Tyler Wilson, Database Analyst, Reed Exhibitions North America

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“Name is tyler wilson. And database. Analyst at reid exhibitions. North america.

So. Reid exhibitions exhibitions is a tradeshow organizer..

And we put on over 50 events in north america. We had many different data sources between all of our vendors that we were unable to incorporate into our traditional system. So we reached out to hpcc systems in order to integrate all this data and be able to present it in a digestible manner to all of our internal customers so our first objective was to be able to integrate all the data and have it work with our own and then the second piece of it was to visualize it so that our internal customers could see it and they could get better insights out of the data. And then they could also use that data to send to our customers externally if they need to did they have more contacts that they can now reach out to or previously they had to wait three to five business days to get this information.

It s now available in 20 or 30 seconds. What i think is the best benefit is that in your package..

You have both a thor and a roxie and what that does is it creates almost two databases in one package. So where you re manipulating and working with data at the exact same time you can be querying. It with no performance issues. It has its own integrated machine learning platform and whereas in other platforms.

You might have to get a plugin or a whole extra set of installs that that would take up time. This is something that you can just import and it s ready to go and you can be doing text analytics with the basic download package you get right off of the website given that that there was only a team of three of us that originally were using this system to begin with and none of us really had any background in programming..

Languages. So given that in about three to six months. We were up and running with the business intelligence platform utilizing the system it s probably a decent motive for anybody that is trying to get their data into a better type of a system. I would say that actually one very interesting piece of it is the support system that s behind it so.

If you re hesitant at all when you re trying to go into it and you reach out with any issues or problems you re actually dealing with people who have built a system from top to bottom. So your support system is very broad and it s very deep..

I ll give you three words. ” ..

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