Trying Colored Contacts (FAIL) // Pure Colors HD (Under $10)

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“First of all this is the difference. And there s definitely a difference. I do don t know if it s for the better it s just dumb hello everybody welcome back to my channel today i am doing something fun i haven t opened the package yet and it s been at my house for about two weeks. And i ve been very excited.

But very busy and unable to film it but now the time has come what i have here is i okay so we re doing colored contacts today. If you couldn t tell by the title of the video up yonder yes. I ve never tried colored contacts. I do have prescription contacts so this should be like fine for me.

But my whole life i ve never really known like what color eyes. I have i always put blue like on my driver s license and in this light. They always look super blue like in my videos. But in real life.

I ll get a little closer to you in a little bit in real life. I ve just always been like what color eyes do i have everybody s like i don t freaking know rachel who cares and so i went online and i bought four different colors. I came across this brand called pure colors hd. I don t know anything about them i just they don t like have an instagram.

But there was people tagging them on instagram that had them in so honestly. It has to be like semi legit um fingers crossed that i don t go blind from this but each box has two contacts in it and each box. So two contacts is 895 with prescription. I got prescription ones so if you don t have a prescription or both your eyes with the same prescription.

One box one pair 895. But since both eyes are different prescriptions from which i think most people are i had to get two boxes of each color. One of each prescription. So a right eye left eye two in each box.

So i had to buy this is a very long explanation for me to tell you that i had to buy two i had to buy two boxes of each color. Which is four because each box. I suck at explaining things the colors i got our blue sapphire. Gray turquoise and emerald green ding.

I thought i got amethyst. I thought i got purple now i m kind of sad. I ve been looking forward to the purple. I didn t why would i get turquoise and green.

But not purple all right i m gonna get on up and close and personal with you guys show you my real cut or show. You my real eyeballs take out my contacts put in ton contacts..

One at a time and we can see i don t know what we re seeing we re gonna see what the color is and what it looks like in how good it actually covers like your real eye color okay i m gonna skin that i m gonna i m gonna get up on close to you on close to you i m like why can t i say words today. Hello. Haha. So these are my eyeballs is it hard to see because you can see the ring light reflection in them is this gonna be hard.

So i m gonna start by taking out my contacts. Oh. I m gonna look in the viewfinder. The whole time.

I m not even sorry about it. This would be weird anyways. Eye contact. Oh yeah.

Oh. That s i don t have my contacts. And to protect. Me from the light.

This is so much brighter is that a thing new contacts protect you from the light like evey like movie come on rachel like uv blockers okay let s just go and start with grey. I just really want the gray ones. I think the gray will be super pretty that s what it looks like can you see the color obviously. It s great.

But it oh look at that that s what it looks like that s it that s my i like any different okay i have thoughts. But i want to put in the other one before i tell you does the color look any different because i don t think it does is this my eye color is why i gray all right it s gray once i get the liquid out of my eyeballs my balls are wet yeah. I feel like my eyes look the same okay i m fingers crossed that it s just because it s similar to my eye color. The concepts themselves aren t bothering my eyes.

But i don t know if it s the light. I m gonna trap the light really great this is how dark it is in my room. But i found these with the light on i can really see the contacts like i just walked out of my room until. I actually like and it s not as bad out there as it is in here.

There s like a with the light. But there s like a definite like foggy film. That it looks like i m looking through like tunnel vision ish. You know what i mean.

It s like it s clear in the center. But like any all of my all of my peripheral right here around is all like foggy like i m looking through does that make sense like i can see the color of the contact..

When i m just looking like i it would be fine going out in public or like whatever. But i would not for like a one time use or like rare. But i would not be able to wear these on the daily basis and i don t even think i would trust myself to drive. I don t know cuz.

I feel like it is kind of like an impairment of my vision like it it s all foggy around you know and plus. It s really i didn t change the color of my eyeballs at all i ll go through the next ones kind of quicker hopefully my eye color actually changes with somebody some of them and we ll see if all of them are like kind of cloudy vision. Oh. Wow.

I can see. Oh oh wow. It s so weird. I kind of got used to that cloudy peripheral thing.

I don t have any contacts in right now. And i can see better than with those things on now we ll move on to blue sapphire. Fun. Fact my sister and brother both got like super.

Freakin. Blue eyes like super pretty blue eyes. And i got stuck with this mush. The same color eyes is my mom sorry mom.

But they both got really pretty bright blue eyes and i did not so hopefully blue sapphire. I can be part of the family. This is what this one looks like okay okay first of all this is the difference. And there s definitely a difference.

I don t know if it s for the better. It s just dumb because we re the contact is is blue. But then there s like a green ring. It s i m saying green.

I don t know what it is but around my pupil and i don t know if it s because my eye or my pupil is so small right now from staring at this light. So you can see the color of my eye. There but can you see what i m talking about or is the stupid ring reflection. Too much it definitely changed the color of my eye.

But i don t know if it changed it like for the better. I m kind of sad about this i m thinking..

It s just the brand that i m using um hey if you got if you re an avid colored contact where let me know not below if you what brand you use first of all if you like it. And if you can like see. The fogginess or around in your peripherals like is that a normal thing and yes let me know what brand maybe i ll try a different brand cuz. I m disappointed in this color.

I mean it s changing its changing it but like maybe. It s because i m sticking too close to my actual eye color like the blue and the gray maybe if i do green. I just feel like it s not super noticeable like nobody would be like oh. Your eyes are pretty and blue.

Today. It s just like hi. Rachel. You look normal hmm.

Okay. Let s try emerald green. Then whatever now that i m gonna put this in and now. This is gonna look close to my real eye color too because i have stupid eyes.

I can t imagine this covering up a brown eye that was so like you have brown eyes. Don t even try this brand. Yeah literally okay. It looks a little different.

But it literally it looks like my eye. It just looks like my eye color. But slightly different in the mirror. Anyways and the camera kinda looks different it just looks like my hi.

It looks like my i guess. That s what people want is like the natural thing. But it doesn t look different as my point it doesn t look different to my real eye. It just looks the same it looks the same except for my visions worse.

I m so sad about this i was like oh i have to jackpot colored contacts for nine dollars box. What i don t know i m even bothering to put in the other one um hey guys if i came on screen. If i started the camera and i was like hey guys what s up would you think my eyes look different or would you just be like oh. There s rachel just really close to the camera like it doesn t doesn t look any different okay.

I have no faith in turquoise. I think it s like a darker blue a greeny hmm..

What do you know yeah. It doesn t look that different well is it worth putting the other one in okay. Uh yeah. I looked in the bathroom.

And it s like a slight difference. But they re more like tinted than colored like it s not a huge difference like it would be pointless worthless and a waste of money for me to buy these and wear them. Especially since it s not the clearest vision like they re definitely foggy around the peripherals for the little teeny tint. A slightest tint of color.

I took one out so i could see my real eye. And it s just like this should be called tinted contacts not colored contacts that is deceiving and disappointing. So i don t recommend this brand. Sorry pure colors hd.

Don t recommend it don t recommend you i m sorry then i wasted your time with this video cuz it sucked. I could have just sent everybody a text that said hey don t buy this brand. They aren t good and we re being way faster and easier on all of us yes. Again if you are a contact where of the colors.

If you are a colored contact wearer let me know what brand do you use down below and your favorite color. Maybe. And i can totally do a different video of me trying a different brand. So we can see if that one s any better cuz.

This was a fail give me an f. There it is first my head doing f f. Okay. You get the gist.

I was a cheerleader in high school anyways. I ve already wasted enough of your time. So i m gonna speed on out of here let me know down below. What you thought about these maybe.

I m exaggerating maybe. I m being dramatic maybe they good maybe some of you use them and you really like them let me know i really doubt it but let me know otherwise i will see you next week with a new video that hopefully is better than this one i hope you enjoyed this video anyways. If you did go give it a like and go subscribe because because i make videos. I ll see you guys next week.

Peace out girl scout don t let the door hit you on the way out these sons of bitches out my eyeballs get out me i ” ..

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