Unboxing Colorware Custom Nintendo Switch

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“The f tour takes oh my goodness hello hi people on the internet. This is is a youtube video of that unboxing thing that i said that i was gonna and now i m actually doing it because it showed up like a day after so that s pretty what i m looking at the click. But yeah hi it s me that oso guy that you saw in the other video. Where i was complaining about my system not having any color.

Well what a coincidence literally the day afterwards. My package shows up the colored switch that i wanted so bad. Nintendo s not gonna do it so sad. I was the color where they actually did it the first thing is just color.

We re pretty much saying exactly what i got which is you know i got black and it s white and it s black and it s why it s homes like everything that s in my room right now kind of like i have a theme thanks nintendo. So it looks like i m gonna get this gray system. But that s actually not the case. I would be really mad spent.

I want to say about five hundred sixty nine dollars to get the system. It s pretty expensive. But it s exactly what i want so that s that s kind of it i originally got a super smash brothers bundle switch and i did not like it as much as i thought i was gonna like it actually if you watch this twitch clip. You ll understand that i just didn t like it.

But the joy cons were pretty wack. There was a line on the left side a line on the right side. And there was just literally a single line just a horizontal line it blows. My mind that people sat around a desk and we re like this looks amazing let s sell it my opening this backwards.

I feel like i m opening this man. I m always. Like unboxing videos. It s.

So. Easy. Oh dude. Ah man.

Oh. Boy. I want to take this. Look.

All. Right..

Let. Me. Just do this first mm with the matte white. I m just appointed to the cam hopefully you guys can see and i will do b roll.

If you guys can t see the buttons and everything still feel my completely responsive like it s brand new. I assume what they do is by the systems and then just go ahead and color them. And then don t do anything else with assume. I would hope not i would hope that no one has played on my nintendo switch thanks discord.

I really do so this is just one this is the regular one which doesn t have the ad. I still thought that was kind of weird. Though how they just don t have it like how wise is not a d pad that s so we or why i just not a dp. It s okay cortex is gonna tell me as soon as we re done.

A few moments. Later yeah. Okay okay. No i my bad.

I messed up. You messed up too otherwise. This one looking a little bit more you know a little bit more clay because you know the buttons. But no funny white is just this is exactly what i wanted this is a hundred percent.

What i wanted the crazy part is we haven t even got to the crazy part the front of it should be the standard you get to choose majority of the colors on it on the dock. You can t choose them back color. I believe but you get to choose the front color. Which is gonna be the side that you see in the most and yeah of course.

I m gonna want it to be the color of water. I m gonna be looking at it all its i don t care by everybody else looking at it. I m gonna be looking at it he paid all that money for that in an even color boom. Oh that s so cle with white kicks dance.

Oh. My they had to have painted over the logo. I wanted to say that the refers the logo looked a little different. But no this logo looks like they painted over me try to i m not getting anything rubbing off my do you like come on if.

I said that if something rubbed off with my if y all started to see white on my hands man. I m scared to pull the kickstand open..

I feel like i m duty right. But i m a bricks of the torn eggs help me no dude. What about scratch just got this kicks can not being used y all. Heard it here first.

I m never using the kickstand. No need this looks so nice. Though this looks really good and i keep trying to like rub it just to see if something s gonna come off or something s gonna smear this company s been doing it for a long time i used to want to order from color. We re a long time ago.

But i never did because it was like um. I was gonna order some beats by dre don t judge me okay. I didn t know back then times. Have changed my ears.

Only know perfection now i hit him with the bows. The audio technica. We d be out here that s not a plug they re not paying me. But if y all want to send me a check please please or some free headphones or something i got you but ya know i was gonna get a color wear headphones at some point.

But i never ended up doing it and that was like i want to say like 10 years ago. Or something so now that this company has been around so long and they ve probably had issues and things before but now it s all been resolved and fixed let me put it put the should i ll put them things on right now. Like i should whack. Oh.

Unboxing ruined. No oh. There was okay. Yeah.

I know y all. Heard this man. Oh. My oh.

They re gonna people are gonna be wondering like what you ll get there they got that custom when did they come out with that no i know it is exclusive you know it s at 80 diablo official. God it s so good i see like a little bit of paper that s probably just from when the paint job was finished and they i don t know how painting where i m not a painter. I m a gamer okay i just get the games. I ll play the games.

But this man this looks so good everything together all together just the whites. Which it looks so similar to how when i was customizing it and you got the black minutes..

It it already kind of works out because most of these things. If you notice like this is all gonna be black regardless like they they don t paint this so it kind of works out in my favor. Because now that that s black. This is white see i still kind of have that whole black and white going this looks so clean that s what kisses.

But maybe not on camera wait that a camera s off of course it doesn t come with a game. But if you have enough money to buy this you should have enough money to be able to buy at least one game maybe an indie game like luminous or maybe katamari damacy. Actually don t know how much that game is maybe. It s like 40 bucks or something oh okay they stood in color.

My hdmi cable. I m unbelievable i want my money back how do you do me like that oh. I said it wasn t over tortex. I was trying to tell them damn believe you they were like yo oh.

So that s what extra 50 you don t want to do that i ll say if i go in i m going all the way in oh look at this it s got t. It s a facial. It s a facial. They paint over it.

But also here s the thing they don t paid over the back right. And i believe i saw people complaining about that before you know i m never gonna be i m literally never gonna be looking at the back so it s not an issue for me. But yeah. The fact that this is i m just looking for imperfections on the thing.

I m really not trying to be that dude. It s so perfect fantastic like falls god i have no reason to be faking. This is exactly what i wanted this is a good product and now i have to find out if it all works together i was getting it at yo 2x y all can t see everybody austrian heroes to me bret i got it i m doing right now alone oh please don t be bitter right yo. Dad.

Look at this is what i ma hold it right about doing is right. Oh whoa. This is what i m gonna be looking at forever. This is really dope.

I m really happy with this i ll have some b roll in all of this somewhere. While i m just nerdgasm exact thing do people still say that orgasm it sounds really bad it just sounds bad. I don t i don t know i just can t wait to have this like set up and play games on it does it have a charge that would be godlike if i prep please nintendo colorway of somebody oh yeah yeah i played a little banger right there oh come on bet your theme was slapping. I i liked it this is the exact color that i wanted i really wish that nintendo would have came out with it but i m really happy that companies like color wear around so that i can do stuff like this this is my first time ordering from them.

I ll probably do a video later at some point where i just show because i m sure people are gonna ask is there any wear and tear or is there anything wrong with it now the main reason that i ended up getting the switch is because of my stream. My stream wanted me to get the switch and they all helped pay for it and i m gonna shout out as many of them as i can shout out to everybody that comes to my tour channel..

Anybody that s subscribed to me on twitch whoever follows me on twitter anything if you guys follow me on anything i really do appreciate it thank you guys thank everybody for donating come to the channel. Even if you just like chill my channel and watch hopefully. I see some of you guys in the channel. When i m playing smash hopefully.

I smash with some of you guys. There wasn t a good way to say that really i m looking forward to getting this bad boy set up. I ll probably just flash. It one more time to both of these cameras to so you can see i really want to open this cake stain.

I really do but for the sake of the video. I won t i m doing what we did it oh is paint they painted under it they just doing no most i felt like that was gonna be unnecessary one day. Thank you guys oh cut that and add that in it thank all you guys for coming to the video. I like youtube obligated to say like follow and subscribe or whatever if you don t want to do that that s fine.

If you do want to do that that s pretty cool. I would blush but i can t so i m just gonna say that i appreciate it big shout outs to color. We re doing it up if you want to see the follow up video. Then yeah.

I definitely say just come back maybe in like a month. Or something or at least comment. After a while after there s been like a couple months of like hey how is your switch. Now if you re in the market.

For this your options are either be patient or put. Some money in your piggy bank. Do a couple chores around the house for your parents for if you re an adult. Just work your job and save up and then get this i d say it s worth it i swear my last thing that i have to say is if nintendo announces a white nintendo switch like this i don t know what i m gonna do with my life.

But as of now. This is this is this is amazing and i m really happy about this it s kind of thank all you guys i love most of you i love all of them. I love most of you whatever follow me on twitter. Twitch all that other stuff.

I ll probably have that in the end of the video and everything if you want to watch clips. See my stream and see me play smash to come and play smash with me work. I m leaving goodbye have a great day have a great weekend and that s kind ” ..


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