UGREEN USB Sound Card Unboxing, Review and Sound Test with BM-800 Microphone

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“N t forget to subscribe and hit that bell part and soon wouldn t miss any any of my future videos what s up guys. It s architect and i m with a new video and this time we re going to look at this a new usb sound card from you green that i bought from sharpie is the plastic and it comes with this three. I don t know what s this plan yard. Seems like it s a velcro of sorts.

I m sorry. It s a you green cable management sleeve free with the sound card. It s nice to have it that s fleek here we have the box with a plastic wrap around and inside. We have a documentation with some sort of manual in chinese and english and here is the usb soundcard.

I really like this design just because if you have very little clearance in between the usb slots on your computer..

You can easily give this still plug another beside this one because some usb cards are designed like this. Where the usb is directly connected to the audio jack this kind of big if your child is plugging into your computer. And you have another spot beside. It you can never use it anymore.

So this cable design here is actually good so you can easily plug this one and still use the other slot. So you have your mute controls for your microphone and headphone. The volume controls right here and the audio jacks. We shall make two inputs for your headphones.

It feels premium by the way combination of this glossy plastic right here and matte finish on the top as well as this dial with this nice edge right here..

We ll take a look at the sound quality of this usb sound card when paired to a bm 800 or condenser mic. So now we re recording our computer. I m speaking through the bm 800 directly plugged into the onboard microphone jack off my laptop. So this is how it sounds.

I will be turning on a fan beside me so you can hear the background noise. I m pretty sure you can hear the air conditioning running right now but i m gonna add this fan and i m gonna turn it on right now so as you can see there s still background noise being picked up especially with this fan right beside me. So just to show you i m using the onboard microphone jack here and now i m gonna switch to the usb. The european usb soundcard so right now i m speaking to the mic plugged into the usb sound card and i m pretty sure you can clearly hear the difference when it comes to sound quality.

The sound is more rich and crisp and also the background noise has been reduced the fan is still running beside me..

I don t know if you can hear the background noise. Still but pretty sure the background noise has been reduced significantly. I hope this gives you an idea on how much difference it would make if you use a usb sound card rather than the old board microphone check on your computer. Especially if you re using a laptop like this and that s a proof right now i m using the me using the usb sound card.

If you don t know how to change that just go to your sounds right click on your speaker on the right lower right corner click on sound and then choose recording by default your microphone default microphone should be here this one but it also depends on type of the type of your motherboard. But in my case. The default is this one once you plug in the usb sound card. It will show on your device called microphone array just set this as default and you can also change the sensitivity or the level of your microphone.

Here for now..

I set it over 100 just to give you the idea on how much background noise will the mic pick up when it is set to the maximum level so that s it again thank you guys for watching. And if you find this video. Useful don t forget to hit the like button and subscribe. If you haven t and i ll see ” .


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