Turn on Sony Android TV Chromecast built in with Google Home, turn off, open apps and more!

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“Google turn on the tv turn on the tv. You ll need a static ip ip on your television fourth port. So you re just going to network settings and scroll. All the way down to ip sames and then down to static and then and here ip address that you want to use which is generally one ninety one six eight dot zero dot.

Whatever and then you gateways you re usually your routers address and then then network prefix length is 24. Because it s an ipv4 address and then your dns dns t. Time you ll need to remove authentication control from ip things so i go down to settings down to network in in network. You should see home networks.

It up then ip control and you ll see authentication and in here. We ve only got normal and long pre shared key available to select. So what we need to do is we need to go into any special setting for the tv to be able to change this and to get to that setting you ll need to push the no but those input or something screen so screen meet volume up then home. I ll do that now just on that and now it s showing down.

It s going to restart itself..

If you ve done the buttons quick enough can spy. My turned on again. So i m going to go home. Now that s finally finished loading up at the top you ll see pro settings in process.

So now. We just want to go into the settings. Again exactly really well before home network. So ip control authentication now you have none available for selection.

So you just select none you ve got none selected you can go back home. And then to get out of pro settings. You will need to do the exact same thing on the remote. So you ll need to push in the phone or screen switch neat volume up in home.

So i m going to do that yeah think about what its gonna do and that will take a while powering down and it will just restart itself cleaning up again this we re gonna take for at all it s finally finished so if you go back..

And she assumes you don t need to do this one showing it in the settings. You ve still only got that normal in the home network setup authentication and shows. It s normal. It is actually none so if you go into here don t actually select one of these just back out of it and that s it it s all set up to you receive commands without authentication.

Hey. Google turn the tv off okay turn off the tv. Just above. The home network setup in the network settings.

You ll see remote start need to make sure that that is turned on once you change your tv settings and set a static ip on your television. You ll need to go into your router and board a port to the televisions. Ip address and that s the port that you re going to use when you re setting up google to turn the television on and off you ll need to create an applet to turn the tv on so go into my applets and select a new applet click on this and search for google. Home or google.

Assistant and select that then select say a simple phrase..

And what do you want to say would we usually turn on the tv. And what do you want assistant to say in respond. Turning tv on create the trigger okay. And then now you need to set up the action.

So click on that. And then search for web hooks. Select web hooks make a web request and for the url. You re going to want to put in the url of the tv.

Which you set up so that s going to be your external ip and the port. Number that you forward to your television. Ip and once you put in the url. You need to set the method to put actually nope.

You want to set it to post and content type is application jason and the body is going to be the command that it s sending three in jason format..

So we ve got the method of power set. Power status. The version has to be included and an id has to be included so we really just need to pay attention to method and parameters. Which is we re setting the status to true so we re going to create that action and then i don t need notification.

So i m going to turn that off and finish. And it s done once you finish setting up your applet in if this then that gift once that setup. Everything s good to go so you ve changed the settings in your tv. You ve changed.

The ip address of your television to a static ip you will have ordered a port in your router to your televisions. Ip address. Then you would have set up your if this then that recipe and that s it now you should be able to control your television with ” ..


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