UNRAVEL 2 – How to Co-Op with a Friend on the PS4 (Workaround for Couch Co-Op)

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“To unravel to its abyss and in this video today. I m going to show show you how to co op with any one of your friends. They could be a different country. They can be in a different state.

They can be anywhere across this world and i m going to show you exactly how to coop with them for the ps4 version. Now this is basically going to be a workaround for the couch co op. That s currently in this game..


I so for the first step. We need to have at least two controllers and we need a spare psn account you ll press the start menu button and then on your second controller. You ll press the playstation button and then you ll select your spare psn account. All right so now for step two we need to set up a party chat.

This will have your primary account in it. This will have your spare account that i just activated that second controller and then now you ll fight in your third person. Which would be whomever..


You want to co op with they can be anywhere in the country anywhere in a state anywhere across this world invite that third person in to your party chat alright. So you see my main account on the left. And then my spare account gaming with abyss on the right so now for step three. You re gonna take your second controller.

There are spare account and press. The playstation button you re going to go over to party chat and that s where we re gonna start a share play alright so as you can see that party chat is my main account. My spare account that has a second controller and then my friend whoever i want to co op with so once that spare account starts that share play your friend..


Whoever you want to co op. With is going to join that share play. And then once everyone s connected. We re going to go over the next step all right so now you see that my friend is connected to my share play as a visitor.

We re going to hit the share play button on the controller and then we ll go to where it says go to party for share play give controller to visitor and then allow the visitor to play as you as you can see my friend lord fenton on the right and then you can see me jumping around as the green guy and we re both playing co op together and we could be in different countries. Different states can be anywhere across this world now we re finally playing co op together and this is your workaround for the couch. Co op..


That s currently in the game. With that being said a big shout out to lord fenton for letting me disturb him in order to make this video. If you have any questions. Please leave them in the comments down below.

And don t forget to like and subscribe and i ll see you next time ” ..

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