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“By power sliding your trucks around i presume. It is that skid pad. What is is the point nyou can t power slide lorries anyway. Technically nyou can t power anything.

And that he has the world s largest ncollection of pornographical material. All we know is he s not the stig nbut. He is the stig s lorry driving cousin look. He s got the lorry driver s suntan.

Oh sunburn. I see yes he s really as big as the american stig n. Rig. Stig yeah.

Yeah n. Yeah. Rig. Stig climbed into his tuned man nand set off look at that n.

That s fantastic. I love the smell of burning rubber nin. The morning when it is coming off that that is power sliding now look at that n..


He s doing a doughnut his tires run for your lives run for your lives. So james. What do you reckon nyou can do that piece of cake gingerly we hit the skid pan. Now you see this strip.

I ve put here ni can t really see where i m going take the outside line. Nsecond gear high range now power sliding is easy in a car nturn in no power on no that s not gone as well as i d hoped here we go a slide come on you re a racing truck nthis is what you should be good at. Oh. My bonnet ni ve driven over my own bonnet left foot braking.

There s the answer that didn t work. So i gave it more welly and that really didn t work. No no yeah. I ll do some of that it doesn t work meanwhile in the renault come on spin this lorry driving it turns out nis.

Quite a lot harder than i thought have you done something nto your leg. As well. Yeah. The gear lever s gone up my ass n.

Right okay. After the gear lever had been removed nfrom jeremy s bottom. We moved on to the next challenge..


I ve lost the suspension linkages ncome off on your leg n. No on the lorry. Ah. You see ni told.

You there d be a speed test. And get there. Via nthe alpine handling course. That s hundreds of miles n.

No it s here you idiot nit s just over there this is where car makers test nthe handling of their new models it s also where james bond rolled nhis aston martin in casino royale in a car it is huge fun in a lorry. It probably isn t you have three minutes to get round. You will also need to drive smoothly nbecause your trailer is full of valuables. Valuables n.

Valuables they weren t kidding richard s trailer contained a car nthat hadn t been fastened down mine. Contained nan. Enormous wedding cake and in jeremy s. There was some straw nwhich.

Didn t seem so bad. But at the other end nthere was an electric fire first though we had to get nthe trailers attached to our lorries. Now where s my truck..


There s no back window right. I don t see why this needs nto be all that difficult which way is that now nso. I need to get that hammond nbeing. Familiar with farmyard machinery was confident of a quick hitch up n.

Easy us two. However n. Well. Where does that go didn t think this would be difficult nand.

It s not it s done n the space between the cab. Yours is done n. Yeah. If a lorry driver can do that nwhy isn t he a brain surgeon scale nyou.

Know how he s finished hi. You re looking smug. Eventually. Nsome men came to help james and i which gave me a chance to mend my window.

Why are you doing that n. Because i can t see where i m going didn t you think of that nwhen you put it on no finally we were ready to go away. We go you know the yeah..


But n. You know that bit maybe the pin s broken n. No it could just be a faulty bracket nthat holds the okay you re in there eventually. We were ready to go again sorry about that right we re off forgive me for saying this nbut.

How hard can it be can somebody bring the forklift back so third time. Lucky oh. This is brilliant oi. It was just over a mile from nthe hitching point to the alpine course.

But that was enough to give us a taste of what it s like nto be a real lorry driver for starters nthere s the sheer number of gears first into first and a half second n two and a half in a car. You can go nfrom 1000. Rpm to 7000 or 8000 in this its 1200 to 1500 and then you have to change gear. N300 revs.

Get in n get in and when you finally reach 18th gear. You get carved up nand you have to start all over again. Now i ve just been overtaken nby someone who has now slowed down do. N t stop that s the car why.

Can t it just be somebody get a move on up there if i have to start from the beginning nof my gears again i ll kill myself first first and a half ” ..

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