Tomb Raider Coastal Forest Ghost Hunter Challenge Location Guide

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“Everybody my name is billy and this is the guide for the challenge for coastal coastal forest ghost hunter need to destroy ten totems to complete this challenge when you the sheltered bridge camp. You ll find the tree where you found your beau hanging on an adjacent branch. Is the first totem should with your boat to complete the first step of this challenge. The second totem is located towards the bottom of the river head down there when you get down there take a left continue walking straight for a short amount of time.

And you will see a large rock formation ahead of you hanging in the shadows on the right of this large rock formation is the second totem for the challenge ghost hunter in the coastal forest for the third totem head back to the waterfall and in the opposite direction..

You just came and look for a thin tree next to a larger tree on this thin tree. You will find the third totem continue ahead to find the fourth totem hanging high on a rock formation. You will find the fourth totem return back to the base camp turn around to the direction where you entered the area hanging on a tree to the left off of the cliff. You will find the fifth totem continue through the level until you reach the second base camp leave this base camp by heading down the large rocky stairs.

You re going to want to turn right and stay heading straight for quite some time pass under this large bridge kill any wolves that may get in your way up ahead..

You will find a broken bridge hanging underneath this bridge to your left will be the sixth totem for this level to locate the seventh totem make your way back to the middle bridge going to want to turn to your left and head up some stairs to find a shrine hanging from this shrine. You will find the seventh totem. Make your way back down to the center bridge in the zone hanging underneath this bridge you will find the eighth totem destroy it in a tree to the left of the same middle bridge. You will find a totem hanging high up destroy the ninth total make your way to the end of the zone.

You will find the doctor waiting at a large door turn to the right go past the flaming barrel..

And you will find us you ll find the small totem hanging from the awning that completes. The ghost hunter challenge for the coastal forest zone. ” ..


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A locations guide for the Ghost Hunter Challenge Locations for the Coastal Forest Zone in Tomb Raider.

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