Ubuntu Causes Girl To Drop Out of College

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“Odds are you don t use the word ubuntu. Very often or maybe not at at all it s a type of operating system for your computer similar to windows. It is not windows and what works on windows doesn t always work on new bun and that s what took the case of a young woman who just wanted to take some online classes at matc. I m so glad we could help this woman because she called us specifically.

Because she wanted to be able to go take those courses at matc and she bought a new laptop to be able to do that that s what she called me. She thought her laptop was coming with windows instead she got that thing called ubuntu pronunciation was the least of her problems..

It has just been a mess. And i regret ordering the computer. Abi schubert s life was supposed to start getting easier with this new dell laptop. But let s be clear.

It s not the main purpose. I bought the computer was to go back to school..

She wanted to enroll in online classes at matc that s on hold and she blames dell she bought the eleven hundred dollar laptop online thinking she was getting your standard bread and butter machine it defaulted to the ubuntu operating system the next day she realized what happened and tried to change back to windows the person. I was talking to told me everything that one two was you know it was great and college students loved it and it was compatible with everything that i needed so she took dells advice and stuck with it she quickly learned a bunch of might look a lot like windows. But it sure doesn t act like is it they tried to get on the internet on it and that did not work and i found out that microsoft word is not compatible that s because her verizon internet cd won t load on ubuntu and ubuntu comes with openoffice and not word by the time she found all this out dell said it was too late to go back to windows and this semester. It s too late to go back to matc extremely frustrated.

I am just i m sick of it and i wanted to get back to school. But i need the computer to be able to do that well that was of course before she called 020 news and we were able to help her we re still waiting to hear from del to what they say about this..

But we are going to be able to help me get back to school. I called matc this afternoon. They said no problem she can enroll in any of their classes. With what she s already got installed on her machine.

Then i called verizon about that cd that wasn t working and they said the cd might not work. But they will still be able to get a tech support crew to her house or she can start using the internet with her current machine ubuntu pronunciation..

She might have to work on that a little bit. But at least she can get back to school and start doing what she wants to do ” ..

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