Toshiba BDX6400 Symbio Media Box and Blu-ray Player Video Review

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“Video is courtesy of martin logan. The world s leader in handcrafted electrostatic and folded folded motion. Loudspeaker technology for audio files and home theater. Enthusiasts.

Hey. I m andrew audio. Holux while 1080p and blu ray are the current standard in high definition. 4k or ultra hd.

Is on the way. While 4k displays are currently so expensive. That not many people have them manufacturers are already selling blu ray players. And other devices.

That will upscale your movies to 4k. Toshiba s new symbiote bdx 6400 is promising not only as a 4k upscaling blu ray player but also as a wi fi enabled media box that will stream content from the internet to your local devices. Now to start with the bd x 6400 has a single hdmi output and coaxial digital audio output it also has a power cord that s kind of a wall wart plug there anyway our rear usb port can be used to stream audio and video or update..


The unit and those with legacy connections. You ll need to look for a different player. Although chances are people with legacy connections aren t invested in going to 4k upscaling. Anyway.

The bd x. 6400 also has a side stand. Presumably so that all your friends can come over to the house and think oh look it s a wii whatever. The unit is handsome brushed aluminum top and the glossy plastic sides it has rounded edges and a single power button.

No other controls on the unit. That s a bold choice for toshiba s most usually included the very least an eject button. Not here now this unit was really a hit or miss for us in the review. So first let me talk about the hits it passed just about all of the hqv tests with flying colors noise.

Removal was lacking. But that s par for the course with blu ray players that don t often come across the issue. The sdk daan s tests and jaggies tests in particular were some of the best results that we ve seen toshiba promises not only 4k upscaling..


But also an enhanced 1080p picture. Honestly this unit gave us one of the best pictures that i ve seen with dvds. The pick was crisp. It was clear motion blur non existent and the colors were vibrant and like most of you we don t have a 4k display to use so we can test the upscaling.

But if the 1080p performance is any indication then you re gonna be in for a real treat now the toshiba came preloaded with the usual apps including netflix youtube vudu hulu and more we tested netflix performance and found to be good or a better than a lot of other devices. Now we need to step into the misses. However and this territory is one of the claims to fame is that it has wi fi and you can connect it to your home network. While this is true we did get the wi fi to work and connect to our network.

We couldn t get it to access any of the apps or connect to toshiba z own app to control the bdx 6400 we tried for a couple hours before we finally gave up and used a wired connection now after connecting to the network. The first thing to shiba wanted to do was can you guess it yes you re right update. So we did that afterward should immediately forgot all of our settings. Including our wi fi password.

Simply the bd x6. 400. Punishes..


Users. For making them reselect all their settings each time it updates. Hopefully. This will not be a reoccurring problem.

The remote for the toshiba is fairly standard works only maybe three out of four times. We found that every fourth button push was in toshiba has an app to control the media it 6400 from your smartphone or tablet. We tried it the eject button didn t work no dedicated button for netflix like there is on the actual remote and there s no keyboard basically if you want full control of the toshiba bdx. 64.

100. You re gonna either have to switch between your phone and your remote control. Which isn t backlit by the way or just swap them both for a universal remote now we could stream content from our network. There were some oddities here as well.

However videos were hit or miss and the menu system was confusing and overly complicated again. I do have to say the picture. The video quality on this unit was stunning and if you re looking for a blu ray player that can upscale to 4k..


And you ve got 300 to spend then the bd x. 6400 is a great option. Although you can find 4k upconverting players for less if you also want this to be easy to control and stream content from your net and connected via wi fi well then you might want to look elsewhere. Now here s the question for the video does a blu ray player really need to do more than just put up a good image.

How important are all those extra features like wi fi apps. And everything else let us. Know in the comments. Below.

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