Uniprod Men s Blue Binary Luminous LED Electronic Display Sport Waterproof Watch – Amazon

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“Amazoncom. My name is bo sheva sue today i am coming to you with one one of the coolest watches. I ve ever set my sweaty. Little palms on first all it comes in a little box with a little pillow and no instructions so if you actually bought this watch you re probably wondering how do you set it i will help you with that first of all this is what it looks like right there.

It looks like something out of tron. Does it not how cool is that this is how you undo it very very simple simply push this on the side. And it should pop open pop. There it goes very simple very easy if you need to adjust.

It if you ve got skinny wrists like me just go to a jeweler and they should take out some links for you now. This is what it looks like alrighty. So this is my view of the watch right here first of all here is a nice little close up. But you don t really care about that you want to know what how you determine the actual time on this very very unique watch now how you actually activate it as you push any one of these buttons on the side.

And if you were to look at the lights..

It corresponds on either side with the hour and minute. So. Let s see you find the hour right here. It said.

It says let s see 10 on the left and then it says it goes to 50 and then all the way to 7. So it s 10 57. If that makes sense and this is splat right here. Thank you splat if you wanted to tell what the date was the little dt will show up on the bottom.

And simply hit one of these buttons twice so if i go 1 2. Then the dt shows up and then. 5. There s the 10 and then there s there s the 9.

So 5 19..

So may 19th pretty cool something that they would wear in tron. And this is how i said it there are no directions in the box. But simply hold down this button just keep holding it down until wait maybe i did it twice there it goes so 1 and then 2. Really and then you can cycle through using this so.

What s one more time here we go one and then hold it down now we can set it and simply cycle through there s the minute and the dt is shown up right there and it s flashing the months right there so i can change the months. This is how you change the months so cycle. And then select cycle select that s all you have to really know so one more time from the top hold it down once and then twice and we are going to change the. Hour let s change it to 1.

00 1 00 am and then let s cycle over to the minutes and we re going to change. It let s change it to 1 15. Okay. So there s the ten up there and then just go to the.

Five so..

Now it is 1. 15 am cycle. Through let s find now the date is selected. So we re going to do june.

So there s june which is six right there and we re going to go over to the oh i m sorry i selected it again i want to go back to june june six. There we go select right here now it goes over to the actual day and let s do june. Let s do june fifteenth. Just just for the heck of it so you kind of have to cycle through all of these things until we get to the ten up top.

There now the ten is selected and let s go down to five so june 15. And then to get out of this for it to save simply don t touch anything. And it should go back to normal. And how you re ready to wear it so you re going along and someone asks you what time.

It is just hit this right here show them the watch and they ll be very confused..

But you actually know how to tell the time thanks to this wonderful little fantastic review. So one more time click this. And it is one and then there s the ten and then there s the. Six so it s 1.

16 am. Fantastic. My name is bo chef soo and i hope that you ve enjoyed this fantastic review of this awesome awesome. ” .


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