Top 6 Creatures Best For Single Player In Ark Survival Evolved!

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“Is up ladies and gentlemen. It is cj. The cheese dj. Here and today.

We we are taking a look at top six solo player dinos now. We re going a specific order today gone from number six to one six being the worst. One being the best obviously before we begin the video. I just want to say check out my discord guys.

The link is in the description head on over there join in with the rest of the guys over there bye wrapped off and i get involved with the rest of the people on the server. Heck even enjoying my server. It s all in the discord server so make sure you head over there and check it out and well there goes there goes that surprise so kick it off the list. At number six is the port dodo.

He s about to get absolutely wrecked by the raptor. So as i was saying before i was so rudely interrupted number six on this list is the dodo now many of you are thinking well. The dodo is the most useless creature in our what is he doing on this list. No no no everyone just calm down take a deep breath and just relax.

The dodo is probably one of the one of the fed accretor zon in the island on any of the islands to start off with because obviously not only is he able to poop out little tiny eggs for you they give you food and everything that you could possibly need in life. He also provides you with the warm you just cuddle up next. I m just kidding. So he also acts as a portable shield essentially what i m saying is you saw how that raptor came along and attack.

The dodo totally bypassed us. That s because the donor looked absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious to it and i wanted to eat it so the dodo can act as hosts for other diners that are trying to come up and attack you for example you re getting attacked by our ex. The dodo can easily attacked as a distraction and the rex will no longer be interested in you as long as well as that if you decide that you don t really want this guy in your life. Anymore.


Kill him. He s one of the easiest dinos to kill as well as the easiest dinos to tame. Then he will provide you with hide and meat. Providing you with another chance to survive.

That s why. The dodo is number six on this list number five is the thylakoid this all round mount is actually one of the probably better mounts on arc for solar players not only does he have the ability to climb up ninety degree vertical walls and cliff faces. He also has the ability to climb up trees so you re located in the redwoods you can use this guy to climb up the trees now not only that he has a really decent amount of nearly nome and you can see they re pretty much killing most things that are in our way now as well as that he also has very solid health and stamina. So you don t have to worry too much about him being taken out by most things now as well as that his weight is relatively okay you can easily breathe.

These guys up for a whole army of fire koleos and you ll be unstoppable in whatever terrain you re on now take into consideration as well. It s just you versus the enemy dinos in solo player world. So you won t have to worry about pvp aspect of things so you can easily use these guys to take on rex s spy nose aloes you know anything you want the only thing you can t use these guys to take on are the bosses of arc. Which believe me i know is a huge pain in the butt that the devs need to fix.

But for now. We can t do much about it now the file akali or saddle requirement is only level. 51. Which makes it getting this saddle.

Very easy depending on how boosted your single player world. Is you can easily get to the level 51 in a matter of seconds or if you want a more balanced playthrough you can take your time. But you ll easily be able to get to over 51 in an hour or so as well as that it s really easy to craft 20 metal 290 hide. 155 fiber and you re set.

So i would definitely recommend getting yourself a thigh laconia. Number four on the list is the plesiosaur now this guy is essentially one of the best underwater mounts that you can get in all of our now. He is pretty easy to tame you just have to swim to a certain depth and once you start nailing train carriers into them you can pretty much swim up and they ll stop at a certain height and you can essentially use this method to knock them out now the only ones that really are competing with the plesiosaur are mosasaurs tussauds and bacillus sources and all those guys guys are pretty hard to take so the polizia saw is the next best thing. And he s very fast he s very strong and he has quite a lot of health on him you can see this guy s 180.


120. Time he s got 10000. Health on him twelve hundred and forty eight weight as well. So you ve got to take that into consideration as well when you think about timing these guys up they are pretty solid mounts because you going to need to swim to the bottom of the ocean to get silica pearls especially if you are playing on the island.

But you can see he megalodons ain t got nothing on the plesiosaur only thing you do have to watch out for other jellyfish. You saw there we almost saw our life flashed before our eyes. But we just hit 288 on that megalodon these guys are absolutely nuts when it comes to battling in the water and i would definitely recommend getting yourself a plesiosaur now as well as that you can also get platform saddles for these guys so you can build an underwater base on him. If you are at that tech stage as well where you can stop the water from coming in but like i said.

Please yo source that they do the job for you lucky number three is the argent over so you can see behind us quickly just want to mention our plesiosaur is getting absolutely annihilated and bonded bunch of jellyfish. Those things are absolutely ridiculously overpowered. Now since you ve got an ocean mount you ve got yourselves a land mount you re definitely going to need an air mount and the argent of us is definitely the all around best mount that you can get for the sky. It s got a huge amount of carry capacity on itself.

You can see there 656 is the weight on this one not only that the tlc past is coming up for them at a later date and they will be getting a huge rework. So i ll definitely recommend getting yourselves. Some ideas now not only that their eggs are actually kibble for spy nose as well so if you plan on getting a spine on a new stage. You re definitely gonna want to get some ideas to get the eggs going for yourself now they are also really good at picking up dinos.

I think the maximum size dino that they can pick up our raptors. I can t remember if there s anything bigger than that that they re capable of picking up. Baryonyx is actually they are capable of picking up barry onix s as well which i think is absolutely hilarious. But these guys are really useful they pack a huge amount of damage into themselves and once you level up they re merely damaged and you can easily take on alphas with them not only that their movement speed is one of the best in the air.

So not far behind them you have the pteranodon and the top ajara. This is excluding the wyverns and the griffon the griffon and the wyverns obviously the fastest. But the rg is still relatively fast you can see you we re able to move with quite a bit of speed on ourselves these guys have a decent amount of stamina but you do need to pump up their stamina a little bit. But you can easily turn these guys into pack mules.


You ll be able to use them use them to transport a lot of metal. A lot of wood a lot of stone anything that you really want to transport. Desperately. So i would definitely recommend getting yourself an argenta vus.

Now to no one s surprise. The number 2 on the list is the tyrannosaurus rex now before we begin. This guy is getting a tlc pass as well so who we re getting huge. We work with extra abilities extra damage and a brand new look.

But while we re here this guy is literally the king of arc. His attacks are absolutely ridiculous you can see the amount of damage. We are doing to these creatures and they are just getting absolutely shredded by the rex the huge downside of the rex s though is that horrible horrible stamina they have shocking stomach and i would definitely recommend putting points into their stamina because it is terrible. But other than that they re pretty much an all around great mount they ve got great amounts of health great amounts of melee damage and really good amount of weight.

Surprisingly and you can essentially use these guys to finish the entire game of arc. You ll be taking these guys in to boss fights with you using them to kill all the boss creatures and once you get a few really good rex s you can breed them. And you know you ll be set for a very long time being able to take on bosses and anything else that really comes your way in the solo world of arc. Now another downside to them is that their saddle cost is a little bit later on in the levels.

So you re definitely gonna have to work towards that if you plan on getting a saddle for these guys. But they re really easy to tame. Phew knockout arrows. A cliff side and some primate and you ve got yourself.

A prime rex their kibble as well there s only scorpions and scorpions are really easy to tame. So take that into consideration as well the last and final creature on this list is a v. Quetzel. Now a lot of you are probably wondering well why is it the quetzel.


The quetzel is so slow it s horrible well in your single player world. You don t really need to worry about you ve only got the enemy dinos to compete with and you know that s all that s really going for them you don t have to try and avoid fast flies or anything of the sort you can kind of just stroll around and fly at your own leisure. They are slow. But they still are able to cover quite a bit of distance now not only that they are also able to carry a portable base on their back.

Which is great for solar players. Because you don t have to stick to the one spot you can tame yourself upper quits and build a portable base on it and pretty much take that with you wherever you go. Only downside of that is obviously you can t take the teams with you unless you ve got another quest following you or you re just solely taming flyers. But other than that this guy s got a great pool of health.

A great great great great great amount of weight you can see there 1328. He s got a decent amount of health and he s able to rather put up a fight you wouldn t you d be surprised at how well this guy is at fighting and how much damage you can do with these guys. I remember when they first dropped you could actually use them to take on alpha rex s and you would actually kill them believe it or not it was pretty amazing. But these guys are also really good because you can pick up the larger creatures trikes mammoths stegos megatherium z you know all those sort of creatures.

Which makes teaming up those creatures. A lot easier for yourself. Especially if you ve got a portable taming pen built up so i would definitely recommend getting a quits for yourself. Because like i said you can use them to build a base you can use them to pick up therizinosaurus as.

You can use them to transport a huge amount of materials from one spot to another and they re just all around really good mates build a portable base on them everything you ll be set. If you team up a quetzel. So that ll do for this list today. Guys let me know what you thought of it down below let me know if there s any changes you would see or like to make and let me know what your top six would be but other than that thanks very much for watching.

And hopefully. I ll catch you in the next one this sir. ” ..


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