Tutorial 1 of 3 How to recode a blu ray to MKV with subtitles

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“This is tutorial number one of three on how to code a blu ray into into an mkv file. Keeping the subtitles in this tutorial. I m going to be a program called make mkv. You can download it from this link right here now make mkv is shareware and can be used for up to 30 days.

At which point you ll have to go back to the website download it again reinstall it and you ll get another 30 days or if you d like you can purchase it for around 50 dollars. Which will get rid of all of those limitations. Now. I do have a disclaimer about make mkv and that is that it uses built in decryption tools that circumvent digital rights management technology.

Such procedures currently occupy something of a legal gray area. When used on encrypted blu ray discs including ones that you legally own. Which basically means. We could use make mkv to make em cavies out of our store bought blu rays.

But because of the legalities of that i m going to be using a blu ray that i made from a home movie that is unencrypted. So i m gonna go ahead and open up make mkv. The first thing that i m gonna do is i m gonna go up to my preferences. And i m gonna change some things now i ve already changed mine so you can change yours and then just follow along after that now i changed my video output directory to custom and i m using my desktop and under the options here for the title length.

I ve switched it from 120 to 600. The reason that i bumped it up to 600 is that it gets rid of all of the little erroneous movie files that are going to be on the disc. When you do this search. So this will basically get rid of those and make it a lot less complicated in the end once you finish all that click apply under i o.


We re gonna leave all that under language i ve changed both of mine to english then click apply you re gonna get a pop up that s going to say that the changes will take effect. The next time you restart the program go ahead and click ok then under protection. We re gonna leave the same streaming is the same and general is going to be the same now notice that my make mkv data directory. Is on my c drive.

And so is my custom directory for my output. Now normally. I wouldn t do this if you run in a regular hard drive. I would choose different directories.

But since i m running out on ssd. It s not that big of a difference for the writing capability. So i ve chosen to have the same drive for both now. The other thing is you need to make sure that you have at least at a minimum 50 gigabytes per destination.

So if you re using an ssd like me and you keep them on the same drive. Then you need at least 100 gigabytes of free space to start doing these processes that way you make sure that you have enough space. And you don t error out in the middle of one of the processes. Okay once you re done with all that click apply.

Then ok. Now you can tell right here. Under our blu ray drive. We have a blu ray in the labelers home movie.


And there is no encryption on this disk. If there was it would show up right here and tell you i m gonna go ahead. And just click the button that s gonna read the disc. You re going to get a little pop up says that it s shareware and you can evaluate it for 30 days click yes.

Like i said. This is a very good program and for 50 dollars. It s worth buying i m using the shareware version right now so that i can show you some of the popups that occur when using it as freeware now. It s done reading my blu ray disc and you can see.

Here there is one movie on there and it s 153 gigabytes in size i m gonna click the little down arrow you re going to see that there s a bunch of other audio. Streams and subtitles. Now basically what i ve done is i ve taken my home mode movie and i ve added audio streams to it and subtitles from other movies into it just so i can show you this tutorial. So now if you go back up here into the audio streams.

You can see we have three audio streams right here. And one of them is under our hd. Lossless basically. What i m going to do is i m going to click the hd.

Lossless and i m gonna get rid of all of these other ones why because if you have the hd lossless. Which is the best audio stream in the entire dvd. You don t really need any of the other ones. Unless you re doing another language.


Because all you re really doing is making your finished file larger than what it really needs to be because you have extra audio streams in there that you re never going to use you re never going to use an inferior audio stream. When you have the hd lossless so i just check that one go down to subtitles. We have our english and english forests checked. But none of the other ones are checked and now if you wanted french or spanish you could click them and they would also be added.

But we re going to leave ours unchecked. So now i m going to go back up here. We have everything we need we have our our main movie our hd audio and we have our subtitles and our subtitles that are forced and everything else is unchecked and again our output folder that we made our is under desktop which we chose in our preferences and i m going to go ahead and click the button here for make mkv and it s going to start ripping it from my homemade blu ray disc and what s going to happen is it s going to end up saving this to my desktop as one file. It s going to show you the times here in just a minute now the time.

That s on the bottom is basically the time that has occurred since the first opening of the program. When you first open make mkv. So when i first opened the program. It s been open for two minutes.

But it s only been ripping this mkv from the dv or from the blu ray for 28 seconds. And it s telling you right here. It s gonna take another 27 minutes for it to rip from my blu ray disc that i have in my drive. Because it s a rewritable and it s a slower disc.

So i will come back on as soon as i get to the point. Where it s near the end so we re coming up on the last seconds. Here and copy complete and here is our finished mkv. Now.


This file contains our video audio and subtitle. Streams and you can see right here. It s twelve point four gigs and file size now the best thing that i found to play mkv files on my computer is media player classic. You can download it from here.

And if you re not worried about the size of the file you can just go ahead and rename it and file. It wherever you want and you re done. But if you want to make it a smaller mkv file. Then you need to watch tutorials.

Two and three those are going to show you how to recode. It and then add your subtitles back in now when you recode it you re gonna change this twelve point four gig file into roughly about a four point one gig file. So you re going to be able to fit three movies in the same space as one if you recode. It now the downsides to recoding are that it takes a long time on my computer.

It takes anywhere from four to five hours. And i m running a 6600 quad core with four gig of ram and an 8800 gt s graphics card not the best system in the world but not the worst so if you have a better system than that you re coding time is probably going to be a lot less or if your system is a lot older than mine or a lot less powerful than mine. It s going to take a lot longer to code. So you have to weigh the benefits of smaller file size against your time.

And see which one works out for you and if this is where you stop using our tutorials. I hope that they ve helped you out if not we will ” ..

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