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“Everyone today. I have a bunch of tips and tricks for you things you should should know when it comes to season 10 of destiny. Too i made a video this last season. And people seem to really like it so we re gonna do it again.

I ve got a bunch of stuff that i want to share that covers many different aspects of the game so make sure to stay until the end to hear everything even if you think you know everything. Because who knows you might be surprised starting. With some trial stuff you can equip both the regular and prestige ornaments from year ones trial. Denine activity on to the new trials of osiris gear.

If you played a lot of trials of the nine and want to show off some of the most rare ornaments in the game. You can do that but unfortunately. You just had to be there to earn them at least you don t need to go flawless and trials to get the osiris gear. You just have to wait until.

The armor is set at three five or seven wins since the loot pool is rotated around each week. If you ve earned the tokens from the trials bounties you ll probably know that they disappear from your inventory. Each weekly reset to save them from being deleted. You can keep the completed bounties and not turn them in completed.

Bounties. Don t get deleted out of your inventory. So this can give you a nice little stockpile of tokens for a future weekend. If you save a bunch of them across your characters.

There are a handful of catalysts dropping this season. One of them is tied to season of opulences lumina exotic hand cannon and if you played a good mix of activities at all this season. Chances are you ve gotten this one to drop. So here s the best way to knock out this catalyst in 15 minutes head to the tribute hall and invite one other person spawn in the red bar enemies and kill them and then just buff your teammate with the orb.

This is a much faster and easier method than trying to buff randoms out in the wild remember that in the accounts tab of triumph each catalyst you acquire unlocks a triumph. Which you can track making it less of a pain to check your progress it seems that the altar of sorrows weapons blasphemer apostate and heretic have a chance to drop from the seraph tower public event on the moon while farming altar of sorrows is the more reliable way to earn these it s cool that you have a chance for them while farming. The towers this season. Either the weapons are on the rare side or i just have terrible luck because i wasn t able to get them to drop from my play session.

But others were reporting that they did from what i ve heard people really like the apostate sniper. I really need to start using my own with snapshot. More and those three weapons. Do actually have their own curated.

Roles and blasphemers curated. Role is actually pretty awesome. So keep that in mind next time. We re thinking about passing on at our event.


A new feature made its way to the armor inspection screen. Previously you were only given a single option to view how the stat points from that piece were allocated to each of your stats. Overall. Now.

There is a small little button in the corner that lets you toggle between that and a new option to view your full stats as if you were looking at your main inventory screen. This allows you for example to add a mod to the armor and see exactly how your full stats will look in real time it s a very subtle but welcome change. If you want to get all three of next season s exotics that s season 11 on day one here s a trick you can use save three exotic engrams from your current season. Ten pass this means do not claim them even when the season ends what happens is bungie adds.

A page to their website. Where you can go and claim stuff from last season s past that you didn t get to anything from the upgrade modules to ascendant chars and of course exotics saving three exotics. Now will let you claim them pretty much immediately. Assuming.

The pages. Updated immediately and all you need to do is log into bungees website. Switch to one character claim the exotic and then switch to another character and repeat. This will ensure you get all the new ones right away.

And guess what since you ll have the new ones so early on that means you ll have a head start on getting new random rows on them since they ll be added to your loop wall also this means that you can save another three exotic engrams and use those in the next season speaking of the season pass just like last season. Make sure to keep an eye out on the armor drops from rank 37. And above every armor piece from that level and up rolls with extremely high stats. Some of the armor dropping with up to 67 total points.

It s not the end of the world. If you do infuse or scrap. It since a recent change has made armor much more likely to drop with higher stats. But it s an easy full set of high level armor for free and they re also compatible with last season s and next season s mods xeno fate is one of the best heavy weapons in the game right now.

It s being picked over izanagi s burden and even competing with whisper of the worm and a thousand voices in garden of salvation in season. 9. Zeno phage received a 50 damage buff. As tempting as it is to use the same old options.

I highly recommend taking zeno for a spin. This thing excels at the leading elites and mini bosses guardians in gambit and pvp and can put up some really surprising dps numbers against bosses. I was using it for a bunch of games in gambit and not only is it very strong against invaders. But look at the damage.

I was able to pull off with this thing if you re running double machine gun reserve perks as well you ll get so much ammo and can empty it really quickly thanks to the gun firing full auto to make it even better. Titan should toss on the exotic chest piece actium warwick and thanks to a change. Quite a while ago actium affects both auto rifles and now machine guns steadily reloading them from reserves. If you re struggling against very tough enemies and new content or just want to melt away bosses with something other than these same exotics.


You ve been using for the past two seasons try out zeno page. It s pretty crazy. I would also recommend having someone use a divinity. If you re gonna be using zeno phase to dps bosses.

Because zeno fitch can t crit naturally so divinity makes a big difference with that this season brings not two titles. But actually three the third name conqueror is releasing in tandem with the new 1060 power activity. The grand master nightfall. This mode will likely be one of the most difficult activities destiny.

Two has ever seen with a whole batch of modifiers everything from extinguish to prime modifiers to limited revives and all the enemies for most people are going to be miles above our current power levels so in order to unlock the new vanguard title. You have six triumphs. You need to complete all that is asked of you is to complete not speed run not get a certain score on just complete six night falls on grand master difficulty this season. Those night falls will be the insight terminus exodus crash.

The arms dealer warden of nothing brood hold and tree of probabilities that s definitely easier said than done right now both a conqueror title and the flop title are permanent titles. They re not being removed after the season ends. But you will need to complete all the triumphs for them in one given season. Whether that s season 10 season 11 or season 12.

And so on once you unlock the title. Though you won t have to worry about regrinding. It ever again in the z row. Our mission for the exotic outbreak perfected.

There s a bug where the game. Doesn t cap the damage you re doing at 100 levels over so if you re a thousand power. You re going to be doing 250 power levels worth of damage to any target. Which basically means they all die from just a few bullets.

If you ve always wanted to solo or carry a friend through this mission or maybe. Even speed run for the zero hour emblem. Now is the time to do so. As some of you may have already experienced season.

8. Armor has been re added to the loop pool. And it looks like it drops from just regular legendary engrams thanks to the expansion of the seasonal mod slot. You can now choose between three seasons worth of mods for each armor piece and this actually works with mods that released before shadow keep such as the opulence mods.

If you have any piece of season. 8 armor. You can now add to it any of the hive mods or leviathan mods from hive armaments to high barrier to energized or striking hand and all of those mods can be earned from the menagerie spinal chests both in the normal match made version and in heroic all you need is the upgrade unlocked on your chalice to earn those mods if you re still lacking the hive mods spend some time and go get them they are 100 worth your while especially for modes like gambit or the nightfall and all the moon activities like the bunker the tower and the legendary lost sectors in the exodus crash strike traditionally you ve always wanted to stand with the ghost on the plate and not move at this section. The more players that stand on the plate the faster the percentage increases.


So that s how you normally do it. But you actually want to do the opposite this. Season when trying to hit the 100000. Point threshold for that pinnacle gear drop if you re running a master difficulty nightfall hitting 100k shouldn t be too much of an issue.

But for most people including myself right now legend is a much more realistic difficulty. But it can be very difficult to reach the points needed unless you utilize this plate trick once you ve cleared all the initial enemies in the room you want to begin the scam now whenever there are enemies spawning do not stand on the plate. When you ve killed all the enemies have one person stand on the plate and wait until you see more spawning again and then immediately get off this is going to cost you some extra. Time but should leave you walking out of this encounter with around.

70000. To 72000. Points. Or more of course using things like tether or other supers to make orbs will increase your point gains.

So don t hold back a similar trick can be used in the inside terminus strike. Except. It s even more efficient in the final boss room use the very first plate to spawn those war beast. And the legionnaires and then immediately get off once they re dead get back on for a second spawn those enemies and then immediately get off you can do this for quite a long time and this should help you guys hit 100000.

Score without too much trouble and when it comes to the arms dealer strike to make the final fight on the air strip go quicker you can spawn. The boss early by sending one person to climb up the elevator chain before you press the elevator button once that player comes back down you hit the button and you start ascending. The boss is going to appear at the top immediately allowing you more time to damage. Him this is really helpful for when you re already at 100000.

Score. Because you can completely avoid the final fight. But even if you re close you can get his health down low. So that you don t have to deal with the whole orb mechanic.

If you haven t gotten a chance to try out any war mines cell builds. Yet. Which is this season s new mod related mechanic. You should know that the war mine cells can actually be generated by using other non serif weapons for example the new wrath of rasputin mod can create war mine cells when you get final blows with solar splash damage this can be triggered by a variety of weapons.

Most notably sun shot. Which is notorious for its solar explosive splash damage the season 9 wave frame grenade launcher martyrs retribution the pinnacle weapon oxygen sr4 and it might work with any solar weapon with a dragonfly perk. Which might even add a whole lot of potential for the chromatic fire exotic. Although.

I haven t specifically tested that out yet. I ve heard as for the ark related war mine cell mod that divinity can actually generate its own war mine cells. If paired with the right mods to check out all these mods and their functions. You can actually find them in the collections tab for mods and find the sources of where to get them.


Which is really helpful a lot of these warmind mods are extremely powerful and while it may seem overwhelming at first. I can already tell you this is a more refined and more worth. It mechanic than charged with light from last season season. 10 has a ritual weapon for iron banner.

It s a bow called point of the stag and it drops from completing the fourth quest of the iron banner armed request line it s not explained anywhere. But it drops right in time for the step. Where you ll need to earn 10 bow kills to get the helmet piece if you re a bow enthusiast. I m sure you can have some fun with this one it has no distractions or archers tempo and vorpal weapon or eye of the storm.

If you are not a bow enthusiast. It s a free 10 master workhorse once you unlock the smg and shotgun serif weapons from the season pass those weapons are added to the loop pool for other activities. They can drop from the warmind caches that require encrypted bits in legendary lost sectors and the seraph tower public events. You also have a chance to get them from the war mind engrams you earn.

When you level up the bunkers. Which by the way is a really relaxed grind and not difficult at all it takes a total of 3100. Warming bits to reach max level. That is if you unlock all three tiers of the cost reduction upgrades first if you ve unlocked the main upgrades.

I recommend it in the edc bunker. You can simply play the playlist activities. Such as crucible. Which includes trials gambit and strikes or night falls.

Without even worrying about doing the war mine. Bounties and if you play that stuff regularly you ll get a lot of bits without even trying i ve done almost no war mine bounties and i had enough to upgrade the moon bunker entirely on day one now as you increase your season pass level you ll knock perks that allow those to seraph weapons to drop from crucible strikes and gambit matches the season. Pass weapons. Also have a chance to drop from the daily bunker buster along with any other seraph weapons.

That you ve already collected the war mine. Bunkers also have a single weapon for sale per day. If you ve reached rank 92. On the season pass so that does it for the main stuff that i think you should know this season.

So far anyway. I m sure there ll be plenty more tips and tricks to share as the season goes on if you have anything to add to this video that you think would be helpful that i didn t include please leave it down in the comments to help someone else out if you enjoyed the video check out the links below to follow me or catch up with me in my discord server. And i hope you have a great rest of your ” ..


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