Ultimate Ears UE Mini Boom – REVIEW

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“Everyone this is jimmy from jim s review room. Welcome to another review today. We we ll be looking at the ue mini boom. Bluetooth speaker now this falls into small bluetooth speaker segment and retails for a very good price of only 99 and it has to be by far the smallest bluetooth speaker.

I reviewed to date basically fitting into the palm of my hand and ue claims this little thing basically carries big sound so without further ado. We ll find out the mini boom is indeed. Very small and colorful nonetheless. The speaker measures four point four inches wide two point four inches high and two point six inches thick and weighing in about the half a pound making this very lightweight.

Now. Although. The mini boom being so small and so lightweight. The unit was very solid.

Though virtually no flexing on the grill or frame of the unit. When i applied. Very firm pressure. The mini boom is also wrapped in the silicone rubber like material for grip and protection and the mini boom comes in various colors of your choice.

Either purple orange green etc. As you can see i m screen..

Now all buttons are located on top with a very simple design volume buttons are here with the bluetooth sync button located in between and all buttons are very firm and clicky during use and showed no signs of initial wear. During testing. The mini boom also has a built in mic. So you can use this as a speakerphone and during my test.

Calling family and friends no one complained and stated the voice quality was very clear. And no signs of me sounding like i was in the bathroom echoing now rotating to the rear. Again a very simple design first is the on and off switch. Next is the micro usb port to charge the speaker with the supplied usb cable and unfortunately.

There is no wall charger supplied so you do have to plug this into your computer. Or what i did was connect this to my phone charger. Not a big nuisance. But worth.

Mentioning and regarding. The battery life. The mini boom has up to 10 hours of life. Which is good when compared to its competitors and last on the rear of the speaker.

Although this is a wireless speaker. You can still connect your device to play audio with a three and a half millimeter cord..

Now what s unique about this speaker in the 99 price range. It does have some features which some of the more expensive brands don t first as an app. You can download from either the app store for apple users or the google play store for android users now through the app. You can change settings to further enhance your experience now to be honest the only time.

I would go in here is basically if i had to mini boom speakers. I can pair them together and they both can play from your one device in the end giving you stereo sound by playing the left and right channel separately or you can double up and play sound equally from both speakers in my opinion. It is ideal for having one speaker in the bathroom and the other in the bedroom per se or basically one upstairs. And one downstairs to have sounds somewhat throughout the house again that s through the app.

Now while still on the app. There is an equalizer setting. Which isn t robust as i first thought their predetermined settings of out loud intimate for small rooms and vocals. Which is of course self explanatory and not a fully customizable equalizer.

Now each setting from my review had very minor changes to the audio. Where i didn t bother with the eq any further now lastly regarding the app. This is the only location where you can go see how much better you have remaining. Now wish.

There were some leds on the device itself to tell me. But again..

The app is the only location that tells you this information and the last notable features. If you have a nfc enabled device you can just tap your device onto the speaker. And this will pair up the speaker for you there s no need to go through the settings to sync. It s just a nice feature to have just to make life a little bit more simpler.

So what i ll do to critique and demo. The unit. I ll play several songs and give you my verdict afterwards. He does it you re so fun tonight is your doctor suit hi.

I m a leave it all on the floor tonight. And you got fixed up to the nines. Let me show you what you play i pressed up in black and white and i m dressed in my dress. You happy love is swinging in the air tonight let me show you there we go go a very habit folks.

I hope you enjoy the sample there from these great artists and all their information is in the about description below. Now getting back on topic. Here of course music heard in person is much more clear in definition. But hence.

My review here the first thing noticed right off the bat is the mini boom is no question loud for such a small unit. It s perfect for personal listening and decent for casual listening in larger rooms again it s loud and it didn t have any distortion unlike..

Some other smaller bluetooth speakers trying to sound. Big basically the audio from the mini boom also has a bit more bass overall compared to these similar alternatives. But with that being said. Although loud and having some warm notes to it it s not an open or expansive sound.

The bass is just enough again for casual listening you won t mistaken the speaker for a large speakers. What i m trying to say. However. The audio quality is still very good for a small bluetooth speaker.

And no question majority of consumers will enjoy this if you re shopping in this price range clear vocals clear sound no raspy noises on the high notes. It s not much bass. But there s just enough you can t go wrong this product again for only 99 in the last hit. But although it retails for 99.

Some locations have it for just a little bit cheaper. So be on the lookout. There so hope this review helped you in some way please take your time to subscribe and visit my facebook or google pages. This is jimmy from jim s review room hope to hear from you ” .


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