Top 5 HD Antennas vs Metal Spoon U Must Have, Model V8, Amplified & Vansky Which works best?

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“Are the top five best selling nindoor hd. Antennas on amazon have in common with with this more than you nmight think now before we get started make sure you that subscribe button nand. The bell icon. So you can be notified every wednesday and friday when we re nback here with another video much like this one.

But for today. We re talking nabout. The top 5. I can come back to this later the top 5 best selling hd antennas non amazon in order one two three four five.

We re gonna be going into those nbecause. Frankly we ve been talking a lot about streaming services. Lately and nthese fit in very nicely. If you re looking to cut the cord.

An hd antenna is nsomething that you really want in your arsenal. Unless. You plan on paying a nbunch of money for live tv. Now as far as how i rated all of these essentially i njust plugged them into the same tv in the same location by the same window at nthe same time of day.

And gave them all the best shot at an apples to apples ncomparison. I really tried to give them all the best position in the window and nall of that sort of thing so we are trying to do as close a comparison as npossible. Now one caveat before we get started is that your mileage may vary. Nthe.

Results that we got are the results that we got about 10 miles from the nnearest broadcast tower. We re close to a downtown location so we got pretty good nresults. I think based on our situation. But yours may not be as good and may be nquite a bit better hard to say anyway with that in mind let s dive into each nindividual antenna and look at how it did alright so first things first over nhere.

We have the you must have digital hdtv antenna..

But this is kind of a trick nbecause. This is the exact same antenna they nabbed both the number one and the nnumber two spot on amazon s list so well done whoever owns you must have you must nhave great seo practices. So they got them both on their it they work exactly nthe same. The only difference is this one is black on this side and white on this nside.

This one s white on both sides that was the only difference except. I should nmention when we open the box turns out some pretty flimsy construction on the non this usb plug right here. So yeah. This one broke this was this came nwith the black unit.

But the white one worked just fine once we got them both nplugged in they worked exactly the same so at a price of 2795. We got 51 channels. Nin really pretty good pretty great picture quality. It worked really well so ni was impressed with these ones.

The only the only thing. I would say is flimsy nconstruction watch out for that alright moving on to the number three slot. This nis just listed as digital hdtv antenna. You can also search model v8.

But you can nalso find it by the picture. Because it is the most different looking of all nthese. This is a tabletop unit. It doesn t go in your window.

It goes kind of on nyour windowsill you can see it s a pretty cheap plastic construction. But i ndo like the matte black finish. It s nice looking at least and the other thing nthat s different about this is that you have a built in amplifier you can switch nit between short range and long range depending on how close you are to the nbroadcast antenna and a note on that is that you might be tempted to just switch nit to long range. No matter where you are because you figure.

I m gonna get more nsignal that way..

But if you re really close to the broadcast antenna you could nactually distort your signal by turning on your amplifier. So play with this a nlittle bit to make sure that you get it just right. And it works pretty well for nyou now that little built in amplifier is going to cost you a little bit extra nthis retails for 3999. On amazon.

So you are gonna pay a little bit more. But you nget a nice unit that doesn t go up in your window. So if that fits your naesthetic. A little bit better that s great as far as what you get for that n.

40. It s a little more expensive than what you re paying over here and you re ngetting. 44. Channels.

Is what we got for one mode. 50 on another so like i said nplay around with the amplifier play around with the position in the nwindowsill and you should find a decent number of channels. But a little bit less nthan. What you re getting with the number one and two option here alright moving non to number four we ve got the 1×1 amplified indoor hdtv antenna so that s na mouthful this one is probably the most disappointing so far out of these nthere s nothing special about it aesthetically.

It s black on both sides nput it up in your window. Just like anything else it plugs in just like nanything else. It does have an amplifier built in just like this one does. But nthere is no switch to switch between short and long range that amplifier is njust working all of the time so that may cause problems for some of you for nothers.

It will be a blessing. But as far as what we got for this we paid 23 for nthis antenna and we got 42 channels. This is the lowest channel count that we ve ngot so far and so you re paying a little bit less than you were on these units nbut. You re also getting less.

So if you re worried about channel count this nprobably isn t the unit for you okay moving on to number five on the list..

But nmaybe number one in my heart. This is the vance key digital hdtv antenna. This one nhas. The same price tag as what you re getting over here on the one by one.

But nyou are getting a little bit more for that price now again. There s nothing ndifferent about this aesthetically. It looks the same as well most of the other nones. So there s nothing different there.

But you do get a longer coax cable about n20 feet. If my estimate was correct 20 foot coax cable may be great for your nliving room or it might be too much more than you want to deal with so you can ndecide there. But what you get for this 23 price tag is 57 channels. If you keep nin track that s more than all the other four it s much much more than what nyou re paying 23 for here in the one by one version.

So the vance key had the nbest performance as far as channel count. It also had the best performance in npicture quality. The one by one was really lagging. There a lot of the nchannels were glitching.

Quite a bit had this one very little fuss put it up in nthe window got great picture quality with whatever channel. We were looking at nso that s it for our top 5 amazon antennas. But now. The question is how do nthey stack up against a little diy little doohickey like this so that s nwhat.

I want to talk about because. It is it was shocking to me here s what i did ni gave myself 60 seconds and i grabbed anything metal. I could find within arm s nreach. I got a spoon.

An allen wrench..

A headphone jack and a paperclip taped nthem all together and hung them in the coax jack on the back of the tv and i ngot 39. Channels. Just with this thing. So.

The question is is it worth it to buy nthese. Well. You know they are probably going to be a little more reliable you ndon t have to give up a spoon out of your kit nis that worth 20 bucks to you now 39 channels. Also isn t quite as many as neven.

The lowest on here the one by one got what was that 42. So you are gonna nget a little bit better performance from an actual antenna. But if you want a nlittle hack just to get a few channels for free you do something like this and njust to make sure that this was actually doing something i took it out and nscanned for channels with absolutely nothing attached to the coax jack in the nback of the tv and sure enough. I got zero channels that way so it really did nwork how about that now we ve got one more surprise in store for you.

But nthat s gonna wait for the next video. We re gonna be taking a look at this guy nright here this is the ultra pro signal. Finder hd from ge. This was sent to us to ntest and so we did we put it to the test just like all the other ones.

The nquestion is whether this flashy full of doohickeys hd tv antenna is worth twice nthe price as what you would pay for the number1 and number2 antennas. This one is n 60. So we re gonna test it out and find out whether you get something for 60 nbucks or if you get the little ge logo for 60 bucks that s the question and nwe re gonna tackle that next week so make sure you hit that subscribe button nand the bell icon and like this video if you enjoyed it make sure you comment nbelow on your experience or your favorite hack for how to get around nusing an antenna at all if you d like anyway. Thanks for watching guys we ll nsee you on the next video.

” ..

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