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“Year. I went through a torturous tradition that every high schooler muhsin door health class. Class. I remember health class.

Very well and there s one thing that struck me most about it it was our unit on substance abuse. I remembered sitting there in the teacher lecturing us about how drugs affected you how your teeth would start rotting now or how you would go through withdraws by sat there thinking. That s only part of the story today. I m going to tell you the other part of the story.

The emotional ripples that substance abuse causes think of substance abuse as a rock being thrown into a pond as it hits the water it creates a ripple effect small waves that get larger and larger as they move further away from the epicenter. My story starts four years ago when my life was simple and there was no ripples in my pond four years ago. I was a happy twelve year old living the life i had great grades and i loved going to school and i was a mersenne. Many activities especially in performing arts.

I had a mother and father who both worked an older sister who was a senior in high school and a younger sister who smiled would light up the room. I was never really close with my extended family. But my immediate family. We did everything together one saturday morning.

I woke just like any other saturday. I walked to a dark room where the blinds plucked out most of the morning light..

But that day wasn t just an ordinary day. My two younger cousins were coming to visit at the time this struck me as strange. Because i ve never really seen them outside an occasional family reunion or the short glimpses i got when i went to my grandparents house. I mean i would talk to them but they didn t even know my name my mom said that they were staying for the weekend and we were to make them feel at home as she said this red flag started popping up in my head.

I had so many questions like why now and what s going on by the time. I just kind of let it go. But soon. I would learn this would be the day that would change my life forever that weekend turned into a week that we turned into a month and as i reflect on this time.

Now. I see this is when the ripples were just beginning small inconveniences and annoyances like my cousin s weren t used to getting up as early as we were for school and they frequently made us late or in the mornings. When i would go to pack my lunch and i will reach my hand into the chip bag and there were no more chips. I saw you look up on this now these were just some small things by this time.

I could no longer suppress the questions. I had inside and not satisfied with my parents answers. I started investigating skulking around why they were having private conversations. This was a point of my adolescence were my entire world perception changed.

I overheard my parents talk about how my uncle had been arrested. I was confused and in my shelter brain..

I thought my family was all above being arrested. But there are all moral people. But sadly the difference between the world i thought i knew and what it truly was was vastly different. I went through this rollercoaster of emotions and eventually i learned the hardest thing.

I ve heard in my life. So far. My uncle was a drug addict. A heroin junkie.

I was so overwhelmed with this juxtaposition between the world. I thought i knew and the sad reality of what it truly was you my mom started opening up to me. And my older sister telling us. The stories of what truly was going on in our family.

I would hear stories of how my cousin s would go to bed every night in a bed bug. Infested house or i would overhear conversations. They will have with my mom where they were questioning her saying. There s not supposed to be bugs in my hair or when they would roll up their arms and i would see the cigarette burns on them i was so angry inside.

I thought how could anyone let this happen i could feel the waves getting larger and larger around me and i felt like i was being constantly knocked down with every news story. I heard not even a year later two weeks before christmas..

I welcomed another saturday morning. But instead of sunshine. Waiting for me outside my window. It was the darkness of snow clouds moving slowly across the horizon.

My mom and my sister were talking and i could tell something was very wrong my mom called me into my sister s room. Shutting the door and looked at me and said your uncle died last night. I was shocked and confused. But the truly cruel part of was i didn t even feel sad i d become so used to the constant waves knocking me down that i didn t feel anything anymore knowing dean i could ask myself was is this all over.

But sadly i was wrong after my uncle s death. My family fell into anarchy where my life had been previously peaceful and happy the new normal became angry family members breaking into our house and yelling on my parents invites over visitation and custody of my cousins. I d become scared of what would happen next. Fear sadness and anger were all motions.

I experienced as ripples moved through my family i had become so apprehensive the i would go through situations in my head where i would have to kill one of my own family members in order to protect myself. All i had loved was a mother who soon became ill and had to leave her job. A father has to work nights just to keep us afloat. An older sister who went off to college and dreads coming home because of fights.

A younger sister whose world was so scrambled that she shut everything out threatening suicide two younger cousins. Who were scared..

And me. Then 14 year old who stayed same by throwing himself into extracurricular activities spending. 14 hours a day at school and i have to say if it wasn t for the overwhelming support i got from my friends and teachers. I don t know where i would be today my story is nothing special.

If you talk to thousands of other people who have substance abuse and their families you will hear the same story just one way events could unfold. There are people out there that were more affected than i ever was who have experienced more devastation in their lives and we can even fathom already in 2017 70 of. Autopsies done by montgomery county have been drug overdoses and in. 2015.

Alone. 1100 deaths in our area were attributed to heroin. We live in a society. Where we re taught right from wrong not to do this or that barely do we ever stop.

And think about what our actions can do to others addiction has affected every aspect of my life and i wasn t even the user. So i want you and every person in this world to think to yourselves is what are my thoughts. Affecting who are my words and actions. Affecting and who are you truly affecting in your lives.

Thank you ” ..

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