TOP 5: Best Student Laptops 2020

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“So many laptops available for students to choose from it can be really difficult to to narrow down the range and find the right one for schoolwork in this video. re going to break down the best laptops for students on the market today. We ll be taking a look at laptops in every budget range. So regardless of whether you ve got a few bucks to spare and want the best value or are looking for the best of the best.

We ll have an option for you so. If you re interested in finding out. Which laptop is best suited for your schoolwork. Keep watching as always all the links to find the best prices on all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below.

So for the most up to date information along with updated prices be sure to check out the description. The products mentioned in this video are in no exact order. So be sure to stay tuned. Until the end so you don t miss anything first.

We have the apple macbook air our pick for the best value macbook with mini models to choose from it can be difficult to determine. Which apple macbook is the right choice for your needs the macbook air is a surprisingly robust and incredibly convenient portable laptop that students will appreciate not only for its construction. But functions and capabilities as well this 13 inch macbook features a 1440 by 900 display with good brightness and color vibrance for work and video. It s powered by an intel dual core cpu and eight gigabytes of ram which is a solid offering for a laptop in this.

Class two usb 30. Ports and a dedicated thunderbolt 2 port open up a lot of external storage and high capacity connection. Options as well students will love how thin and light. The air is making it easy to transport around campus.

Under the arm or inside a backpack its clamshell lid. Design is easy to open and operate and narrow bezels make for excellent edge to edge viewing. The keyboard and trackpad are absolutely stellar. And very responsive battery life will last around 10 hours depending on use.

Which is more than enough for a full day s school use for the price. It would have been nice to see a retina display rather than the included 1440 by 900 panel. If display is important you may opt for the dell xps. 13.

Which we will touch on later in this list as it stands the macbook air is all about value it just the right amount of hardware into a superbly designed aluminum body that makes it easy to carry around and thin. Enough to use pretty much anywhere up next is the asus chromebook flipsie 434. Our choice for the best two in one chromebook. Not all chromebooks are created equally and two in ones.

Even less. So. The asus chromebook flipsie 434 blends beautiful design with two in one functionality..


And the convenience of the chrome os making. It excellent for students at a price tag. Under. 500.

The 14 inch. Full. Hd. Touchscreen.

Features. A nano edge design. That vastly reduces. Bezel sizes.

For an almost edge to edge viewing. Experience. It compartmentalizes. A 14 inch display into a 13 inch laptop body when measured corner to corner the display produces amazing color accuracy right out of the box with no need for calibration so you always get accurate color representation.

The 2n1 design of the c4 34 works via a 360 degree hinge that can easily prop the laptop up into tenth stand and tablet modes for different. Tasks the c4. 34 runs on a 34. Gigahertz.

Intel cpu with 4 gigabytes of ram. Which takes advantage of the chromebooks lite operating system 64. Gigabytes of internal storage is good for documents and class materials. As well.

It also has all the inputs. A student might need including a micro sd card slot usb seaports and a headphone jack. Though it can t handle heavier tasks like high end gaming or strenuous multitasking. It is perfect for students to work on while still offering a wonderful laptop for tv movies and some light gaming.

Those who want a bit more power may choose the acer aspire. 5. Slim. Which will touch on next.

The chromebook flipsie 434 is a great two on one option for those who want a solid chrome os based laptop with a beautiful design great screen and versatile setup options it s perfectly designed for students who want a lightweight and ultra convenient device with a lightweight os next is the acer aspire. 5. Slim laptop our pick for a great budget laptop for students students on a budget..


Need a laptop that blends enough power to make it through daily tasks with some nice features that make it great for relaxation as well the acer aspire. 5. Slim is a perfect example priced under 350 dollars. It s packed with nice hardware a slim design and a good screen all in one affordable package.

The aspire 5 runs on an amd rison dual core cpu and 4 gigabytes of memory with 128 gigabytes of internal ssd storage. This hardware. Combo maintains a budget price while still offering excellent performance for students who need to perform tasks without slowdown. It sports.

A full hd ips display that produces great peak brightness for a budget level laptop and it s powered by a vega 3 graphics chip for a little extra processing power making it great for more strenuous tasks like low to mid range gaming. The narrow bezel design creates an almost edge to edge viewing experience. Which is a definite plus. It s also very portable with a weight of just three pounds.

The aluminum lid is a nice aesthetic touch that gives the laptop a premium feel. And it can be rotated back 180 degrees to lie flat on the table. Which is great not just for convenience. But also for the safety of the hinge mechanism.

We would have liked to see usb seaports and a better battery life from the acer aspire. 5. But it s a budget level laptop that features some very nice hardware that students will appreciate for their daily use. It s got enough power to make it through school tasks and more than enough left over for a bit of fun when you want to relax after a hard day.

It also won t hurt to have it a bit more mobile. So you can see it anywhere around the house comfortably are you someone that uses your laptop in bed. Whether you are watching youtube netflix or just like to get some work done. While relaxing this stand is going to be an absolute game changer with this stand you can use your laptop in bed on the couch.

Or just about anywhere comfortably. And not worry about your computer. Overheating or getting annoying neck cramps. It s super lightweight.

So you can move it from your bed to your desk. Where it doubles as a standing workspace you can make almost anywhere in your home your new standing desk location best part about this stand is that it doesn t cost hundreds of dollars like standing desks. I ve been shocked how much i ve actually been using the stand especially considering. It s very affordable price point.

Now comfy dusk was awesome enough to give my viewers a pretty great discount with the discount code too much tech my viewers get 15 off with the code the stand is a pretty reasonable price for not having to deal with long term back pain if you ask me it s the perfect item to pair with a new laptop be sure to take advantage of the special pricing and check the description below for a link to it next. We have the microsoft surface pro 7. Our pick for a great windows 2 in 1 laptop..


There are a lot of windows 2 in 1 laptops on the market which can make it hard to narrow down a winner. If you want one with a nice level of power. A great display and a very intuitive design the microsoft surface pro. 7.

Is a fantastic option for those who want not only a great laptop. But a dedicated tablet experience too the surface pro 7 runs. On a 10th generation. Intel i5 cpu.

With 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of ssd storage. It features an excellent twelve point three inch touchscreen with pen stylus functionality for students to do work take notes or doodle during the downtime. This is an extremely vibrant color accurate display with a resolution of 27 36 by 1824 and 267 pixels per inch making for a tight. Very detailed picture.

Intel iris plus technology. Powers. The graphics with a little extra processing power. Making it great for multimedia movies and tv.

The built in kickstand unfolds to prop the surface pro 7 into laptop setup. Which takes advantage of the separately sold type cover keyboard that attaches easily to the unit via magnetic hinge lowering the kickstand creates a slightly elevated setup that s great if you want to write or draw. As you would on a traditional booklet or piece of paper closing the stand puts the surface into tablet mode for full handheld tablet functionality. We would have preferred thinner screen bezels for such a great display.

And it s a slight letdown that the usbc ports aren t thunderbolt. 3 enabled. But the surface pro 7. Still offers up excellent hardware and over little set of features.

This is a great 2 1. 1. For students who want to draw or write with a pen as well as work within a dedicated laptop mode for typing tasks finally we have the dell xps 13. Our pick for the best overall laptop for students it s difficult to narrow down the best all around laptop for students who want a balance of power features and display quality.

The dell xps. 13. Is a fantastic option for students who want a top quality laptop with all these in mind priced under one thousand four hundred and fifty dollars. It s not meant for budget conscious students.

But it s a versatile laptop for those who want more power. Not just for school but relaxation as well the xps 13 runs on an intel core i7 with 16 gigabytes of ram and a generous 512 gigabytes of ssd storage this equates to excellent overall power that can handle multitasking some light rendering video editing and even like gaming. The inclusion of thunderbolt 3 ports and a usb c..


Port. Offers up a lot of options for storage expansion and high capacity device connection. And that s rounded off by a micro sd card slot and a headphone. Jack.

The display is luxurious to say the least offering 4k resolution. Visuals with astounding color. Accuracy and vibrancy. Plus.

A respectable 318 nits of brightness blacks are deep and rich. While contrast is well balanced for a clearer picture. Even in a dark room the side firing speakers produce incredible audio clarity and volume that are a nice plus for any laptop. The inclusion of a best in class keyboard and touchpad are the icing on the cake.

Rounding off an already excellent device. The only drawback to this laptop is the somewhat disappointing battery life. Which may make it less suited for those constantly on the go. If this is a concern.

The apple macbook air might be worth a look if you don t mind sacrificing. All the power of the xps. 13. As it stands the xps.

13. Is a wonderful choice for students who want a premium level laptop for both school and play it s powerful enough to handle every school task as well as heavier duties and fun related activities alright guys. That is all for this video hope you guys liked the video. If you guys did please go ahead and give it a like if you re new to the channel.

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