TiVo BOLT VOX vs. SiliconDust Prime 6 vs. Comcast DVR Price

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“I m ted there s many cord cutting options these days. But it s good good to know that if you want to keep your cable television service. There are that will allow you to use your own equipment and save a considerable amount of money. There.

s currently many cord cutting options these days. Amazon currently has the equipment that you can purchase and completely cut the cord and they re reportedly working on their own dvr. But let s say that you want to keep your cable service. Let s say you like comcast xfinity or whatever service.

You have or let s say you re like me. And you are in a homeowner s association in which you pay your monthly fee to the association that covers the cable bill and you cannot go to the board and change their mind so in that case one thing to consider is instead of cutting the cord is to shave. The court. What we can look at is the ability to save a considerable amount of money by using your own equipment now.

When you go to the comcast office or you call comcast. There they re going to tell you probably about they re gonna push their x1 service and they re going to tell you about their dvr service. If you if you ask them about getting a dvr. But what they would prefer you to not know.

And what the current federal laws..

Require and and with with very few exceptions is is that you don t have to use any of the cable box or dvr from the cable company you can have your your own equipment. Let s go through an example here using actual numbers and compare it to some products that you can purchase on your own and see how much money can be saved let s take a look at compound. If you re going to sign up for new service. This is the digital starter for this particular address and this particular scenario.

The digital starter service. Which includes over about 140 plus or minus channels. That s going to be 60 a month. Without any term agreement.

If there is a term agreement. I believe it s about 10. Less. So.

The total monthly plan is 60 listed. Here. That includes your tv box now let s go ahead and hit upgrade. And we are going to upgrade to a dvr.

We re going to add 10 a month for the dvr and we re going to see what that does to the..

Monthly. Plan. 5999. 5999.

Now with just a box. So we re going to upgrade down now. As you see it went up it said 10 more more than 10 and that s because they re completely entitled to charge an hd technology fee and then they do indeed argue the hd technology fee of about 10 a month. The dvr service is going to be 10 a month.

So that s going to get it up about 20. Okay. It s more expensive than 20. The price here is 79.

94. What s not listed here is the alternative of using your own equipment. And if you do that they re going to give you a credit on your bill the credit on your bill is going to be at least two dollars and fifty cents a month. So that s going to get this up over 20.

More and if you add that up if you compare the service over about seven years..

That s going to be the life of your equipment. And the break. Even point is far less than seven years. It s table card goes extinct.

There s no longer used the breaking point is much much lower than seven years. If you have that all up over seven years. Just just adding. The dvr not the cable service itself just for adding.

The service that s gonna be at least 1886 dollars. Now if you compare that to tivo their most expensive even with the most expensive model you can see that you re still going to save money in this scenario. And if you go with the tivo vault box with three terabytes and get the land service. Plan that s gonna be about 1050.

And you re going to get rid of that dvr service. But you re going to get rid of the hd technology fee and in most cases and you re going to get that credit for using your own equipment. And if you you have multiple rooms multiple televisions. The savings just go up the savings increase as you add your own equipment as compared to getting that equipment from comcast let s look at the silicon hd home on prime.


It s not out yet as of the date of posting this video with this option you are going to need either a network access storage or you re going to need a computer. So i had it in here the price of a typical computer that you could purchase and you can. See the details of this on my blog. At ted s blog org.

And the total cost over about seven years is going to be nine hundred ninety four dollars and that s with the dvr service and a guide data from silicon dust another option with mythtv would be a computer that i ve listed here and with the schedules. Direct guide data service and after seven years. That s going to be approximately 900 six dollars. So as you can see here you can save a considerable amount of money by using your own equipment so even if you don t want to cut the cord.

Now you can shave. The core also if you want to save money and slowly transition into the streaming services that will be the future this will also allow you to to do that if you want to cut down to the lowest one of the lowest packages. Available like digital starter get rid of all your premium channels and pay a minimum amount to comcast and then get your own streaming device like a roku stick or you want to would want to get something like amazon fire tv. Then that can allow you to slowly transition into these streaming services and instead of putting your family through the sudden switch when at some point in the future you want to use just streaming services and cut the cord completely.

And that s about it thank you for watching. If you liked the video please hit like down below. And i ve included some links to products and down below and appreciate. ” .


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