Unboxing: Samsung All-in-One PC

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“This is mike with intel and i m here. With my teammates. Sean holmes on on camera and nadia banks. Hey.

And we just received a samsung. All in one and we re going to unbox. It and give you some of the run downs of the cool technology. All right well we ve already cut through the tape.

So we re just gonna open it up and see what s inside got a lot of good packaging. In here. This is a pretty device you d um. I want to make sure.

It s secured in there got a box keyboard and mouse for those that don t know what an all in one pc is it s basically the new style of desktop pcs that you may have in your home. Where traditionally you have the box and the monitor now everything is inside the monitor itself. So it s very sleek and it s clutter free. So there s going to be just one cable to connect everything so we ll show you how that works so inside the box.

We have the pc itself there s still some packaging that we have to work through. We ll take this piece of bowl. Now separate box to one more box. Let s see what s in here.

All right. We have mousepad quickstart guides. Some information other quick guides here is the power connector and so this is really the only cable that you need to get this pc up and running so we ll show you how that all works. I think we re ready to actually bring out leave it off one more phone or own piece now.

I think ready okay all right don t drop..

It oh not too heavy no unless. Mike just lifted all of it and i just pretended to i mean. It s it s got some heft in terms of weight. But look at this nice very thin.

Very sleek. This is the entire pc. So you don t need another box or anything. This is a 27 inch full touchscreen featuring a core i7 processor.

So it s the top of the line processor from intel. So you get a lot of performance. What s nice is you don t have to actually do any assembling of the unit itself. So it comes with an optical disk drive for your dvds and cds.

And everything like that on this other. Side we have a little compartment with two usb 30. Ports. And you have an sd port.

Where you can put a memory card. So if you have memory card from your cameras just pop them in there and be able to load all your photos. And then there s a microphone jack and a headphone jack on the back. I wanted to show you this there s a compartment that you can unscrew.

And you can add additional memory. So this comes with eight gigs of ram. But you can add additional memory for even better performance. When you re multitasking and and doing multiple things at once so actually i want to kind of i want to lay it down.

So that you can see the ports on the bottom..

Oh. There s a lot more not you got the hdmi to hdmi and here s the power connector that will plug into right now. And it also has a little locking a slot for a locking wire. So you can lock this thing down.

If you re if you re in the office. You got the mouse and keyboard so it s got a nice little mouse pad that comes with it i use one in a long time take a great decorative denim. So for the mouse. It says please insert the receiver into the usb double.

So there is a port looking on the bottom rear of the pc. Oh that s kind of cool. So when i open it for the battery. The usb things right inside the receiver.

Yeah. This is the receiver for any wireless mouse and keyboard. You don t have to use the one that comes with it. But all you have to do is plug it in to one of the usb ports.

Let s see it s so small you don t really notice that it s there what are you ice so there are three usb ports at the base of this pc and we ve just plugged in the usb wireless receiver. There so that we can have a wireless keyboard and mouse and then what you see here is a very thin power cable and this is the only thing that gets connected to this pc to have it run low power button on the bottom right. So. The first time that you turn it on it s going to take a little bit longer because it s initializing everything for the first time use first thing you have to do for windows.

A china touch pick your language click next it worked nice see united states. English us yep sounds about right. Oh. A lot of licensed term.

Do you want to read those all out..

Loud. Yeah. Here you have to click the box at the bottom left first okay and then here s where you get to personalize the windows experience by choosing the color of the background and then giving your pc. A name so this one will just call.

It samsung aio. What s your favorite color green oh. Thanks pink pink. All right you want to use the on screen keyboard or use the on screen.

I thought we try the regular keyboard i just call it a samsung ai oh so it was nice as i didn t even have to connect the keyboard to there c word you re right it does automatic and here it s asking you for the wireless network. So if you re at your home you can just connect it directly in this case. We re not going to connect it yet so we ll click connect to a wireless network. Later that s at the bottom here we re going to just click next to use the express settings.

And then here you can give the pc. You know give it a username for somebody who s logging in so in this case. We ll just put admin and we ll just leave no password there just click enter. I like using a touchscreen yeah.

The touchscreen is nice and you get used to it it ll take a couple of minutes for it to set up windows 8 for the first time and while it s doing that it ll give you instructions on the touch gestures. And what you can do with windows 8. So we ll come back to you in about a minute or so okay. So we just loaded up we re at the main star screen for windows.

8. Here one of the things to note. Is that we ve got a terabyte worth of storage in this thing. So a thin and sleek as it may look you can pack.

A whole..

Lot of movies pictures music you name it so it looks like samsung has already some pre loaded apps here like jamie oliver s recipes which i personally use a lot at home it s great one i ve got netflix fresh paint. We ve got some games here. So why don t we try shark. Which is one of the games.

That comes pre loaded on the system. It s a free game that you can download from the windows store let s see how it runs well the sound is nice oop is it up full box right. Now. Let s see pretty good found on them all right let s try this out here so you can see it s full touchscreen graphics look pretty good on it too don t roll the screen the screen is bright it s very vibrant.

Yeah. Interesting right okay so the object of the game is to capture as many ducks as possible by flinging. The shark up okay right let s pull the shark down. Oh shot it by a little bit.

I m a pro at this game. Obviously okay that was pretty lame. But you get the idea and so when we want to go back all we have to do is use the hand gesture on windows 8 to close an application and then you can bring up the side menu. Just like that and you can come back to the start menu at any time by pushing the start button so really with an all in one like this.

And it s touchscreen you can put it anywhere in your house. And it s something that s great your kids can play with too easily yeah. One of the nice things is you can set up an account for each person. So each person could have their own customized start screen with all their personal apps and files.

Accessible you can use it with or without the keyboard and mouse because it is full touchscreen so it gives you a lot of flexibility like that but again very thin pc. With just one cable and you have a wireless keyboard and mouse as an option. And it has all the ports that you would need it has multiple memory slots as the usb ports so you can plug in any of your different devices and can and printers and there you go that s ” ..


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