want to see more videos like this now that we have kings canyon back in the rotation. Where i used two of the same weapon. There s a lot of weapons. I haven t finished it for you if you are new to the channel.

I would appreciate if you would consider subscribing with that being said enjoyed the video guys and i will see you tomorrow alright listen we re at least getting 32 kills. Me why are you learning by building why you lining my building alright really good team come alright anyways now i m gonna get some good loot and we re gonna go kill people in the game of course. I don t have armor. I don t even know this anyone here thunder yeah.

He just has the meanest rape. I ve ever continued so one want to see him try to pull them go your bob and imma throw. You my good. He s pushing it now.

He s in easy like we do this double prowler carry me carry me i hate to have that i m dropping it grabbed up the wall research purpose of over here baby. All right there you go i m comfortable with me too i am ready to fries let s go over to market. I got double prowler action going on so like i m gonna be running it the whole time for sure. There s one a few guns.

I haven t done the double video for i used to do like double peak. A double are nine double wing double everything ever done a double prowler nope well there s a rattle snoozing. Oh. My god that rate got absolutely demolished.

We do it is duties come here. How about my house. Thank. You thank you yeah.

Oh. Let me just drop. This room. So.

I can actually pick up ammo. Oh. Let me got these ooh my shoes all right now we got ammo for days. George let s make our way to open all the way over there.

I know i try to shoot you gonzo coffee behaving come on what are you gonna do no way. I just bounced off that i got this no way mmm. Hey. Buddy edu.

I don t think he was expecting us to be there hey bro. I was feeling i was doing my team he wasn t alone he definitely wasn t he just got ahead of the storm..

Why are you fighting well he is a dead one let s see here can you get your big body out of my face. Brother. I m literally just trying to see it no. Oh you know i pull up man ran.

Where d you go through oh just hang on he s in the other these are the boys collar versus probably squad. I have the worst probably shot have to reload. Oh give my heart to you look at my house. Skill moves.

Hard almost got put on twitter. Oh. I can t do this bro. I can t yell on brother pop this mic that s another another team oh.

He s just staring at me. Oh. He s just staring on me. Yeah.

We re out here frien low key i need some heavy though i m gonna drought under 81 right there perfect i m running a site i never run either i m 1 to 2 hollow variable. Yeah isn t that kind of weird so ugly you have like an extra battery or yep bless yeah. My father sounds good. But it can get pretty ugly.

Oh like right there. I should have died. I was one shot. I should have done yeah you were absolute all right let s see here anybody over in a river.

Who s trying to catch him a double prowler year is anybody here. There s got to be there s got to be like that caustic and bunker somebody s trying to troll and bunker. With the caustics. I believe i hope so santos fighting i hope we could clean up everybody i do here i m fighting over there my containment.

It s like yeah. That s in containment for sure they re going at it i m gonna get knocking three two one no no it s fit fires purring though i don t hear it though. I can t believe no one s been knocked yet someone s about again all right there. It is there it is and your boys pulling up for the third.

I m pretty sure. It s three teams here so gotta be nice hope so yeah. I saw bots in fence stuff in the right side. If i can go under here and up nope.

I stuffed it well there s only one knock. I see the other d right here jen in fact rockin info. Now is dude spit farm. Eulogy and drop down to gruffalo.

Very it weird scott s right there played that very thoroughly should be more yeah. I heard of rate portal huh. Because she have gone maybe left side so confused they see some loot down here. But i don t see nobody on it you found on there i ready go don t play.

I ready evo don t play go to vibe there for like 70. Absolutely did you have more about them you got to heal it mm hmm biggie..

Owing a lot of her to res. But i think i m just stupid. Yeah. How s my table up there.

Oh. I m already sending the zip over to did data maybe i ll hit balloon and we ll go that way let me just double check make sure there s nobody in river. Don t think i see anybody you ll be wrong. Though actually.

It s just a balloon anyways and go through river and we ll cut through that respawn a little middle thing. Fish. Oh. Yes.

Sir oh. Kings canyon is oh. I love it it survived. And they definitely fix the loot.

I can tell i mean i haven t played ranked yet on him. But like range gonna be fun that was just a bad thing and just always had like poop loot while they re in the bin right now oh my god i wonder why this guns crazy. Hey. Pete eat it oh there s a final charge bro won t like the kings or the world times that we played the other game.

We had double gold now we got double red. What does i got double red oh. She s not seen anything. She s taping a box nice.

Oh my god literally like the co by ofin foot was on my face kebaya. Think the kebaya then foot was literally. There that s what slurp always called me for though that is your nickname go by then oh naughty always called me that as well where s um. These people are brothers three teams.

I m gonna say once in cave for sure without a dime ones in cave. Yeah all the others are right there by the kaboom castle. They re probably heading to cave right now yep they re like peeking it i think they saw me i would give you a zip. But i just got it dude.

They re gonna have this mean hide on me. There s a caustic setting up. Fart traps. Ready.

Well. Thumping. All doors. Get.

The fart traps. Going look at the rates. Just sitting. There you got whites.

They have whites. Yeah they re playing like this she s absolutely oh my god the flank of the year bro..

There s not so i got four kills cuz. I don t gotta grab pool mm hmm. It s honestly that s literally it and my teammate sends everybody and just kills them i mean i got the double prowler what can you expect i m not good with it. But it s good no matter who uses it you ll be playing on 60 field of view and just randomly shoot and you re probably probably gonna hit 90 yeah.

But if you re like me and have shaky aim and i m like trying to i m going in those kills way up here. Oh they re like yes. It d be a shame. If i just throw all the monsters in a block your friends all right.

I m out i m going across good luck would you like a zip. I can send you one yeah. Oh. He s so weak nice rock him too weak.

He s so weak alright fair enough pk fair enough iced. All the kills in the game. Yeah. Get a little bit of revenge alright.

Get your revenge. Buddy alright. Last team. Did you get like a mastiff or something out of that pack.

Er nah nah bro. It was a gold element oh nice nice oh you can throw your bubbles. Quicker yeah huge alright if i was this last team right now where would i be hiding. I d probably be market i d be market.

I m gonna call it right now market gas trap middle floor right side if i m actually everybody who s watching this house to xalapa like if i m wrong you have to slap a like reasoning behind that is because yeah. That s why there s nobody here so i m getting uh just like for sure the dust once again. Rhoda s use a grapple for huh. Yeah.

Let me just. Yeah yeah totally and one other watson setup ending. I think i m gonna pick up this craver well. It s not i m wrong wait no there is a watson in here.

But i don t think anybody s over here do they re playing so weird they re playing like it s a ranked game should be believe them yeah. I m gonna knock that one and i m just hi tiger up a little bit make sure the pots flooded let s just mess tomorrow for it not to go through the doors let us take the rez get one knock just punching alright watson s not that s a week. We got to split the block. What the lawson okay let s go she sweated alright time to mess with this dude.

Let s make him lose all of his bullets. And we punch them oh you have to do it to him i hit him for 32. I thought he would heal while he was up there come on man. I was trying to mess with the pathfinder never don t do it to him raw.

I swear i was there trying to be a sweat. There i was just trying to literally make him weak and lose his bullets that s all i wanted to do what are you just happy to not heal and just happened to doc feels bad gigi s no i did my little brother it took my controller yeah. But i don t have a little brother. Yeah.

You adopted a little brother this morning. You think i er..

If you re new to mining or if you want something that you can just hit the start button and go cast xmr is the better way to go. I ve used xm rig. I ve used cast xmr and xmr stack. And from a user friendly standpoint.

Cast. Xmr is the way to go you may have some you know maybe a little bit. Less hash rate. You could put that argument up for me.

It s not worth it you sit there and you double click the run bat file. And it runs cast xmr is just the better way to go xmr stack. I was very picky about the drivers that you use in the setup. Obviously is a lot longer a little bit more difficult for the entry level user just my opinion.

But castex mr in my as a way to go. But we re gonna go ahead and finish this out xmr stack press. Enter here. I do not excuse me n.

And it s gonna start up. And you can see here memory location failed. I ll need to set that up on this rig that has to do with the cpu you can see that it did login and looks like it s still building up cpu is just now starting to report. Let s press c.

For connection. It s starting to take off here and so our stack is a little slower when it goes to takeoff. Does look like it is connected alright pause. The video and just i m positive so i didn t want you to have to sit there and way through that as you can see result accepted by the pool.

Result accepted by the pool okay. So let s go ahead and bring up our pool again and now as you can see vega farm. 4. Is live so we are now mining with xmr stack to the pool and we will be paid out in etm now as far as tuning.

This thing in getting the best drivability out of it so to speak that s gonna that s in another video ok again. I ve got that stuff there just look through my channel. There s plenty of xmr stack in castaic. Some are videos.

Let s go ahead and close this guy out alright. So that was about as quick of a video is i could make most of my educational videos. There 30 minutes to an hour hour and 10 minutes long. I hope this was valuable to you i really do and this is a really cool.

Thing that this gentleman has done so kudos to him for setting this up for the community and guys. This is a tremendous opportunity to get your etn by way of your mining graphics cards again okay if you like my content and this was helpful for you do me a favor hit that like button. And if you re not subscribed to the channel go ahead. And do so i ve got a lot of good content on here for the miners kryptonite variants specifically thanks again for watching.

And i ll talk to you guys next time. ” ..

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