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“Was pretty busy for me. And i didn t have a whole lot of time time to shoot. But i want to start this episode off by talking about something i get a lot of questions about and that s the way that i named my pokemon a lot of you have probably noticed that i have symbols before and after a lot of my pokemons names so today. I m just gonna walk you through what each symbol means and to share a little bit about the information that i like to have readily available at a glance to start this triangle before my vaporeon name indicates.

That it has 100 perfect ivy s and that s the only symbol. I ll put before at pokemons name. So that way when i sort by name i get my pokemon with perfect ivy s at the very top. So i have golbat right on snorlax and vaporeon all with perfect ivs a lot of people like to use the number of their ivs in a pokemons name so if this vaporeon had 78 ivs it would be vaporeon.

78. The reason i don t use numbers is one because i don t want to read my pokemons name as vaporeon 78. Every time i look at it and i use favourites to indicate pokemon that are above 80. So once i know a pokemons above 80.

I know that s a pokemon. I want to keep and if it gets good moves. I ll power it up so i ll use favorite to indicate that you can see all the pokemon with stars are above 80 ivy s. But once i know that it doesn t really matter what the actual ivy s are what i mean by that is this snorlax could have 82 ivs or it could have 97 ivs it doesn t matter either way i m gonna keep it i m gonna power it up because it has good moves the only time it matters is if i get another snorlax above 80.

This one is just below 80. I think it s seventy seven point eight. But if it was above eighty. I would need to know the exact percentage.

So i could choose which one to prioritize but either way in the end they ll still both get powered up because they re both strong pokemon. They both have good moves and they both be above 80 plus using favourites to indicate that means. I won t accidentally transfer a good pokemon above 80. Now for the symbols that come after the name that indicates the types of the moves that the pokemon has so this executor with a yin yang and a leaf has a psychic type move and a grass type move.

My snorlax with zen headbutt and hyper beam. Again. Yin yang. Indicates.

A psychic type move that empty circle. Means has a normal type move as i scroll down my list you can see that i have quite a few different symbols and i use a different symbol for every type there are some pokemons that don t have symbols and that means they don t have moves that i think are worth using in a gym. So i don t need to know the types because i m not going to be using them. Now.

If you ve ever tried using symbols or emojis in a pokemons..

Name. You know that a lot of them don t work. So. If you just try to put in some standard emojis you get this question mark box.

The symbols that actually work are unicode symbols. And some emojis work as unicode symbols. But there is a better option on android. I use an app called unicode pad.

And it just has a ton of unicode symbols. That you can copy and paste into pokemon go and most of them will work they actually all worked before i updated my. Phone but now that i m on android 70. A lot of them stopped working for whatever reason.

I know they updated a lot of the emojis that might have something to do with it. So i had to be very careful and selective with what i use. But you ll see if i use something like the scissors and i copy it take it over to pokemon go. I can paste that into my vaporeon name and it shows up so unicode symbols work in pokemon names like i said on android 70.

A lot of them don t work. So you kind of just have to experiment and see what works for you and if you re not on android. There is still an option there s a website called copy paste character comm and it has a huge list of unicode symbols that you can copy and paste from from here into pokemon go as well so now i ll show you the symbols that i actually use to represent each type and some of them were kind of weird because like i said i m limited on 70. But i tried to make it work so for normal.

I use this circle. Because it s seems like a pretty normal thing grass. I use this leaf that s a unicode symbol you re not gonna find it on the emoji keyboard for water. I use the umbrella that one is an emoji for fire it s this symbol for fire that s again a unicode symbol for ice.

I use a snowflake for trick. I use the lightning bolt for psychic. I use the yin yang for ghost. I use this it s like a canadian native symbol for something i m not sure.

But it looks like a tombstone that s why i use it for ghosts for flying. I use the cloud for fighting i use this like alert sign because i really couldn t think of anything better i used to use the cross. Swords which worked on android 60. Since the update it doesn t work anymore you might be able to use a fist.

I can t for rock i use this symbol..

It s from a foreign language. I m not sure what but it kind of looks like mountains to me and that s why i use it um. If that means something and it offends someone i m sorry for ground. I use this symbol for earth for bug.

I use that thing again. I don t know what it is it s from a foreign language. But it kind of looks like a spider or like some kind of insect thing for poison. I use the gas pump because poison poison gas.

I m not sure i used to use the biohazard or the radioactive symbols. But those don t work for me anymore they might work for you for dragon. I use this symbol again. I don t know what it means.

But it looks kind of dragonish with wings for dark. I use a spade not really sure why ace of spades. It s kind of dark blackjack. I m not sure for steel.

I use the anchor because it s a big metal thing and i really like the way the anchor looks so i wanted to use it for something and for ferry. I use the heart. So i m gonna put all of these in the description. So you can copy and paste them from there.

If you want to i ll probably put some other unicode symbols in there that could work for each type that don t necessarily work for me. But they might work for you. But whenever i get a new pokemon and i want to keep track of its moves. I can use the emojis from the emoji keyboard obviously but for the other ones.

I ll just come into this note and copy and paste them back to the. Game which now has to reload cassie s phone is still on android 60. So i m just gonna show you that a lot of different symbols will actually work on 60 in fact everything from the unicode keyboard that i had works on android 60. So you can see here that literally every symbol that i ve tried to copy and paste into pokemon go from that unicode keyboard where on android 60.

At least on this version of it so like i said just try things out on the keyboard. A lot of them might work for you that don t work for me. And you might be able to use some more appropriate symbols than a gas pump or a spade so that s my naming scheme. That s the information.

I like to have readily available..

I like to know what types the pokemons moves are so that when i m choosing pokemon to use in a gym. I know exactly what i m getting if you have a different naming scheme. Let me know how that works in the comments. I m interested to see how you guys are naming your pokemon.

I know a lot of people put the rank of the offensive and defensive move sets. But i kind of just have that information in my head already anyway so for me the most important thing is knowing what types the moves are so with that said. I hope it helps you out and here s the rest of the day. It s pretty short.

But i walked around la met up with dante and test it out a little bit more of pokemon go pluses functionality check it out meeting with dante again the great company to povey stops and range. And this time. I have go so while we re sitting here. I ll be getting a little blinking light every five minutes.

I ll be catching pok mon and spinning pokey stops without pulling my phone out ppm s going off. And then you know there you go look for leaving the great company now and i ve been spinning these pokey stops all day gonna get another one all day all day. I ve been spinning these so i m just gonna check the journal and see what happened kada doduo got tons of items. I filled my bag up twice.

I had to toss items. Oh yeah just sitting there like didn t have to pull my phone out at all. It s pretty convenient caught a rhyhorn piggy ran away not feeling too bad about that just a lot of items. We missed out on a growlithe.

How rattata all the way down my entire journal is just pokey stop spins sitting. While i was just working with dante and there it is again lots of items no effort. Just gonna drop my stuff in the car. The rental for now and take a little walk because there s a few pocus stops around and i m getting pretty close to hatching this 10k.

So i d like to get that done so here we go. It s dark now. But don t let that confuse you i stopped for a little while to talk to some folks here at a great company. So i lost a little bit of time a little bit of light.

But the 10k egg is at nine point nine. Now and it seems like tracking distance with pokemon go. Plus connected is a lot more accurate and that s something a lot of people have said online. So i think tomorrow.

What i m gonna do is head out and actually test that now the other thing..

I m curious to see is will i get a notification from go when this egg hatches. So i m just gonna lock my phone put it in my pocket and keep walking and see what happens that s a pokey stop not an egg that walked the distance that i need and so now i just have to wait for the app to update that so i m just going to stand here with go for a couple minutes. See if it lights up at all well it s been about four minutes and nothing yet so i m gonna unlock the phone see what s going on there it is no notification. But let s see what i m getting another snorlax zen headbutt hyperbeam.

Again let s check the iv s this one s over 80. This is crazy to snorlax is in the last couple days. Fifty six snorlax candies now this is crazy. It s a good thing.

I didn t dump all my candy and star dust into that last snorlax because this one has the same moves. But better ivs now something a lot of people have been wondering about is does making a certain pokemon. Your buddy increase your chance of hatching or finding that pokemon in the wild obviously snorlax isn t my buddy right now. But it is the first pokemon.

I set as my buddy and two out of the last four 10k eggs. I ve hatched since making that snorlax. My buddy have been snorlax is now right now all the evidence is purely anecdotal and most likely its coincidence. But it s an interesting thought and it s something to look into in the future.

But for now. It s dark. It s kind of sketchy out here. I m gonna go home also ya drowsy is my buddy pokemon.

A lot of you guys were really surprised by that because i know drowsy is super common in some parts of the world. But here in southern california drowsy is actually pretty rare you can see i actually only have 46 drowsy candies and that s since the beginning of the game since the game launched over two months ago. I ve only accumulated 46 drowsy candies when trading comes out i would gladly trade you guys some ekans sandshrew whatever for drowsy. But again guys rarity is regional.

The pokemon that are rare for you might not be rare for someone else and i think that s something that niantic got right because how boring would this game be if everyone saw the exact same spawns at the exact same rates. But anyway now i m going home while dragonite has some good counters in ice types like do gong. And cloister your best bet against snorlax is to just use your strongest pokemon. This isn t necessarily a huge problem on its own.

But it adds to the issue of a very small group of pokemon dominating. ” ..

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