The Rusted Metal Planet No Man's Sky Survival Gameplay [Season 1 #074

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“Internet. This is no man s sky and if you saw the in the last last episode. You know that i was basically space racing first remark to a planet moon. I don t know.

Which is this which has rusted metal as a common thingy to be found. And i ve never seen that before yeah. I know it s like the third episode. Where i ve gotten all wacky about rusted metal being a thing on planets.

I ve never seen it before it s you i want to see that so we re here now on the rusted metal planet moon whatever it is hopefully. It s not a crazy sentient planet if it is i m probably just gonna run around trying to find the rest of metal wants to see it well if it s a if it s crazy simple plane it wants to see the rest of metal. I m god i got stuff suck and run around okay. That s pretty much all i m gonna need maybe here we go nice acute uh.

Why why is rusted metal. So important to the sentinels. I don t understand this not spawned yet that s good i m not gonna run until i need to but i am gonna grab some oxy i may even tough until the cave check my light on can t turn my light on hopefully. The signals won t find me question mark.

Oh. Yeah. Gravity no balls grab. Those that s not rusted metal.

What runs. It down ok ok. How does it we have plants on a low atmosphere. Planet music.

It s also strange that oh wow. So much that i ve can t wait here. I mean. It s strange that it s high security.

But i ve not seen any signals yet so we re awesome it ll be deposits. There s one up there there s one up there silver deposit. Okay reberty no balls all over the place was that rusted metal deposit. This was an actual deposit that s interesting yeah where is it it s tag.

It there we go okay we go crazy guy over that way somewhere. Well i m up to 91 souls so that way somewhere. It s okay he can stay over there ten percent. Sorry manipulator needs recharging do that fast do that very very fast.

I m just gonna go over there and grab some rusted metal. Wow. It s really far away okay. Let me see if i can wow.

It s a really far away let me see if i can do this one of those there. We go okay. In a super. Far.

Away. Ron ron ron ron. Ron ron ron. This is the time to run get away from the guy okay hopefully hopefully he s not on me he s still coming after me a little bit slight detour for some oxy placed something gonna pop up right in front of me no i gotta get all the way back as well okay.

Just being nice and smooth steady smooth as day. I don t need to run yet so you be conservative conserve. The run honey in it i know. This is a lot of wacky stuff to be doing for some rusted metal.

I know this i can swing around have that oxy hmm then we go this way go around the hole. Don t fall in the hole okay. So that s what i was like that s the rusted metal. Now is it normal that rusted metal deposits are only on gravity no ball world s i mean is there like an association.

There s vermont or did i just get unlucky twice oh nine point three souls it s going up i still hear it still hear the signal..

I came here for this it s a trophy. I m grabbing it not all of it. But you know enough okay. It s out so find a way around let s switch back to the mining beam.

I know i m going the wrong direction. But knez carbon. It s useful. It s one of those useful things if i could hide in a cave somewhere.

Oh get away from that guy. Okay. Let s find a cave hide a little bit. I mean on the one.

Hand this is one of those extreme hazard. Worlds where 94. I mean i can i could like if i could find a safe place. I could just like hang out.

Here you know like like the cave over here is it safe is it safe whoa. That is that is not safe. That s not what do you call a safe k. That s just like a pit.

I sit alone again this is not a cave at all wow. That is bright jj abrams s don t blind me oh go go go go go go go is that a cave that i can hide in x. There. We go okay took a little damage from not paying attention still alive do i want to grab.

These i mean my ship is like right over there sure it went on i mean as long as i m here run run. We got an exclamation point run rip. This one i got one sentinels are searching okay okay starship is a little bit farther away than i thought. It was there is no action music going on i have a lot in level.

But there s no action music. I m disappointed and believe we only we don t go into space. Yet because then the space sentinel will be after me look at mahal that is worth not a lot not a lot and got some rusted metal. That s okay yeah.

I did crazy stuff for us in metal. Deal. With it what else is in this system. Three planets.

One moon okay so a little bit more in space that planet is on the mall cop or a monument. I see ferrite i can use some magnetite and i i could i could use lots of that first let s go to the space station and drop off by gravity no. Balls i. Know 295.

Souls on the extreme sentinel world. If i can find a safe place or if i could build a safe place to hide out interesting. Very interesting yes. I am.

Pondering and plotting and scheming right now first let s take care of the gravity. No balls at a space station go down to the green planet. Right there get the graphs. Magnetized ferrite and keep an eye on the uh on the the souls counter thingy.

You ll see how fast accounts are there i have a feeling was counting really really fast back on the rusted metal planet yeah here we go here we go don t hit don t hit don t hit it don t hit it don t hit it whoop there we go again with a washing machine maneuver. Don t try that at old kids. It s not as fun as it looks okay. And i got my rusted metal down going over here to see what at what they had to sell right here.

I ve been in the space station. I don t even know i don t even know where i am okay uh sell or have idina walls. So how to make sure what do you have for say a lot of fair. I dust if i nina i might need some that should be good right right.

I ve used a lot of that music yeah for the terrain manipulator and i know we re going down to a planet to get magnetized ferrite..

I i know this i m aware of these things at fault lip. Then blip actually my capacity can this carbon goes to the high capacity in the wall. You know what the dioxide could go to high capacity as well why not just put everything in the high capacity. And tell us full clicking out of order.

Wow. It is almost full whoops. I m get the feeling that i m over stockpiling just a little bit. I probably don t leave that much maggot.

Eyes for right who are you b class c. Class. That s mine. Oh we can learn some words.

I think if i ve i don t know if i ve been here or not i m totally forgot well we re all wearing white except for this guy. Who s special well he s a scholar. So he gets to wear red corvex echoes chopin devil is a gift low intelligent species hey hey hey i m smarter than i look sometimes elements gotta get on one of the word for elements of echoes. I m john i like help provide did he just go oh.

I have to talk to this guy traveler. Not your ditka. Not uh uh. I get angry right scours.

Afraid. Nonetheless they did not reveal their list as i leave. I noticed them adding. A new line to their notes.

Okay. Everybody s just like grouped together. I like your helmet. It s very shiny speaking of helmets well that s on the other side isn t it one thing at a time smell in the air.

I think you re fueling enough place inhale deeply wow awesome to spend units there right i do have a very strange compulsion to spend units on pure ferrite. Let s hum with him mine for a brief moment. We are as one. What are you gonna home home fascinating you seen intelligence traveler teach me words operator to you i don t have time to do stuff now what are you gonna splint in class never mind okay no you hold onto us hum.

We were as one finger. Yawn strata. Why do i need to know that word busy envy awaits insignificant edits. Did you just call me.

An edits wasn t edits teach me the weren t in its join. I don t think he taught me that word my items self repairing a her idiom. So her idiom is still in the game. And in one form at least oh and apparently i bought all the nine times right.

There s no cure for right and i forgot to do this what i got the fancy new helmet. What are you be class there lunch new helmet head 15. But that is very large and awkward. I think a smaller markings.

Oh. I like that marking now co. He s switch maybe no no it s too bright oh. It s still too bright okay black.

It is look i wish i can make a smaller because i mean it doesn t look right on this body body shape. Maybe. That s it music no no okay. Yes okay.

We did that oh a class. I want an s class explorer. Although that s class everything basically let s go down to the green planet and try to find the magnetized ferrite deposits. Oh.

It s emotionally ocean isn t it is co prime..

I need to find land somewhere. When you go back up a little bit and swing down. I think the land is over there maybe i m a little close from land now. I think i see it think was that clouds it s all bright.

Oh we got lan. We got my hand. We have buildings as a question not see any buildings now hit the ground okay guess just land somewhere then and hopefully that we don t have crazy signals. Now watch the recruits sentinels just in case.

There s no problem just it takes there are crazy. Said. No let s refill up okay bring your sandals. Another thing another thing get anything get in the thing.

It s bad enough having those on an airless world so first of all i m really noticing a pattern. But okay once more often a space see if there s anything left in the system that i want to explore i am how many planets in the system. If i got three and one moon. The other moon over arrow capri rhenium.

There s this guy. There s another guy out that way somewhere check to see what that one is yeah. Oh. That s the one that i was at lowers.

This one okay. So yeah. That s uh that s three planets. One moon.

Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Anyway you know one of the things.

I love. Most about these open world building crafty survival type games it s the freedom. If you just go do see and explore all the things i want to go to see and explore it the freedom for my own path and be the master of my own destiny. You know what i believe deserve more than that i realized we don t get it because we re not taught how to get it if you agree and you want to learn how keep watching.

ments of light level where things will start to spawn. Very soon bad guys spawn at light level 7. So yeah. That s right this will actually stop mobs from spawning like right there like this is light level.

8. This is light level samba. That s what mobs will spawn right next to the redstone. You re safe so actually it s pretty that s pretty bad lighting thing.

But hey as long as redstone is activated it will give off a light level of 9. Also in the light level of 9 category. We got to say pickles. 2 of them.

And you can really see that our light level is decreasing. Quite a lot compared to how much light was taken you know how much light would expand into our border. The border is still the same size. But we are shrinking down and the amount of light that our blocks create in the border.

We are down to light level. 7. That s right even with this block generating its own light mobs hostile mobs will spawn and we have an enderchest the inner chest gives off its own light. Many people don t know that.

But yeah you could use it you know as a pretty crumby light source. But hey it would be a light source. The other thing that gives off the exact same amount of light is a redstone torch as long as it s turned on you can turn those off with redstone. But a redstone torch just sitting all by its lonesome same light level as the inner chest.

You can kind of see they look similar because they are similar moving down..

We are finally at our last. See pickle all alone he gives off a light level of 6. And he is all alone in that category next you would think that a thing that basically looks like lava would give off more light. But nope lava actually love it i m gonna get too much later.

He s not they re not in chronological order. Because it s kind of like a flowy block. There s some there s a few things that aren t particularly in light level order. But this is magma and the magma block gives off a light level of three and as i ve seen before blocks that take up the entire space you really can t see the light level where the block is so where it is is 3.

This is 2. This is 1 and then this is zero. So you see that there only and only a two block step from the light level that it produces these next few blocks. They are so sad they only give off a light level of one the brewing stand gives off a light level of one and you can see the block that it is on will change to a slightly slightly lighter version of itself.

That s right light level. One with the brewing stand also with the mushroom. So if i break that mushroom. It s almost as if there s like a weird.

Graphical glitch. And it just kind of barely highlights the block that is on so the mushroom does that also the dragon egg. So if i break this dragon egg. You can see that the block that it is sitting on is slightly itty bitty amount light level and for whatever reason.

The end portal frame also gives off a light level one. Although it takes up the entire block. So you can t actually really see that it is giving off any light level at all now we re moving on to some kind of weird blocks. That and weird things that i need to mention and the first one see what it s giving off all this light.

Do you see it i don t see it where is it what is it it is the sky. I ve broken a little piece of my eye. I made a well there s also the moon up there that s why it looks so bright. But i created a ceiling here to stop the sky from creating any light on our blocks and moonlight straight up moonlight gives off a light level of four.

So i had to stop the moonlight from causing issues with some of our really low level blocks. Because the moonlight would be brighter than those blocks create so just moonlight is light level for obviously the day that is light level 15. The highest light level that you can get the day during a storm and this is rain or snowfall. That brings the light level down to 12 and specifically during a thunderstorm.

The light level actually will decrease even more you can see that the sort of background decreased quite a lot and that brings it down to 10 which means that mobs can easily spawn underneath the shade of leaves or overhangs. Because at light level 10. You re only a few steps away from seven when hostile mobs are gonna start spawning and it s sort of a weird block that i really didn t talk about because it s not really blocked. It s actually a liquid is lava lava will give off dah dah dah.

The maximum light level available a light level 15. So if you want to get creative with lava lava could line up your world you know it could really it could it s dangerous to work with. But it is an effective lighting technique so you can have lava lamps. Literal lava lamps and i think that needs to be implemented into minecraft lava lamps that use actual lava.

But anyway you could use lava to light. If you wanted to let me enjoyed this video and thanks so much for watching it i really hope that you have learned something about light and the blocks that generate that light and you can use this in your minecraft builds. Thanks. So much for watching it at this episode of ohms you craft.

If you enjoyed it please give us a big old thumbs up make sure you leave a comment down below. Let me. Know your thoughts. And also make sure you subscribe for you your videos.

Tips tricks. Tutorials and spotlights here on omg craft. See you next time music. ” .


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I don t know why I m so obsessed with rusted metal planets, maybe because I ve never seen that before. Anyway, I ve found another and this time I m actually going to hunt for the rusted metal regardless of what the sentinels have to say.

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