Ultimate IKEA Gaming Desk

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“Of the unforeseen nconsequences of self isolation. Has been that my kids can t go go to school and they can t go to ntheir friends houses. So ever it started nmy dinning room table has been covered in nkid s school assignments and virtual play dates nover discord in minecraft so in my usual fashion ni m gonna be solving both of these problems with technology. We re gonna finally put a nwork desk into my kid s room and in order to make it nas compact as possible.

We re actually going to build the minecraft gaming nmachine right into the desk. So this malm desk from ikea was selected for its actually. Very similar nto. A computer case pricing and the rest of the components.

Nwe. re actually chosen well half by us and half by nmsi who sponsored this video. Unfortunately with all the time people have been missing at work this. One is not in such nan organized state.

So wish me luck here ladies and gentlemen cause. This is what i ve got to work with metal clinks. Upbeat music. Got.

Some instructions for the desk. Got a partially built up test bench so we ve got an msi 5700 xt graphics card dual fan four heat pipe ncooler with back plate three display port noutputs factory overclock and lots of performance for minecraft got a test bench with a nblack nhd15 some cpu. I actually don t know what s in there and an msi extreme gaming x570 ace so the main features of this one are that you ve got four gen4. M2.

Slots active cooling on the chip set. An infinity mirror. Here lots and lots of rgb lighting. And of course.

Very robust nvrms for overclocking tx 850 80 plus titanium power supply gaming keyboard mouse nand headset from msi. Some light delrin oh this is good labels front back mid vertical gpu mounting kit. Some 3600 megahertz cl12 trident z. Rgb cooling fans power cables ncommander pro for rgb rgb strips for commander pro wifi.

Antenna. Velcro. Strips. And then a variety of fan nfilters power cables.

Usb splitters and sighs. I guess i ll go get the desk. Now we ll just start throwing it nall in and see what happens yvonne do you need help uh. No.

It s better this way cause at least there s a camera rolling if i fall down the stairs and die. I swear..

It s genius. Okay. Groans. Yes.

Groans. Please. Tell me there are nno obstacles on the stairs. Oh my legs are gonna get trapped it smells like cat pee on the carpet here one of the objectives for this project was for it to be something that could be easily reproduced at home with minimal tools and no how so the modifications to the ndesk are actually pretty minor.

We ve got an rgb strip that s already in place here on the back so we re gonna hook that nup a little bit later and then basically on nthe bottom cabinet here where there s gonna be na groans here you go. There s gonna be a door on the front. We ve basically just got a ncouple of 120 millimeter. Intakes.

So that s just a hole. Saw nand. Then a regular drill. Bit.

We ve got a square hole nthat was cut with a jig. Saw. And this little like comb nstyle cable management. Piece.

And then around back. A nsingle hole for a power cable to go to one of our power bars as well as a 120 millimeter exhaust other than that it s just a nmatter of a few holes in here. And some computer hardware in there. And we should be pretty much good to go.

There s no manual. But power supply first is as good about as any nwe re gonna go ahead and leave hybrid mode on i do want this to be as quiet as possible cause. This is a room where people sleep. So i think it goes there.

I think this one goes right here. And this one goes here another way to mount the motherboard. If we don t care about ngetting. It lifted up of the bottom of the table is to actually just put little 632 like inset things into the wood itself.

We actually showed this when i did a build on the bottom of a desk way back in the day. But nwhat s nice about this is it lifts up the motherboard. So that we can cable nmanage underneath of it and all of that good stuff. I will say this about case is nthat our intended to be cases.

They re a little more nergonomic to work in whirs now you guys might decide to do yours slightly differently. But nwe will put the plans for any pieces that we ncreated for this build in the video description..

This is one of the last. Ntimes we re gonna have access to the motherboard so nactually the m2 boot drive is already installed in nthe top slot over here. But now is a good time for me. Nto throw in my memory as well so this is 16 gig kit is that lined up now oh shoot.

I missed n. Almost there figured it out the taller insets are a little meh. But if we loosen the nscrews going into the desk. We can screw the nmotherboard into the mounts and then put the mounts into nthe desk after the fact wow we got that one at the back that motherboard is down.

So now we re just gonna ntighten this back down. But not too much have you used the drill before hmm yes. Okay perfect. You re gonna use it again.

So. Here s what you re gonna do this bolts need to go nthrough this fan filter through this hole. And then ni m gonna hold the fan on the other side this is ngonna be our exhaust fan yup just press. It just a little bit and then it ll grab on to the right spot knocks.

If i were to go back. And have nthis care package re designed i would probably ask for a slightly different npower supply mount. I m a little bit fussy nabout. My power supply mounts just because they are so heavy.

But the way that this none s intended to be use is we ve got a hook and nloop fastener pair here and then it s kinda friction mounted against the motherboard. I had my mic turned off but putting in the front power button nwas a bit of a chore so because the desk is so thick. I couldn t really get access nto the ring at the back. But basically with a screwdriver.

I was able to kinda hold it in place and now that it s screwed in this is a good time for us to go ahead and route the power switch cause the more stuff we ninstall on the bottom here like you know graphics card and all that the less access. We re gonna nhave to the motherboard modding a pc power nbutton is pretty simple you can just salvage nthese from any broken case and then just extend them using wires. So all we need is a power switch and then power led that s built in to our power switch up. Here.

Msi actually has not only 12 volt. Rgb. They have five volt. Addressable nrgb.

And then they even have one of corsair s stupid nproprietary connector ones built right into their motherboard that s pretty sick. We re still ngonna need a commander pro. Because i m gonna have a separate zones for the strips and the fans. But that s still sick now is as good a time as ni need to put in our rgb and fan controller.

So. The one trick is we need to make sure nit s below this shelf..

The idea is that this nshelf and this drawer are both still completely accessible and the computer is just nbuilt in to the bottom here. So i m gonna go ahead and put it there with a little hook and loop fastener the usb plug goes into the bottom of the motherboard down here and the only other plug that nneeds is a sata power connector that i m gonna go ahead. Nand run all the way under the motherboard now we just run another one nof these short cablemod. Cables and plug that in groans.

I was been this much time on nmy back since i was in college ey just kidding. We all know i ndidn t get laid in college. I m not sure if it s your intent. But it makes that kind nof thing more awkward when you don t reply.

My kids are all downstairs. Nwatching wild kratts. Now so i guess i ll have to put this in myself. But here s a tech tip for nyou guys free of charge.

It is really really nimportant for this fans to have filters on them n cause. They are intakes and they re gonna be right next to this carpeted floor right here carpet can be just an nabsolutely nasty dust trap. And we have an intake next to carpet it pretty much must be filtered or your computer s gonna be disgusting just full of cat hair dead skin cells. All that kind of nasty stuff.

Another nice side effect of this is that it makes this nholes look so much better this are from silverstone nthey. re actually magnetic now we re at the point nwhere. It s time to wire up our rgb strips. But unfortunately.

There s no hole at the back. So. I m gonna have to put a new one. I don t want saw dust nall over the motherboard can you grab a vacuum you suck i ll drill.

Okay oh man did you catch it all yvonne. I ain t sucked at all linus. No no n. Wait.

What really oh yeah. I can see it from through. Here. That s pretty bad oops.

There we go and i ve got the rgb and the front power switch through that now i can bring those ndown really nice and tidy clacks good job now. I ve got all of the led strips on the bottom of this shelf in in in in there you go oh. I almost forgot the nmost important part the graphics card so we re using this aluminum rod see it s threaded on this end. We ve got a washer here so i m just gonna run this nthrough the entire desk just gonna be nice and strong hums.

There it is then just gonna tip the whole thing then we throw our washer nand. A nut down here tighten that up and that s it that s the graphics card mount..

Nice slides doors on upbeat music its got power ready fans are all spinning nand. We ve got a post for the keyboard msi nsent over the vigor gk50 with low profile mechanical switches and as you can see full nindividual key rgb. Back lighting. It s not if i wanna plug in nthe wifi.

Or what have you you just throw that in there and then on the other side. There s actually a little ncable management shelf. So we can chuck my wifi junk up. There for the mouse.

They sent over ntheir clutch gm50 mouse this has a pmw 3330 optical sensor it s super lightweight nit s got rgb lighting and it s got 20 million nclick rated omron switches the immerse 50 headphones were provided for their durable metal construction 40 millimetered neodymium ndrivers detachable microphone and of course rgb lighting. Oh yeah and there s inline nvolume and mute controls. And all that good stuff. And finally the cherry on top is their optix mag272cqr.

So nthis is a curve gaming display with a 165 hertz refresh rate. It s 2560 by 1440 resolution. It s rated at one nmillisecond response time. It s got freesync and nwhat else do you want.

Oh yeah. It s got rgb lighting of course. Techno music. Now that we ve been in game for a while.

We re ready to take a nlook at our thermals. It s running super quiet neven with the door closed. I ve got my mic right on me. And you can barely hear this nthing in the quiet.

Profile we are boosted up to 435. Gigahertz 60 degrees. No 53 as for our gpu with all nthat fresh air coming in right next to its intake. It actually hasn t gone over 60 minecraft is mind you a pretty light game.

But that s all this nmachine was designed to do and it looks like it s ngonna do it just nicely well hey. It s running so nmission accomplished right so thank you to msi for nsponsoring this video. Thank you to you guys for ncoming along for the journey. I think it actually worked nout like shockingly well this is clean and speaking of clean well msi sponsored this video.

So i don t have like another nsponsor to talk to you about. But maybe you could check one of my previous desk pc. Builds where i strapped the whole ncomputer to the underside. ” .


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