Time After Time official trailer (2017) H.G. Wells

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“Now you all know my obsession time travel good. Lord wells you actually build the the bloody thing so where to post on the future. But a future rules scared try it out hardly nothing new for years he writes about life without actually living it in your opinion imagine who you could be if he didn t live in fear. This for well scotland yard is at the door.

What is going on the ripper has truck a woman was found in an area near here. Where is dr. Stevens. He left his bag surgeons you scalpels not butchers knives.


I believe my friend john is jack. The ripper. He is escaped to the future and i am the only one who can catch him what are you missing play in the village somewhere. I can assure you i m not an actor right your hg.

Wells yes. You wrote the timers. No no yeah. He hasn t broken character once it s pretty amazing.


The other one was hotter. What other guy your little friend who popped out of the time machine. The same period. Get him.

He was nearly as played by the version that i find that man he s killed. Many women in london and now he s in new york. Maybe you should call the police tell them what that the rip versus caped. 1893.


And my time machine and traveled to new york city. Don t think i m mad do you mean jack the ripper yes you seem so seen in so many ways please i need your help. And what if i can prove to you that i m telling the truth bromley access to the time machine. I say we do a short trip this exhibit doesn t open for three days do you really hg wells blood in our time.

I was a freak today. I m an amateur nothing but violence bloodshed isn t it glorious. If i don t stop him. He will killed again so i died three days from now.


I will fix this i will not put you in danger. I can take care of myself i m from texas. I ll be needing the kick. Give me the key let s go finally you rise to the occasion are you really willing to kill me violates everything that you stand for you don t belong in this time or any time and do it hello mr.

Wells. Who are you how do you know my name because you told me i don t know you i m your great great granddaughter. ” ..


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