Top 10 Greatest Cinderella Movies

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“Of your favorite fairy tales revisited. Welcome to ms. Mojo and today. We ll be be counting down our picks for the top ten cinderella movies before we begin we new content every day.

So be sure to subscribe to our channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos for this list. We re looking at movies with the cinderella formula or those with cinderella. Ask plot points fair warning there may be spoilers ahead. Honestly is there anybody out there that doesn t already know the cinderella story.

Number. 10. Rodgers and hammerstein s cinderella actress and singer brandy plays the first on screen black cinderella in this musical with a multiracial and colorblind cast interestingly cinders doesn t have to wait for her prints to sweep her off her feet. She meets him just minutes into the movie wait what s your name cinderella beg your pardon cinderella.

He s disguised as a commoner. However and the two will have to overcome. Many obstacles. Including class differences and social expectations to end up together man one with impeccable choreography.

Playful dialogue. Colorful costumes and whitney houston as the fairy godmother this magical sing along it s fairytale fun invisible. Impossible. Number nine.

Another cinderella story. This film takes the fairy tale to the dance floor mary santiago wants to follow in her mom s footsteps as a dancer. But slaves away for her legal guardian. A has been pop star named dominique blatt.

The twins are turning 16 next week. Didn t they turn 16 last year yes and they ll keep turning 16 until i tell them to stop. Still mary is determined as ever to follow her heart especially. Since teen heartthrob.

Joey. Parker is back in school..

With her bff tami s help mary and joey meet at a masquerade ball. What was that i guess the music just speaks to me. I guess we don t have a language fair the to make all the right moves without joey ever recognizing her. He tracks her down using the zune.

She s left behind and they both realize that following your dreams also means following your heart okay. I need to find somebody who s at the dance last night and if you don t you ll die. I think i might number eight a cinderella story once upon a song aspiring singer katy gibbs. Sneaks her demo tape into record exec guy morgan s briefcase hoping to make it big katy s tone.

Deaf stepsister bev and stepmom gayle pretend. It s babs demo to impress guy. And his son. Luke gale.

Is so bent on getting bev. A record deal that she makes her lips and katie s original songs as far. As everyone knows you can t sing and no more talk into luke. Olga.

Are we clear crystal as a love triangle develops between the girls in luke. Katy s voice becomes the proverbial glass slipper. Exposing gale for the true. Schemer.

She is a musical rom com. With a hint of bollywood flair. This cinderella story is pitch. Perfect number seven a cinderella story.

There s something i ve always wanted to tell you and i think you re ready to hear it you re not very pretty and you re not very bright. I m so glad we had that talk the last two entries would be nothing without the original in this teen rom com. Hilary duff plays sam montgomery a high school student with ivy league dreams while her nasty step family lives off of her dad s estate. Sam.

Saves. Up money to go to princeton by waitressing..

She also chats online. With the mysterious nomad who turns out to be her crush high school quarterback austin ames. Have you told your dad about princeton. Yet only i could i haven t even told him i want to be a writer my father always encouraged me to pursue my dreams finally meeting at the halloween dance the two realized they re not so different.

After all given. The choice would you rather have a rice cake. A big. Mac.

A big mac does that matter well i like a girl with a hearty appetite just like the original cinders sam works. Her way to love and the crown. Number six into the woods based on the hit broadway musical this movie features an ensemble cast playing your favorite fairytale characters. Anna kendrick plays cinderella who helps the baker and his wife break a spell once the spell is broken cinders marries for prints and lives happily ever after or does she good friends.

We need your help now more than ever what if the bridge that doesn t matter now well this prince isn t so charming after all and cheats on her with the baker s wife did you love me why did you stray. I thought that if you were mine. I would never wish for more the royal couple aren t the only ones with an unhappy fate and it s up to cinders and the baker to make things right what happens next let s just say cinderella s story ends happily. But not with someone you d expect number five.

The slipper and the rose unique like it s vanished owner must use it whoever fits the slipper must fit the bill clearly cinderella makes a great movie musical. But in this version prince edward isn t just cinders love interest. While his parents think that an arranged marriage is better than a loving one. Our prince begs to differ the typical cinderella story.

Ensues glass slipper and all. But not so fast. Edwards. Parents are still dead set on an arranged marriage to prevent war forcing him to choose between tradition and true love.

I m sure i seem to you the master of my fate. But until this moment. I ve been a prisoner trapped by my birthright. But with a little help from cinders fairy godmother.

This decision just got easier. We didn t think fairy tales and royal politics could mix..

But like cinders and edward they make a great pair this could lead to war. I know i know well think of something the constitution does not allow it oh don t tell me i wrote it number four cinderella 1957. Before julie andrews sang in the sound of music. She played the title princess in this tv musical.

The song and dance numbers are perfect to sing along and pretty funny too unlike. Many other cinderella stories. We also see the king and queen having frank discussions about their son s future wife that boy isn t done happening. How do you know.

He said. He was feeling fine. Luckily the hard working cinders is a perfect match with her fairy godmother and animal friends on hand. She becomes the apple of his eye.

Whatever your name is i love you i will always love you now if only he could track her down. But as the song says impossible things are happening every day. Number three ever after this adaptation is set in renaissance. France.

Danielle de barbarac. May be a servant to her step family. But she s no damsel in distress check out that fireman s carry danielle is smart. Eloquent.

And isn t afraid to defend herself all perfect qualities to win prince. Henry s heart. She even finds a confidant in her stepsister who isn t spared from her mother s cruelty. And because this is historical fiction.

Leonardo. Da. Vinci steps in as danielle s godparent fashioning. Wings to make her the belle of the ball a bird middle of a fish signora.

But where would they live and i shall have to make you wings danielle isn t just a servant who becomes a princess. She s also the most badass cinderella of them all number two cinderella 2015..

You re worried about telling me. But you mustn t be what if it will lead to your happiness yes in this blockbuster remake ella tragically loses both of her parents before she dies. Ella s mom tells her to have courage and be kind a promise she tries to keep when faced with her awful step family more kindness. A new little thing.

The most people possess in her whole body it has thank you ella s dismal fate has changed when she unknowingly meets prince kitt who was instantly smitten much to lady tremaine s dismay. The to make a splash at the royal ball. There were located here. She finds and breaks.

Ella s glass slipper. But her manipulative cruelty can only go so far. Remembering her mother s dying. Words.

Ella always stays true to herself and gets the fairy tale ending that is rightfully hers before we get to our top pick. Here are some honorable mentions. I do actually like this please don t touch it it was my mother s can i have it no it can be your welcome gift to me this young when he lost his mom leaving him with charlie stepbrothers annoy in a few weeks time you will ascend the throne as king and i will let nothing stand in their way of that certainly not some tawdry little affair with a gold digging american girl dreams of becoming the next princess die mother. You cannot tell me whom to love and how to live my life.

I hear going to live in the palace sunday. How d you know that i ve been telling everybody about if he is number one cinderella 1950. There s nothing like a classic decades after its release this animated masterpiece is still must see disney cinderella s transformation from neglected servant to beautiful princess. He s one of films.

Most iconic makeovers. It s like a dream. A wonderful dream come true with fun comedic relief. Impressive animation sequences and just a hint of magic this is the gold standard of cinderella movies.

The film proved so popular that it even helped save disney from bankruptcy. No no. But you see i have the other slipper what s more cinderella earned 3 oscar nominations spawned two official sequels and placed ninth on afi s top 10 animated films list the og cinderella takes the crown on our list and reminds viewers everywhere the dreams do come true green is a we your you re faster see do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from ms. Mojo and be sure to subscribe and ring the bell ” .


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