The Originals Cast Play Superlative GAME!

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“Want to show up at the taylor swift concert and watch joe just getting down down are you down to kick it off with a fun little game. You know m always down for a game. Okay. Fine are you ready yeah let s do this okay.

Here we go best selfie taker first let me take a selfie danielle. Danielle. Danielle. Campbell leah does a lot of really good ones.

Okay. She doesn t she knows how to do them really well well i m here to tell you you have overwhelmingly won at this everyone oh that s all taker oh that s that s great what s your secret. I don t know guess now i m kind of am a little speechless i m honored i m so honored most likely to be kidnapped by aliens leah. Oh i m gonna say daniel gillies.

I think his brain would be the most interesting to probe. Daniel gillies. Is probably the most i d like to be kidnapped by aliens because they want to figure in a i mean he s such an interesting talent uh yusef just because i feel like he would actually look for it okay..


Yeah. That s not which i would definitely join him on i would definitely do looking for the aliens with him most likely to be found napping before a scene maybe charles charles michael davis. I might be found nothing before scene. I pretend like i m meditating.

But i m really just nodding off there s couches everywhere so i can see why it was actually surprisingly comfortable. Charles has recently told. Me that the most successful people take naps. So it s good advice.

It is very good advice we need to get napping written into the contract. We should what happened to nap time. I mean. It was such a vital part of the day.

All we ve never wanted it but now i appreciate it most likely to be found shaking it off at a taylor swift concert lia and i who have tickets in september with karina one of our riders karina is one of our writers. But i think that she would you know creatively yeah. Yeah..


She s a huge tailor. Yeah sadly back i want to show up at a taylor. Swift concert and watch joe just getting down just the die. Hard swifty.

Yeah. I d be like wow. I didn t know we have so much in common now all the girls. I think we all have tickets to the concert.

Too so really excited for her to come to atlanta and our writer um karina mackenzie. She she s a big pencil. Most likely to be found at craft services snacking before they me favorite snack snack of choice nutella me me what s your snack of choice apples and peanut butter apples and peanut butter my favorite you and leah same snack of choice i know we actually and i talk about it all the time like it fills you up and it feels a little bit like a treat. It s really peanut butter.

It s mostly peanut butter. And a little bit of apple. And like a little bit about it s like you take a spoonful of peanut butter peanut butter..


But you re still eating an apple. So it s not that bad that s the topping. It s so healthy oh good for you that s leah pipes. Getting some diet coke for a scoop of peanut butter.

Most likely to start a dance party on set um probably danielle how cos is not like the singing show tunes type of car which some costs i think god we re not that would be charles okay. Charles is a moose and then he would take a nap after it s gonna break the rules a little bit the rules. I think that most likely to start a dance party would probably be our makeup artist michael bust. Some serious moves.

Yeah yeah few things you can does it thumb dance. Me. I do it very very often you re like i ve been with charles no no no but charles and i definitely definitely dance quite a bit when we have scenes together most likely to have a cameo on saturday night live. Daniel daniel gillies.

It s a funny dude. I think daniel daniel s quite a quite a comedian that one biggest scaredy cat me again because we have a lot of scenes with these different types of creatures. Including snakes the last time a snake was here i had a panic attack and ran literally like a real snake..


Oh. I freaked out so much that i run the length of the carpark. Me for my stunts. I had to like jump from you know it was like a balcony and as i had to jump from the balcony onto the floor.

And the boys do it all the time they just rigged him up and they just jump from the balcony. It looks like no big deal. I couldn t do it i like literally like just couldn t do it so they had to build this huge contraption so all i had to do was just jump 2 feet was there was one time when we were on set and we were shooting at night and there s this there s this flying monkey. But if you release it it really makes a really big noise and i remember someone did it to phoebe and she screamed really really loud so that was i mean it depends on when you catch them i think we work on a show.

Where everyone s messing with each other all the time so we have to be on her feet. It keeps you in character. Though oh completely keeps it everything and for more action on the original click to the left to find out a bunch of fun facts you might not know about the hit tv show then click to the right to get a breakdown of things you ” ..


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