Toshiba DR420 DVD Player Recorder with 1080P HDMI Upconversion Product Demo How To Record

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“Guys welcome into for lo. The best place on the planet by vintage electronics and and where all of our equipment is spent certified today. I ve got a toshiba recorder with hdmi at 1080p upconversion to show you the model number of it is dr4 to 0k you this is awesome for recording your favorite tv show while you re gone or just transferring from vhs onto dvd. Well let s go ahead and talk about it so in the rear panel of it you have a video input right here you have composite and s video as well as your audio input then right here you have composite audio video output component output and s video output and then for the highest quality playback you ll have hdmi output right here and coaxial digital audio for connecting to a sound system and this was manufactured in october of 2009.

And then on the front panel of it you have your power button right here and eject button. And then if you open this door. You have your skip forward skip backward. Stop play and record buttons.


And then over here you have another line input for recording you have the option of s video composite. Or you can connect a camera using the dv input and record from that all you have to do to connect it for playback is connect your power cord. And then the hdmi cable to the rear panel. And then once you have it all wired up correctly you ll get a signal to your tv.

So we ll go ahead and just test the standard dvd playback real quick all right so as you can see the dvd has loaded fine and this is the original remote control for it it s got all your functions on it and it ll make it really easy so that you can just record. Whenever you want to but now that we have the playback. Let s go ahead and test the recording on it and this machine will do yeah it ll do plus or minus r or rw discs. We re gonna use a rw disc and the difference between our and our w.


Is our is record once and rw it means rewritable. Which means you can record as many times as you want so. The rw s are good for recording tv shows that you plan on deleting and then the r s are good. If you re transferring from another media and trying to archive.

It and save it alright. So once the disc is loaded. We can push set up our first of all hit stop and then we ll do setup and then we ll go to dvd menu and then we ll format the disk this will allow us to begin recording on to it and we re gonna record from a vcr onto the dvd just to demo it and then to get it to get something connected to it so you can start recording. All you have to do is connect one end of the red white and yellow cable to the input on the dvd recorder and then connect the other end to the output of your other device.


Which is a vcr and then once it s all connected. We can go ahead and put a vhs in so now we ve got the vhs playing back through the dvd recorder. So all we have to do to start. Recording is just push the record button down here.

And it s automatically set to record in sp mode. So whenever whenever we re done recording. We can just hit stop and end the recording or we can wait until the disc fills up which it will hold two hours on this one so once you re done recording. What you want to record and it s finished loading it onto the disc.


You ll want to make sure that you finalize it if you don t finalize. It the disc will not play in other players so all you have to do to do that is hit setup go to dvd menu and then finalize that s pretty much all the basics of this toshiba dvd recorder but if you re looking to order one of these make sure you get it from us. At four lolo net. You can give us a call to order or you can get it on our online store thanks for watching you ” .


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