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“Friends i am niharika and welcome back to the new lessons you know many times. Times. I have observed when people greet each other they ll obvious responses. I m or they say a good good or some people just have no idea that how to respond to the question.

How you doing or how are you so in this lesson. Today. We are gonna look at different expressions that people use around the world to greet each other and their right responses to it so let s get started so what people end up asking you hey how are you or hey. How s it going okay.

How you would answer well a very basic answer to this would be fine or not bad or not too bad. So. That s a very basic answer. Which also gives an idea that maybe you don t want to go ahead with a long conversation.

Okay so if someone would say hey how are you or how you doing then you can say fine or not bad or not too bad. Now you can also use very well thanks okay now when people end up saying fine thanks or very well. Thanks..


That s a very formal way of responding to this question. So generally when you go to a restaurant. Or maybe you re at the bank and the person would say hey how are you or how you doing so you can say very well thanks. So that s a very formal way of answering then you can also say a pretty good or great how you doing now if someone would say how are you and you re very excited and you really want to go ahead with the conversation.

You can say pretty good oh. Great and then you can add up the how re you doing okay. So that s a very friendly and a very enthusiastic response then we have now of course. Most of the times.

When people greet you by saying. How eu or how s it going or how you doing we always give very positive responses. But there are times. When you really don t want to sound.

Very happy you re excited so we it s a very negative way to answer to this question is i m hanging in there. So i m hanging in there makes us realize that maybe the person is having a very tough day. Okay so it s a very negative response..


So if you meet someone and you say hey how are you and the person ends up saying um. I m hanging in there so the next question that you would ask is oh. What s wrong i hope everything is all right okay. So that s how you would continue the conversation or there are people who say.

Oh i m being better so this response gives us an idea that maybe the person is really sad about something or maybe. He s not keeping well okay so he wants to tell you that what is wrong with him or her okay so these two are pretty negative responses. Okay now let s have a look at some other set of questions. Okay the way people greet each other and the responses to it now the other expressions that you can use to greet people is what s up what s new or what s happening okay so these are these general expressions that you can use now.

When you ask this to someone okay. What s up what s new doesn t mean that your spawn would be a long answer. Okay doesn t mean that you re gonna start a very long story explaining what really is going in your life. These days.

Okay the standard replies that you can use is nothing much so. That s a very basic answer that you would give to these kind of expressions. Nothing much just the usual stuff like i m getting ready for my daughter s graduation or nothing much just busy with work okay..


So you can just add or share respond to it that you know you ve been a little busy okay then we have another one which is oh just the usual. So another way of responding to these questions that oh just the usual okay and oh gosh all kinds of stuff. So if someone would say so. What s up what s new and you say oh gosh all kinds of stuff.

This means you have been very busy lately okay. Maybe your life has been extremely exciting and you ve been very busy and lots of lots of things going around in your life. So. This is the kind of response that you would give now of course.

We also have many slants these days. Many people especially the younger generation use a lot of slang for greeting each other you know most of the boys they use the hip hop style and they say yo okay so that means hey how are you or what s up okay. So that s more of a slang said was used in 1990s. Okay when the hip hop culture.

Really came in and the younger people really started enjoying talking in this manner. So that s where you would see more of young people. Saying yo okay..


So that s like hey. What s up how are you then we also have howdy okay. So that s again a slang used by many people howdy. Which of course means.

How you or how you doing and the response to these questions or these expressions would be alright mate so you were saying that i m doing good or i m doing great okay. So this is the way someone would respond if they have to use slang. Okay. So these are certain expressions and responses that you can use on daily basis.

Hope you enjoyed this lesson. And i ll be back with a new lesson soon till then you take care. ” ..


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