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“Raising our voices all right now at a reasonable decibel level can you tell me me what exactly the issue is here okay. We at the wga do not feel the amp etp is taking these negotiations seriously do you mind if we ask on what you re basing. That assertion. Okay.

Any number of things hasn t really moved at all as far as the numbers are concerned that s right and we were under the assumption that you guys were coming back to the table in good faith. Any progress that s been made has been largely superficial can i just jump in here for a second and point out. What the real issue is yeah..


We feel that the level of commitment by the a mptp is more or less reflected in the caliber of counsel. It chooses to assign to a negotiation go on we don t feel that the choice of counsel reflects a serious attitude towards the guild s demands that essentially is the elephant in the room. You re questioning our legal credentials in a nutshell yes that is unbelievably presumptuous. I don t think it is and why is that because you re puppets excuse me.

Sir i am a graduate of harvard law school class of 1984. I finished at the top of my class. And worked as a lawyer for goldman sachs for six years..


How is that even possible you re a monkey yeah. And you re a jew. So what i m only half jewish well. I m only half monkey.

The other half a squirrel you know what fuck you monkey so world. I m not i m not used to having my professional credibility questioned all right so you re saying you all have law degrees. That s correct okay what s the name on your diploma uh my name is on my diploma steven callahan..


What about you alan ridgedale. These are your real names what about you mister kibbles the dog. But that s just what i use on my business cards. My real name is michael ship leach all right well let me ask you this then what about the guys behind the table with their hands up your asses did they all have law degrees.

No they re puppeteers dickhead guys let s try and get this thing back on the rails okay we re not negotiating until the mptp assigns legitimate counsel to these proceedings well then we got a little problem here don t we yeah. We do cuz. We re not budging until we get our force sense from legitimate authorized and ptp representatives..


Well how about we stick that four cents up your assholes right now no no no this is a legitimate pitch how about we stick that four cents up your assholes and if you can fish it out with your thumb and forefinger in less than 20 seconds. It s yours all right. We ll take that deal that sounds great great let s go make bionic woman. ” .


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WGA and AMPTP negotiators return to the table.r
Written by Seth MacFarlane. With Josh Radnor, Kat Foster, Nick Kroll, John Viener, Seth MacFarlane, and Erik Weiner. Directed by Bryan Carmel and Brendan Colthurst.r

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