TOP 5: Best Mouse For PUBG 2019

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“For the best mouse for pubg in this video. We ll break down the top top gaming. Nmice available whilst comparing them for price versus. Performance.

Before we get started our video. Detailing nthe best mice for pubg on the market. We have included links in the description for each nproduct mentioned so make sure you check those out to see. Which one is in your budget nrange starting off at number 1.

We have the logitech ng pro wireless. Not that long ago you wouldn t even be taken nseriously. If you took a wireless mouse to a lan party or a tournament. But those days nare over logitech has developed their lightspeed technology nto be every bit as fast and in some cases.

Even faster than wired. Mice. And that s nsomething that deserves praise. The g.

Pro. Wireless. Also features a rechargeable nbattery and a lifespan of around 50 hours of gaming. Meaning that you can go on seriously nunhealthy gaming binges before ever needing to recharge the mouse great wireless technology wouldn t be worth nanything.

If the mouse itself was a piece of garbage. But that s not the case with the ng pro wireless it features logitech s flawless hero sensor n which is an in house version of the 3366 configurable side buttons omron switches na comfortably and safe ambidextrous shape and a weight of just 80 grams those would be top specs. Even if the mouse ncame with a wire going wireless isn t for everyone some npeople don t need it or just want to stick to cables. But if you re open to it we do nencourage you to try it out there are tons of great cables out there in nfact.

There s a whole aftermarket dedicated to mouse cables. But none of them beat the nfreedom of having no cable at all if you want to try out wireless. Then this nis. The mouse to go for it s got a great and safe ambidextrous shape nand packs.

Top internals as well so even if you don t care about the whole wireless nthing. This is still a really nice option at number 2..

We have the zowie ec1. A nthe zowie ec series was particularly designed for first person shooters and in particular nfor counter strike. The ec in the name stands for emil nchristensen better known as heaton former ninjas in pyjamas cs professional zowie teamed up with heaton to design the nperfect cs mouse and they came up with the ec series of mice. The ec series might have been designed with ncs in the back of the mind.

But that doesn t mean that you can only use the ec1 a for counter strike aside from being an absolutely amazing mouse nin its own right click here to check our review of its smaller brother the ec2. A npubg does share a lot of similarities with csgo when it comes to overall gameplay. So ndon t let our little fun fact distract you the ec1. A features the 3310 sensor.

Which nis still a super capable sensor despite its age. It s got huano switches a super. Flexible ncable and a nicely distributed weight of 99 grams. If that weight puts you off.

Then you can always ntake a look at the smaller version of this mouse. The ec2. A which comes in at around n92. Grams.

The ec1. A and the ec series in general have nalways been lauded as great gaming mice in general and if you look at the spec sheet. Nof. These mice you can already tell why.

But by far the most impressive and talked about naspect of this series of mice is the amazing shape zowie mice have always been playing in the ntop leagues when it comes to shape and the ec series seems to be the mvp the shape feels really good for almost all ngrip types. And it s hard to describe just what makes the shape so good every angle of every curve just seems to be ndesigned precisely to give you the most comfort possible. And while there are definitely other nmice which come very close in terms of comfort. The ec series still has arguably the best nshape of them all the ec1.

A features top of the line internals n. If you desperately want a 3360 sensor. Then you can go for the ec1 b which. Has the same nshape and a 3360 sensor a very nice and flexible cable and has arguably the best nshape on the market.

The mouse is plug and play so you can just nbuy. The thing plug it in and get to fragging out in supreme comfort at number 3..

We have the logitech g703 the logitech g703 is the wireless version nof the older g403 it s also packing logitech lightspeed technology nwhich means that it ll translate your movements and clicks. Almost instantly. Sometimes doing nso even faster than other wired mice would this is a very impressive. Feat.

And is a welcome nchange to this shape since the g403 originally came with a rather stiff braided cable. The g703 has an ergonomic shape. Which seems nto be hit or miss for a lot of people it s got a rather pronounced hump to it nwhich doesn t really sit well with some people. But if you like this sort of palm nfilling feeling with an ergonomic mouse.

The g703 is going to serve you really nicely contrary to the newer g pro. Wireless. The ng703 has the 3366 sensor in it. This is an older sensor in the sense that nit s the baseline upon.

Which logitech has built their hero sensor. But it is also a nflawless sensor. One of the major differences here is that nit draws more power than the newer hero. So you ll have to charge the g703 a bit more noften with a battery life of around 24 hours aside from that the g703 has omron switches na nice scroll wheel and a dpi button on the top of the shell.

Which is something that nthe g pro. Wireless. Lacks. So it s definitely a full featured gaming mouse.

If you re looking to go wireless. But you nwant a bit more heft and shape to your mouse. This could be it the g703 weighs in at around 100 grams. But nfeels lighter due to the fact.

That it s wireless and is larger than the g pro. Wireless nso. This could be your bet. If you re looking for something a bit more substantial at number 4.

We have the razer deathadder elite ah razer one of the original gaming brands razer was nonce a pretty dividing company for a while it seemed like everyone was either na. Very big fan of razer or completely against the company..

Whatever your thoughts on the company may nbe. There is no denying that razer produce some top quality gaming mice. The deathadder has been going strong since n2006 and the fact that one mouse. It has of course seen upgrades and different versions nthroughout.

The years has been keeping it up for over a decade. Now is a pretty strong ntestament to its quality. The deathadder itself might nearly be of drinking nage in some countries. But that doesn t mean that it can t roll with the big boys.

The elite is the latest release in the long nline of deathadders and features razer s own version of the flawless 3360 sensor as nwell as proprietary switches. Which have been co designed with omron. We all know what the 3360 is capable of and nit seems like razer has implemented it perfectly in the latest version of the famous deathadder quality internals don t mean jack. If the nmouse handles like a brick.

But luckily razer has decades of experience to rely on and nas such the deathadder feels great. It s a pretty safe ergonomic shape and should nwork for most grip types. It s a bit large and weighty though coming nin at 98 grams. That still puts it below the magical 100 grams.

Nmark that everyone seems to want so. It s definitely not a heavy mouse at all though ndue to its size users with small hands. Or users who prefer ultra light mice should be nwary razer. Has been one of the giants in the industry.

Nfor years and years. Now and their mice definitely live up to that reputation the deathadder features top of the line internals na. Nice and pretty safe ergonomic shape and a well built and nicely balanced shell. If you re a big fan of rgb lights or customization noverall.

Then razer s got you covered as well in their software. You can change the lighting nsettings to whatever color or setting. You want and you can also do things. Such as tweak.

Nthe dpi program. 6 of the 7 buttons on the mouse surface calibrate..

It nall in all the deathadder elite is a top mouse. So if you have larger hands or prefer larger nand slightly heavier mice again 98 grams. Isn t heavy by any means. You should definitely ntake a look at this one.

But it can be a good fit for nearly every player and for our final pick at number 5. We have nthe zowie ec2. A the ec2. A is the exact same mouse as the ec1.

A nthe only difference is in the size and. Weight the. 1 a is 3mm. 011.

Inches higher and 3mm nbroader at the front and. Middle. Though the bottom part of the mouse is 5mm. 019.

Inches nbroader. If you like what you re reading about the nec1. A. But you feel like it might be a bit too large or heavy for you then you can just ngo for the 2.

A which is about 7 grams lighter than the 1 a as well as a small sidenote. The ec series of mice nhave had an update. The ec1 b. And the ec2 b.

Some time ago. Where most notably the sensor nwas upgraded to the 3360 among other things so that sums up our top gaming mice for pubg nof 2019. We hope you enjoyed if you did please leave a like on the video nand. If you re new here hit that subscribe button.

” ..

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