Top 5 Most Comfortable Earbuds in 2019!

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“Care bros. My name is erin welcome back to another video and these are the the top five. Most comfortable to asya butts of the year to a 90 now do i mean by comfortable to me comfortable means that i should be able to wear the earbuds for a long period of time say three hours or more without needing to remove the earbuds due to discomfort or pain. So that s why i meant by comfortable the focus of this video is all about comfort.

So i m not going to talk about sound quality. I m not going to talk about stability or anything else just comfort. If your ear buds made it to this list congratulations please hit the like button for me. But if your your buds didn t make it with this.

But you feel that it should tell me in the comments section. Below some rows. Here are my choices for the top five. Most comfortable to rise your buds.

The number five spot goes to the sennheiser momentum true eyes your buds. I feel that the sizes are very comfortable because of their extremely lightweight design. In fact they re so light. They exert very little downward force into the contrary.

Yeah. They also come with very soft silicone tips. So there s not a lot of pressure in the inner part of your ear canal and that s without sacrificing any of its abilities to isolate a noise. One other interesting thing about this and isis that they are shaped in such a way as to maximize its contact area with the inner part of a year.

So this this distributes its weight..

Even more allowing an already light pair of earbuds to feel even lighter. Interesting huh. So that s why the number five spot goes to this and aiza momentum to eyes your butt s the number four spot goes to the jabra elite 65 t. Whatever.

I said about the sennheiser s also applies to the jaw brass except for the fact that the jaw brass seem to take weight distribution a step further so okay if you look at the underside of the jabra healy 65. T. You notice that the shape of the year buds seemed like it was taken from a mode of somebody s year. So while the jobless may not look as good as the sennheiser s it feels like they were molded and shaped in a more scientific way this allows the year bus to hug the inner part of my year.

A little better thus as a result. I feel like it s infused lighter than isis. So that s why the number four spot goes to the jabra. Easy 265 t.

Now the third spot goes to this may surprise. You the samsung galaxy. But they may not be molded in the same scientific way as the job rose but in terms of in terms of weight. They are by far the lightest in here true eyes ear buds.

I have ever tried in fact true story when i was unboxing the year buds for the very first time something they didn t watch this video. I thought that i had bought fix because when i took them out of the case the year but felt like they were empty plastic shells so i was quite as i was quite scared that i i have bought replicas. But it turns out that yes they were that light so as far as weight is concerned they are the lightest that you can buy and because of its extremely light weight i was able to wear the samsung galaxy pods for hours on end despite the fact that their ear tips weren t quite as soft as the sizes so that s why i nominated the samsung galaxy buds for the third spot the number two spot goes to a product which i ve tried on multiple occasions. But it just never occurred to me to shoot a video of it so for this video.

I m just gonna grab some footage from apple..

Yes. I m talking about the apple earpods version. Oh well we could also apply to version 1. Because they are exactly the same you see the airports are not in the air noise isolating so it doesn t have rubber or silicone tips that you need to shove into your ear canal to make them stay.

What you simply do is to hook. Them right hoo ee. Each of you here like this to wear them. And that s great because what happens if okay let s put it this way how you can ounce are not really designed to take a foreign object like i said i can tip you can put in this softest silicon tip.

It s bound to get painful up to a while even if it s after a long. While i think the sennheiser s make a great example. I could wear this and heiser s for four five or even six hours. But beyond that my ears will still start to get sore as comfortable as they are this will happen eventually.

And the reason for that is very simple silicone in your tips rely on friction to stay in place. And it s that friction that can lead to soreness and sodas can lead to abrasion integration. It my personal experience. It s not funky rose.

It s pretty painful so that s why i like the apple earpods tools non invasive fit. I think that kind of fit is more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Say. If you are looking for two to put on a pair yeah.

But for more than five to six hours..

Which is why deserves the number two spot. Now. The number one spot is a pair of earbuds that i don t mention a lot on my channel. But i think it is the most comfortable to wear so far.

And that is the bose sound spot free and here s why. The bose hot spot free silicone chip design is by far one of the top. Not one of it it s by far the best silicone tip design. I have ever encountered in a pair of earbuds.

No this design is nothing new poses been doing this design for yes. It just baffles the mind. Why why no other bread has seemed to caught on to it yet this design. Maybe they are afraid of getting sued by both who knows because bosses go to sue people for for patent infringement.

We all know that so ok let me tell you about this your tip. It s made of this super soft silicon. Which feels like skin against your skin is gonna integrate in your vintage. Which conforms to the ship.

Even here it s got this yo tip. Which you don t have to chop into you can you know yet isolates noise. So it s noise isolating and comfortable at the same time. The your tips are also shaped in such a way that your ears will only come into contact with soft silicone.

No plastic..

Which is great which is very comfortable because you know plastic after all is a hot object. So that s why i feel that the bose sounds for 3 years by far the most comfortable to eyes here. But i have ever worn you can wear this pair for hours on end just like the airports. But you also get some things that you want to get with airports like noise isolation.

So you don t have to raise the volume. So high in a noisy crowd just so you can hear your music. And you also get stability fist. So there are a lot more stable they stay in here.

Yeah. While you work out which is great so bros those were my picks for the top 5. Most comfortable true eyes your buds. But i want to know what you guys think did any one of your ear buds make it to this list do you disagree with any one of the five that i brought up what are your top five.

Most comfortable two eyes your butts tell me what you think in the comments section below so rose. Thank you for watching if you like this video please punch that like button with a vengeance and share this video with your friends subscribe to this channel. If you have already and remember to ring the bell to drop off vacation squat because i upload videos every single week and this is the only way that youtube will notify you of new videos from this channel and remember to also enable you youtube knows musicians because even if you ring the bell. If you haven t enabled opposition youtube.

You won t get notified anyway. So do that and i ll see you again. ” ..


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