Unboxing PSP Case from Walmart

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“Youtube. What s up guys hey you guys doing. Today. Uncle.

Tom yeah. I got got some help here with this unboxing. If you always here with me to say apr say we have an unboxing for you today we re working on but we can t know what to do here s the things hard to open really yeah yeah so i m gonna chop and today and uncle tell anyone shopping and i got a new monitor for the computer cuz. I other one broke at walmart man.

While i was there picked up this psp case at walmart. It s actually the only like carrying case not hard shell case. I didn t have so good that they had so if you re always gonna stab it open and we re gonna unbox this for you today so if yours having a problem alright. We unbox it for them ya.

Know what we got in here this i think this is made by playstation. I m not sure it says let s say here says rds industries designed and manufactured by rds industries inc. But it says psp on the box. So i m.

Assuming is you know made for sony. All right. Oh tony just cracked. Okay.

Did you tell everybody going to the park today. Everybody i went to the park. What do we do at the park um. I ll play to the head.

Yeah you did you played with the kids for a long time it s pretty fun yes swinging sliding yeah more swinging doing style pirates free..

I just shot the plastic cross kitchen. Oh yeah there you go mm hmm here we go hang on guys. We re having a problem we have to wear have to cut some more this is that wonderful packaging. I really don t like very much like the skullcandy videos same kind of packaging or it s all sealed up i have issues with this stuff.

But yeah are you doing to you watch yourself cut to its cities. All right here we go box for you and that s it it s all its in package. Let s check this out okay. It s like a hard case on the outside zippered says.

It holds four disks and your psp. What we got in here. I said buzzes wasn t exactly what i thought it was some tissue paper um. I wanted something with some built in kind of pouches maybe.

I can zip this on to hear they re just like this like a carrying strap. Yeah. That s a carrying strap. I think so sure see you think that s for pictures that s for memory cards baby.

Huh and then you got your spot here for four discs. I m like so i guess. It s our i guess. It s alright it s useful does it feel soft yeah he man style is it soft hear it oh that s good that s nice and soft.

We want soft so it doesn t scratch the playstation stop over you yeah. It s nice and soft so it s not gonna scratch it so that s about it guys are unboxing. I m gonna you know i ll get back to you guys i ll make a review of this and i ll get back to you guys and let you know what i think of it thinking. It probably goes this way and this goes in here my special right guys oh.

If you are special easter eggs..

We still have left from easter. I want to show you it that s what i m shooting in very nice. I ll see when that goes in there like that and then you put your playstation and put it in zip. It closed probably i m thinking like i kind of want something with pockets built into it yeah.

But you know this this will work was sorry. They ll work better than one of me too now anyway. So let s go for your birthday. My birthday.

Uncle tony s birthday. Snot for a little. While yet. Ok.

I ll a purple crayon. A plum crayon. You can ride with it i think that you re going plumb crazy. No not okay in here.

Yeah like this yes please. It s cool look in case. Looks like it would protect really well. It s hard on the outside.

It s got this cool. Ps psp logo on so. I m clear thanks. Oh.

So that you know why scratches..

Really really. It s got to be here on it so you can clip it onto you know whatever and i do this was twenty dollars for twenty dollars please. So i have asked in common from decalgirl with a screen protector as well so you know dude unboxing with that you guys do um pure wants to show you a really really favor tag. That one that s not here.

Yeah. Does your favorite guy okay. Hold. It back a little bit your little bit too.

Close back. A little there you go. That s good spot right there. Hey i hope you like my eggs.

There s a very nice egg. Who made for you who made the eggs with it mommy enjoy it mommy and quarry near that s right your mommy your guys like is this what is this it s it s just pharaoh s movie cheers me rolie polie olie. Yeah. I know i m eric trollee.

Everybody likes rolie polie olie. How could you not like really. Polie olie right. Yeah everybody likes rolie polie olie alright.

So we are we are we done our unboxing video now first i wanna see by okay so we re done we re done. Our unboxing video class. Sorry really see it kind of shows you on the back how it fits in there doesn t look the same as when i opened it but bring them away and iii. Know if i m to put the screen you may like to laugh.

Some people that s off..

We want to tell you and holds a psp four discs and six memory stick duos. I don t know why you need six memory stick to those. But great hey hold it there so designed and manufactured by rds industries made in china produced under license from sony computer entertainment so i guess sony didn t make it they just licensed it s a licensed sony psp accessory there you go so that s it thanks fer ya i know it you all free them what do i want to play retching from now you want to play ratchet and clank my me and cory are coming back or supper. Though we re gonna have some pizza maybe after supper.

No i think that s a good idea. No you don t play with scissors. Baby can i cut yourself. Oh you don t cut crayons or scissors.

Either crayon and we re gonna feel like i thank you like orange. If your thinks everybody likes orange here s up in the comment box down there let us know if you like orange fiora needs to know alright guys. That s it for our psp unboxing. No i m showing my new monitor.

Too there. It is new acer. Monitor basket. That s it that s it for our you know unboxing video for today.

Take a body few thanks for watching everybody yeah. And i think do guys like blue and purple and gray hmm blue and purple and green really did you did tony go down. The slide of the park. No no okay thanks for watching guys still next time.

We ll see you get a blow. Everybody a kiss. Very nice. See you later guys peace ” .


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