Under Armour Team NXT Budget Model Performance Review!

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“Work is done vision. We are soul brothers how you guys doing back with the the performance review. This is a budget model from eua aka under armour. This is you a team nxt sam you pick these up as maybe a low budget option for you guys yes.

So let s take a look at the shoe starting with the traction. Very large herringbone yeah um. So stopping power was okay not the best stopping power a very good stopping power would be like a kyrie to the dao sevens etc. But it didn t stop that hard you know it would just like go boom boom.

And it s like this little thing you know it did pick up a good amount of does so i did have to wipe frequently so just watch out for that also if you play on the dusty court author. You should be good. Though you know rubber is very hard so the traction was kind of disappointing. I thought i was getting really really nice.

But it was okay you know you know so at least. It was a horrible. But it was okay you could see like all the dust. It s just holding ya or the dirt.

It just anyways moving on to the cushion where we got going on here. The cushion is a blend of micro g. And charged in the heel. I m not sure what goes on into the forefoot.

But it s a blend of both of the cushions of the heel..

It doesn t really matter though because it s a very stiff cushion. Very responsive imperfections okay. I would say it s a little bit better than kyrie threes. But it s okay.

It s not the best cushion at all you re gonna get response that s about it yeah. And which is not hard to do and the court. Feel and court feel yeah. Okay cool arm moving on to the upper the upper what is this thing.

It s this on on the website that s just a mesh. It doesn t really look like it is a mesh. But then this black stuff is kind of weird. It s like a it s like a really tight mesh textile and then over it looks like all these like little mini strings.

Yeah. Rubber lines all over it yeah so it feels actually you know kind of nice. You know it doesn t feel like super shitty or anything you know looks wise you know it doesn t look crazy budget. The material.

Yeah. It looks like a jacket or something from far away. Yeah or something you know then you got like on the medial side. You have this really nice material.

It s like a tight nylon..

Material yeah which is cool kinda reminds us of. The. Curried 325 another. 25 guy inside the 25.

And then you know just like nice real cloth like material around the ankle. Which is a nice touch a little bit of synthetic. Just know. It s a synthetic leather or what in the there s a lot of a lot of materials going on the shoe.

Yeah you have a lot of synthetic overlay here in the highway area and then this toe cap is gnarly yes. It s like a heel counter material. You know yeah. And then you probably have an internal heel counter or maybe.

Not yeah. Yeah. But uh materials or nuts. I like the materials actually it s actually really nice materials it gets soft.

He conforms your foot. Very well so i like the materials right okay um. How about that fit big good true to size um. It was good the the materials went right over my foot.

It is a brutal fit..

And he s a brain you know feet. Which wasn t that bad. I didn t really have any problem with it so there s that support support was good i mean. It s it s it s a mid low kind of like yeah.

I don t know but ankle. Support is not the best. But the material is did not stretch at all that uncle thing was really good so our support was good okay lockdown lockdown um in the hue. The hue was locked down but the forefoot i had the same kind of problem that i did in the do7 where my foot would just slide up you know like when i m stomping and then you no matter how tight i laced my shoes up my foot would just always slide up to the tippy toe of the shoe and my tub.

My big toe thing right here really hard and i don t get blisters yeah even after playing in it for a while you know even. I said yeah all right i m not sure these puppies way they wait eleven point three six ounces that s pretty low they like attraction was actually damn light. Very light yes and i just wish the traction was a little bit better. And i didn t have that you know sliding in the toe well than that it feels.

It s a very light feeling shoe right about durability. It should be good yeah. I feel like you should be good seems pretty well made yeah. You have this like crazy toe cap right.

Here. You know toe tags. So that aesthetics. Know asap rocky get to work on these dogs man.

I mean support nelson s immaterial looks cool yeah look at the material..

But overall. I don t know what they were thinking is let us know what you guys think bentley ventilation okay okay rocking things up it s 100 bucks and i would say it plays like a budget model or not a budget like mid tier model mid tier hadji model. Me tube with what the flex am like not even the best budget model. I know are please like a good budget mom it plays like a good budget grown not like really really crappy.

But not the best performer you know ever. But it s also not the cheapest yeah how d you buy so i don t know it maybe if it goes on sale for like if it was like 80 bucks. I d be like yeah. It s a good shoe for the price.

But for a hundred from under armour. I would say it s okay you know not to buy if you go fifteen dollars. More you can get to drive for and i would suggest you do that cuz the drive for is an amazing shoot of plane and curry twos on sale for like 70 something dollars right now yeah nuts. So um.

Yeah. I i didn t really like playing any sandwich. Three hundred dollars. It s pretty much a non recommend yes alright decent shoe.

Not really for the price better options out there that s it hope we helped you guys out soul brothers. ” ..

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