Top 5 Best Borderlands 2 DLC #PumaCounts

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“Video was created by vinyl akuma of violent puma gaming warning vulgarity awaits what s s going on guys. This is vinyl puma and today we re about to talk. D. To the l to the motherfucking.

C. Yup. Dlc for borderlands. 2.

Now see. Unlike. Capcom and my baloney. Its konami gearbox.

Did a pretty good job with some of the dlc for borderlands 2. None that quote it fucking sucks. So much it fucks god dammit. I ripped off the angry video game nerd fuck.

Whatever top 5 best borderlands 2..

Dlc. Go number. 5. Sir hammerlock.

And the son of cromer. Axe. Yup. Pretty much the best hunt hunter pack dlc for borderlands 2.

It s got some of the best looking environments and also has not only the most fair raid boss fight in all of borderlands 2. But is also one of the better designed raid bosses. Yeah i m looking at ubirr asus fuck you you re just too damn hard. Anyway go buy this dlc and fuck her acid asst number.

4 towards campaign of carnage. So there s this npc called. Mr. Torgue and he plays sick guitar solos.


Well so maybe. It s not like that but torg alone makes this dlc worth buying it should be mentioned that earlier on in borderlands. Whose life span this was the way to get those pesky legendaries that didn t have a designated drop. You ll also get some awesome unique weapons and even tiny tina and mad moxxi show up this dlc would have been rated higher.

But hashtag fuck. The cobra warning. Final kuba does not encourage animal must stations number. 3 ultimate vault hunter mode upgrades.

1 2. Aside. From the bullshit that is the storm sniper rifle. And some other offenders.

Both of these upgrade. Packs added. Several new relics class mods and deadly weapons. Oh yeah.

And i forgot..

Each upgrade pack increases. The level cap. And the second one adds. A whole new challenge map to explore this would have been higher on the list.

If gearbox didn t hype us up before its initial launch. Even still there good dlcs number. 2. Tiny tina s assault on dragon keith.

So this was developed in house by gearbox software and takes place. In a quasi d d. Universe. Draggy.

Keep also adds. Several new seraph weapons and shields. New legendary weapons as well as an entire new tier of crystal weapons that deal more damage when they crit unlike previous dlcs mentioned dragon keep has several new enemies to take on which include spiders orcs skeletons and you can even slay a shit slurry. Fucking dragon definitely one of the best dlcs for borderlands 2.


One captain scarlett and her pirate s booty. Pirates. Booty in my opinion is probably the best dlc for borderlands. 2.

It adds. Some of the most powerful weapons and all of borderlands. 2. Which include the sand hawk pimpernel cutler and rape your assault rifle.

You also get to use sand skips to traverse all of the very large environments. Which include like worm. Water you also get to fight master key and hyperion both of which unfortunately are hard as hell well except for zeros boron hai periods anyway guys that s gonna pretty much wrap up this video if you like this video. Please be sure to leave a like and let me know what your favorite borderland su dlc is as always take care.

” ..

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