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“Hi. This is steve from the gp tips team here in the uk. And you you can find us at our website key suite. Tips.

Calm you can follow us twitter. You can follow us on google. And you can of course follow along our youtube channel and watch. These videos.

Today s tip is to show you how to create a team calendar in obviously calendars. So here i ve got calendars open the calendar. App. And i can see a number of calendars in in here.

My colleague marks. I can turn on see if he s got any events. Which he has but i want to show you how to create another calendar..


So i ve got my own calendar and i can see my my colleagues calendars. I can add a calendar here by clicking on the plus and i can say new calendar. I should point out we re in the new calendar application okay and i m going to create a new calendar. Within it so here i go click i need to give it a name.

I m going to call this team so sure okay and social events for our team imagining that we had time to go out and be sociable. We can set a time zone. Obviously. I m in london timezone at least okay.

And i ve got the over here and the organisation that it s in and i m going to create the calendar. Now once it s created it should show up over here under my calendars. It says creation in progress down here. I m hoping that finishes soon and i get my new calendar come on google.

Okay it says creatives and it gives me the option to configure it so i m going to click on the configure and now we can see we ve got some more options. Okay now i could make it available to the public that might be appropriate as like a marketing calendar and events calendar or something. And i can make it available for everyone within the organisation to see yeah..


It s not secret okay. But i can also share specific people so i m the owner of this so i m down to make changes and manage sharing but i m going to add somebody i m gonna add my colleague mark okay by putting his name in there i can add more and i can give them different mission levels. So the moment you can see all event details. But obviously he s part of the organizations that he could do there anyway i m gonna click here on the drop down i could say only free busy and hide details make changes the events or make changes and manage sharing so i m going to imagine that i m gonna own the calendar and mark here is going to be able to also schedule events within.

It okay so i updated that and i like extend you ll get a notification to say. This has been shared to you okay. It says settings saved. So we re gonna come back out of settings back into the calendar.

Again and now i can see that i ve got the team social come. But he says where s he gone there it is team social and i could change the color on that let s make it bright red tomato. Okay and now if i want to create the event in there. Let s say we re going to go out for a pizza on friday after work so let s make it six o clock okay i m gonna click on more options.

I never say team pizza right now at the moment by default this should be creating into my calendar. But i m going to change that to make it the team social element and then i m going to add some guests so i might add myself steve and i might add mark it s giving me a helpful hint there about how to edit things meanwhile. I m gonna do what i was going to be which is that mark okay and i ve got my guests added and it s in the team social calendar..


As you can see default would have been in my own one. I have access to mark s conners as well this is going team social. So when i save this it will send invitations to those that i ve invited and we should see now it s in my calendar will clara. My i m i m in kind of purply color marks in green and the team so she was in in red.

So it s actually turned up in everyone s calendar and if i go through to my own one and i click. Yes okay i have agreed to go in my one. And if i look in the team one we can see that steve s agreed to come along except at the invite markers. Yet to regret yet to reply okay.

That s just one use for it. So you might have a team calendar like this perhaps two if you have a team of different people that could resolve the events in the calendar. And then later on you might invite someone to that event in all they can fulfill that commitment you could use it as i am here with a social calendar or a marketing events calendar. All sorts of things of course you could make a sale marketing events calendar.

Invisible to the world and you could then maybe alex your website and say your website s updated with events using the calendar plug in on google and a feed from google calendars. So i trust that will make sense just to recap we clicked on plus. We had a new calendar..


We added the name and description once i ve created it i could then go through and i ll do on this one click on the dots. Here change. The color yarn to display it in okay look at the settings. Look at the sharing okay available to public available to the domain.

And then add people individually and give them different levels of access and that really is it team calendars so how i play with that see how you get on and thank. You very much for watching reminder. We re at g suite tips calm you can find us on twitter. Follow us on g.

And of course. The youtube channel thanks again for watching. And i ll see you on the next one ” ..


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